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					      After undergoing a process called brainstorming of ideas, this is what
our group came up with…


Arbuladora, Missy Gold

Avanceña, Syvel Mignonette Dy

Banguis, Cherrelyn

Bicoy, Wineza P.

Teopez, Jemalie P.

LEFT BRAIN                                RIGHT BRAIN
   The         circuits      represent       Located in the right brain is the
      technology in relation to logic. It       MSU symbol (the symbol on your
      is located in the left brain              identification card). It is MSU’s
      because one of the functions of           trademark in relation to the
      the left brain is the integration         institute’s vision, specifically,
      of the analytic and logical               the holistic part. Furthermore,
      thinking skill.                           assimilating holistic thoughts is
                                                one    of   the   right   brain’s
LEFT EYE                                  MSU-IIT LOGO
   The frequency waves on the left           The logo situated at the center
      eye represent the signal used in          signifies the school’s excellence
      communication,         e.g.,    in        in science and technology. It is
      distance learning.                        comparable to a gear in which a
                                                machine could not operate
                                                without it.
LEFT EAR                                  MOUTH
   The satellite dish stationed on           MSU-IIT is located in Iligan City
      the left ear is the link used to          (“The      City    of    Majestic
      receive and transmit signals              Waterfalls”). The resplendent
      relayed by the satellite for              Maria Cristina Falls is the
      communication in distance                 source of power not only in
                                                Iligan but it goes beyond other
                                                provinces generating 70% of
                                                Mindanao’s electricity. It is
                                                tantamount to the source of
                                                knowledge and the paragon of
                                                excellence for MSU-IIT.
                            PLATTER OF EXCELLENCE
   The platter positioned on the mouth wide open serves as the stage of
      gleaming opportunities in MSU-IIT, as a well-rounded institution, having
      students with exceptional talents to participate in global competition.

       As a whole, the figure is divided into two sides - left and right. The left
part enunciates logic, math, science, and technology which can be useful in
distance learning. On the other hand, the right side articulates character
formation and holistic development which can be achieved in a traditional
education. The interpretations of the left and right sides are greatly related in
the left and right brains’ functions.

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