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									总 9 自编创新 M7 U2 课时学案 3:Reading 第二课时作业


Task 1:句型转换

1. Our teacher recommends us to take notes while listening to a lecture.
   Our teacher recommends ______ __________ ___________ while listening to a lecture.

2. The fish is two feet long.
   The fish is two feet ________ ___________.

Task 2:单选

1. Up to now, large quantities of food __________ to the Africa to save the starving people.
     A. is sent       B. has been sent        C. have been sent            D. are sent
2. People were beginning to take ________ her talents.
     A. note of         B. notes of       C. note             D. notes
3. It was ____________ I reached there ________ I began to know something about the matter.
     A. until; when       B. until; that      C. not until; that          D. not when; that
4. Since everybody is clear, there is no ___________ in discussing the question any further.
   A. point            B. possibility        C. wonder                   D. doubt
5. -- Where did you meet him?
   -- It was in the hotel ________ I was staying.
   A. that                B. when             C. where                   D. which
6. After studying in a medical college for five years, Jane _________ her job as a doctor in the
   A. set out          B. took over          C. took up                 D. set up
7. – Mrs. Smith will have to stay in hospital for a good while.
   -- Don’t worry. Henry will ________ his duties.
   A. take up         B. take over           C. take in              D. take off
8. Don’t be _________ by products promising to make you lose weight quickly.
   A. taken off        B. taken out          C. taken away           D. taken in
9. If you live in the countryside, ____ are that you will hear birds singing to welcome the new day.
   A. situations          B. facts              C. chances              D. imaginations
10. Bob would have helped us yesterday, but he _______.
     A. was busy          B. is busy           C. had been busy         D. will be busy
11. What a pity! Considering his ability and experience, he _________ better.
    A. need have done         B. must have done       C. can have done        D. might have done
12. Don’t be discouraged. Take things _________ and you’ll enjoy each day of your life.
    A. as it is          B. like it is       C. as they are       D. like they are
13. Sean’s strong love for his country is _________ in his recently published poems.
    A. relieved          B. reflected        C. responded        D. recovered
14. She _________ his number in the phone book to make sure that she had got it right.
    A. looked up         B. looked for       C. picked out       D. picked up
15. – Excuse me, can you spare me a few minutes?
    -- ____________?
    A. What’s on         B. What is it         C. What’s more        D. What’s up

Task 3:课文词汇句子翻译

1. 尽管玛丽买不起这双漂亮的鞋,但是她还是想试穿一下。(try…out)

2. 老师经常教育我们,重要的事情不要匆忙做出决定。                      (decide on)

Task 4:翻译专题训练(4)英语中动词的诸多变化是我们中文所没有的, 我们与英语动词整

1. 从早晨起我就没吃过东西。

2. 这本字典我已经买了两年了。

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