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									                                 Installation Instructions

PICUTRE OF PRODUCT                                   MWL-424/ MWL-424B

                                                     Fits Touring Models 97-08 with Detachable 4-Point
                                                     Docking Hardware

                                                     TECHNICAL SPECS
                                                     4-Point Docking Hardware is needed

Attention Installer (if other than owner):           Mounting Procedure:
Please forward this instruction sheet to the
purchaser of this product. These instructions also
contain valuable information necessary to the end
These instructions describe the procedure
for properly installing the Motherwell
Products Detachable Tour-Pack Rack.

CAUTION: Start screw carefully to avoid cross
If this procedure is not within your capabilities,
please contact Motherwell Products to have us help
you with the installation.
                                                      1) Place Tour-Pack on support tube and open lid
                                                     Note: In this following step, the longer bolts (2) are used
Additional Parts Required
                                                     for 2005 and earlier (King Only) and Chopped Tour-Paks
MWL-422 (4-Point Docking Hardware) or                while the shorter bolts (1) are used for Leather Tour-Pak
Harley’s Docking Hardware #53804-06 or               and 2006 and later King Tour-Paks.
#53988-07                                             2) Acquire a bolt (1 or 2), two flat washers (3), tube saddle
                                                         washer (5), and a nylock nut (4) from kit. Align rear
                                                         center hole in Tour-Pack with same hole in support tube
Parts Included:
                                                         (6). Slide bolt with flat washer through tube saddle
   (1) Hex Head Bolts 1 ¾” x ¼” Qty – 5                  support (with tube saddle support side facing support
   (2) Hex Head Bolts 2 ¼” x ¼” Qty – 5                  tube). At bottom of support tube, install washer (3) and
   (3) Washers ¼”               Qty – 10                 nylock nut (4). With saddle washers on spacer inline

                                  THE BEST RIDES START HERE
                                        Motherwell Products USA, Inc
                                           7040 Portal Way #120
                                            Ferndale, WA 98248
                                          Toll Free (877) 703-7118
                              Installation Instructions
    (4) Nylock Nut                Qty – 5             with the rail, hold the nut and tighten bolt until snug.
    (5) Tube Saddle Washer        Qty – 5          Note: Always install the mounting bolts from inside the
                                                   Tour-Pack. If the bolts are installed upside down, then the
    (6) Tube Support              Qty – 1          ends of the bolts can tear the molded liner and scratch
    (7) Locking Housing Left      Qty – 1          objects, such as helmets, stored inside the Tour-Pack.
    (8) Locking Housing Right     Qty – 1          3) Repeat this step for the rest of the bolts until the tube is
    (9) Rack Frame                Qty – 1             mounted to the rack frame.
    (10) Locking Housing Bolts    Qty – 6          4) In a crosswise pattern, alternately tighten the five bolts
                                                      to 96-120 in-lbs (10.8-13.5 Nm). Be sure that tube
                                                      saddle support on each is inline with the rail and has not
                                                      rotated out of position.

Use and Care: (For Chrome Pieces Only)
Manufacturer’s Tip:
We recommend the use of non-abrasive
automobile wax to polish our products. This will
best maintain the appearance of the product
and increase longetivity.

Use and Care:
Wash your accessories with the same care you
use when washing your motorcycle. Use mild
soap and water. DO NOT use abrasive chemical
or cleaners, or high pressure washers.             Slide the forward notches on to the chromed
                                                   bushings on the 4-Point Docking Hardware.

With the latch in the open position, carefully     Check to make sure the luggage rack is in a locked
lower the rack into place on the rear mount of     and secured. When ready to remove simply press
the docking hardware.                              button and lift.

               If you have any questions or concerns please don’t hesitate to contact us!

                               THE BEST RIDES START HERE
                                    Motherwell Products USA, Inc
                                       7040 Portal Way #120
                                        Ferndale, WA 98248
                                      Toll Free (877) 703-7118

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