Chapter 2 Study Guide

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					Chapter 2 Study Guide

Know these facts:

  - Large landmasses are called continents.
  - The largest ocean in the world is the Pacific Ocean.
  - Earthquakes can be caused by the movement of tectonic
  - Most of Earth’s active volcanoes are located in a zone around
    the rim of the Pacific Ocean called the Ring of Fire.
  - Overgrazing is caused by allowing animals to graze so much
    that plants are unable to grow back.
  - The wearing away and movement of weathered materials from
    one place to another by the action of water, wind, or ice is
    called erosion.
  - The region drained by a river and its tributaries is called a
    drainage basin.
  - Tropical latitudes usually have hot climates.
  - The equinox marks the beginning of spring and autumn.
  - Rotation is the motion of the Earth as it spins on its axis once
    every 24 hours.
  - Tectonic plates move because they float on magma.
  - An earthquake on the ocean floor would most likely cause a
  - Greenhouse gases affect solar energy by letting it in, but
    trapping heat that rises.
  - Planting crops on fragile soil and cutting down trees without
    replacing them could lead to desertification.
  - Changing seasons are caused by Earth’s tilt.

Be able to write a paragraph about the following:
  - What is erosion?
  - What are the various vegetation regions? Describe each one.

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