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What we are talking about
What we are talking about
What we are talking about
What we are talking about
What we are talking about
What we are talking about
Sounds familiar???
There is a difference!
« In economics, dematerialization refers to the absolute or
relative reduction in the quantity of materials required to serve
economic functions in society. In common terms,
dematerialization means doing more with less.

Dematerialization is the counterargument to the idea that
economics is only about 'more is better.' The idea that more is
better, a common activist argument which likens economic logic
to the logic of a cancer cell, ignores the differences between
inputs and outputs, and it ignores the ratio of inputs to outputs. »
            A global challenge

•   Constant growth of GDP
•   Increasing lack of natural resources
•   Growth of waste volume
•   Increase of CO2 emissions
•   Growing service sector vs. industry
A global challenge
A global challenge
          The larger context

So dematerialisation is an effect of
scarce resource allocation and

            NOT ONLY!
          The larger context

Dematerialisation is the effect of changing
behavioral patterns among consumers,
companies, organisations, etc

          Content = King
          Service = Queen
And above all….
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