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					                           George Fox University

                          Cellular Voice/Data Policy
                                      August 1, 2008


        George Fox University wants to provide a cost effective, convenient, and
consistent cellular voice/data plan for employees who need this service for business
purposes. The objectives of this policy are to:

       1. provide guidelines for employees whose jobs require a cellular voice/data
       2. apply standards to voice/data equipment and service agreements
       3. simplify and manage the University’s relationship with cellular providers
       4. provide a system for monitoring usage patterns so that plans can be modified
          to better meet the needs of the user
       5. ensure that the University’s acquisition of services are cost effective

       This policy applies to all faculty and staff of the University.

       Cellular Service Vendors:

       The University will, at its discretion, enter into contracts with cellular service
       providers. During the period of the contract, the University will only purchase
       voice/data devices and use the service provided within the terms of the contract
       for use by its employees. Any exception which would cause the University to pay
       for phones and services outside of the contracts established would need prior

       Eligibility and Approval:

       Cellular phones and remote data services may be provided to employees who, by
       the nature of their positions, need to conduct University business via voice or
       email away from their office on a frequent basis.

       Requests for a cellular voice/data device need to first be approved by the
       employee’s supervisor who will determine need, and the department head for
       budget approval. The request will then be forwarded to Karon Bell who will
       advise on the best plan and equipment for the need.

       Requests for enhanced cellular devises such as Blackberries or iPhones need the
       approval first of IT to ensure that server space is available. It must then be
       approved by the supervisor, department head and the appropriate Vice President
       or Provost.

The University will provide a basic phone for those who qualify. These will be
the devices that are the current promotional devices from the vendor, which are at
little or no cost to the University. Any other cellular devices that are not a
standard phone (i.e. Blackberry or iPhone) will need special approval and
justification through the approval process including the approval of the
employee’s vice president or Provost.

Personal usage:

George Fox University provides a cellular a phone or remote data device to
employees for business related purposes. Use of a University owned device to
make or receive personal calls or manage personal email is discouraged.
However in case of personal use, it is understood that any calls made would need
to be repaid by the individual. (Policy and procedures are under review due to
recent IRS ruling)


Managers and supervisors are responsible for educating employees about
appropriate voice/data procedures, the monitoring of their usage and approval of
employees portion of the monthly bill.

Program Management:

The relationship with cellular providers shall be managed through financial affairs
department. All orders for cellular telephones and services with the contracted
vendor will be placed by Karon Bell in Administrative Services who shall monitor
plans and overall usage and suggest changes in service agreements to provide the
most convenient and economical plan to the employee.

In the case that a University wide contract is not available with a specific provider
such as the case with the iPhone, the employee will still need the appropriate
approval to be authorized to manage the charges via a GFU credit card or through
a personal credit card for reimbursement.

If an employee leaves the University or changes positions within the University to
one that does not require a cellular phone, the phone is to be turned into the
supervisor upon leaving the position. The phone can then be reassigned.

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