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									                  STUDENT NOTICES
                                                                    Entertainment Books - Help support school sport by purchasing
                  Friday 27 May 2011                                the 2011/2012 Entertainment Book. Up to $15000.00 worth of
               Rā Mere 27 o Haratua 2011                            savings and discounts. $65.00 to be paid to Accounts. The
                     Rotation: 2-6                                  book features restaurants, attractions, cinemas, sport, hotel
GENERAL                                                             accommodation and much more.
Room Changes                                                        Lost Visual Diary – A student has lost her visual diary
    Pd 1         Pd 2       Pd 3       Pd 4       Pd 5              containing all her year’s work to date. It is black covered A4 and
   916 SST     1014 SST    909 SST   1014 ENG    915 BUS            spiral bound. If you find a visual diary please hand in to Student
  (C11>H7)      (C7>C2)    (C9>C4)    (E14>A2)   (T4>R1)            Services.
 9MATB MOR      908 SST   1005 ENG    905 ENG    10 BUS             Trash2Fashion - All students interested in entering the
   (R7>R4)     (C8>C11)   (E13>A3)     (E2>R2)   (T5>R2)
 907SCI MDG     915 ENG   1012 SST   1003 ENG    10 BUS             competition will need to fill in a registration form and bring in the
   (S6>S3)     (E14>E1)   (C11>C6)   (E13>R11)   (T6>R8)            $5 entry to Ms Hughes by Tuesday lunchtime. Registration forms
                907 ENG   1011 ENG     916ART                       can be collected from T3.
               (E11>E3)    (E9>E4)    (A13>A9)
               1015 ENG    911 SST
               (E15>H1)   (C10>C5)
               1012 ENG      NDU                                    THE ARTS
               (E10>H2)    (S9>S4)                                  Production – Todays meetings/rehearsals are as follows...
               1008 ENG
               (E16>H6)                                             Lunch: Act 2 Sc 9/Act 1Sc 16 (P2, Nun, P3, Dad)
                1007SCI                                             Afterschool: Act 2 (ALL minus Chor 4, Chor 1, Sulu1) (Also
                                                                    lighting, sound, costume, props etc)

902 - Go straight to the MacLean Centre and line up at the
beginning of Period 3 today.
Walking to and from School: Do not cross the Fields and             SPORT
Turf - Please use the Intermediate road during Terms 2 & 3          Defaulted Sports Fixtures - Unfortunately the following teams
when arriving at and leaving from school each day. This will save   have been defaulted from this weekend’s games due to unpaid
the fields from damage .Students leaving via the Astroturf exit     sports fees from a number of players in each team. Hockey 3rd
should keep to the hard surface area in front of the main           XI Girls from tonight’s game. Football 1st XI Boys, Netball
gymnasium building. Thank you for your assistance.                  Intermediate 1/2/3 and Junior 1/2/3, Rugby U14 and U15.
Daily Notices - Now on-line on Senior        Supporters Club - Support our school teams. Tonight’s games
Exam Timetable will be available too.                               Basketball U19Open Boys play against Auckland International at
ICAS English Competition – This is a great opportunity for you      5.30 YMCA town, while the U19B Boys Basketball side play St
to get valuable feedback on your reading skills. To enter pay       Pauls here at 4.00pm. The 1st XV Boys Rugby play Botany
$7.50 to Accounts by June 28th. See your English teacher for        Downs at home 12.00 on main field tomorrow.
more details.

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