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					                                Acalypha                     Achillea                                         Achillea ptarmatica
                              monostachya                    Yarrow                                             ‘Gypsy White’
                           ‘Raspberry Fuzzies’         Zone 4
                            Mountain States            Green Leaf Plants                                      Syngenta
                            Perennial-Full sun        Best new cultivars I’ve                                 Zone 5
Perennials                 Bronze foliage and
                           red feather duster
                                                      Not as invasive for me
                           flowers                    Less lodging
   For                     Mounding to 18”
                                                      Longer flowering
                                                                                                              Great in containers
                                                                                                              Great all summer
                                                                                                              flowering perennial
Purgatory                                                Saucy Seduction
                                                         Strawberry Seduction
                                                         Pink Grapefruit
                                                                                                               Arboretum Approved

  Agastache                  Agastache                  Agastache                                              Agastache
Heatwave Hot Pink            Tutti Frutti              Summer Love                                            Cotton Candy
                                                       Terra Nova                                             Terra Nova
Green Leaf Plants           Green Leaf Plants          Zone 6                                                 Zone 6
Zone 6                      Zone 6                     Sun                                                    18 x 24” tall
36” x 24”                   36” x 24”                 Flowered all summer                                     Sun
Sun                         Sun                       with deep rose flowers                                  More compact
                           Large spikes all           that don’t fade                                         Light pink
Flower spikes are full
enough to see              summer                     4 ft.                                                   Heavy blooming
Re-blooms well             Deep color doesn’t
Takes the heat             fade                       Arboretum Approved

   Alocasia                Anthemis tinctoria                                   Asarum splendens                                     Aster dumosus
 Borneo Giant              Susanna Mitchell                                       ‘QuickSilver’                                        ‘Sapphire’
                                                                                Chinese Wild Ginger                                    Proven Winner
Tropical-Veg               Blooms of Bressingham                                                                                       Perennial - Sun
                           Zone 3                                                Itsaul                                                12x12
                           18” X 36”                                             Hardy to zone 6                                       First dwarf perennial
Sun or shade depending                                                                                                                 aster I like!
on water                   Sun                                                   Dry shade
                                                                                                                                       Mildew resistant….
Was “this” big from a 72   Flowers for long period                               10” X 24”
                                                                                                                                       Covered with deep
liner                      Drought tolerant                                      Evergreen foliage
                                                                                                                                       blue flowers in fall!
HUGE leaves                Spreads                                               Silver splashed deep
                           Doesn’t melt out!                                     green leaves
 Arboretum Approved
                           A “Daisy” that actually                               Naugahyde!
                                                                                                                                        Arboretum Approved

Aster oblongifolia          Aster praealtus                                      Bergenia ciliata                                   Boltonia asteroides
   Texas or                 Willow Aster                                         Hairy Bergenia                                      var. latisquama
Aromatic Aster                                                                                                                       ‘Jim Crockett’
                            Mountain States                                      Zone 7 hardy                                       Zone 5
Sun                         Zone 5                                               Shade                                              18” x 18”
Zone 3                      48” X 48”                                            12” X 24”                                          Full sun to light shade
Texas native                Sun to part shade                                    Only Bergenia I have                               Mildew resistant
36” X 36”                  Fall flowering for 8                                  luck with                                          Pale blue flowers
Will need to be pruned     weeks                                                 Needs well drained soil                            Love it mixed with
Bluish purple                                                                    and steady moisture                                grasses
                           Texas native
Powdery mildew immune      Symphyotrichum praealtum                              Attractive pink flowers in
  October Skies                                                                  early spring
  Fanny’s Aster
  Raydon’s Favorite
                                   Buddleia                                                     Buddleia                            Buddleia                                                                        Calyophus
                                 ‘Adonis Blue’                                                 ‘Peacock’                         ‘Lo & Behold                                                                     ‘Southern Belle’
                                                                                                                                  Blue Chip’
                                  Proven Winner                                           Proven Winner                        Perennial-Veg                                                                        Proven Selections
                                                                                                                               Proven Winners
                                  Perennial - Sun                                         Perennial - Sun                                                                                                           Perennial-Full Sun
                                  5ft x 5ft                                               6ft x 5ft                            Low growing plants                                                                   4 x 24
                                  Scented                                                 Scented                              Small 6” flowers all summer
                                                                                                                               No heat burn
                                                                                                                                                                                                                   Yellow flowers from
                                  Non-fading color                                        Big spikes of flowers all                                                                                                May to July
                                                                                                                               Great color
                                  Fast growing                                            summer
                                                                                                                                                                                                                   Thick carpet of foliage
                                  How to prune                                            Butterfly attractor
                                                                                                                               Arboretum Approved

                                   Arboretum Approved                                           Arboretum Approved

                                  Calamintha                                             Callirhoe involucrata                                               Callirhoe alcaeoides                                   Campanula
                               nepeta var. nepeta                                            ‘Wine Cups’                                                      ‘Logan Calhoun’                                     ‘Pink Octopus’
                                Lesser Calamint
                                                                                                                                                                                                                  Terra Nova
                                Zone 5                                                                                                                                                                            Zone 5
                                20” x 24”                                                 Zone 4-9                                                            Zone 4
                                                                                                                                                                                                                  8” x 72”
                                Full sun                                                  6” tall by 4 ft. wide                                               Bluebird Nursery
                                                                                                                                                                                                                  Never thought it would
                                Flowers from June to                                      Full sun                                                            10” x 24”                                           live
                                October                                                   Texas native                                                        Sun                                                 Spreads
                                Constant clouds of                                        Use in prairie                                                                                                          Flowers all spring and
                                white flowers                                             applications                                                                                                            into summer
                                                                                          Spreads quickly                                                                                                         Oh it spreads
                                                                                                                                                                                                                  Did I mention it spreads?

  Campanula                                                                               Cestrum parqui                                                      Clerodendron bungei                                     Colocasia
 ‘Summertime                                                                                    &                                                              ‘Pink Diamond’                                           ‘Mojito’
    Blues’                                                                                                                                                     Cashmere Bouquet
                                                                                          ‘Orange Peel’
                                                                                                                                                                                                                  Plant Delights
Zone 4 to 8                                                                               Willow Leaved Jessamine
Terra Nova                                                                                                                                                     Pride of Place Plants                              Zone 7
                                                                                          Hardy to zone 7
2’ x 18”                                                                                  Makes great annual container plant                                   Full Sun to light shade                            Full Sun or light shade
Shade to part sun                                                                         Flowers all summer                                                   Zone 7                                             OMG! Variegation
Upright blue finger sized                                                                 Slight fragrance
flowers in early spring                                                                   Pest free                                                            36” x ????                                         If you like funky!
C. punctata x C. trachelium.                                                                  Arboretum Approved                                               Best in a container
                                                                                                                                                               Mexican Hydrangea
Arboretum Approved                                                                                                                                             Blooms all summer                                  Arboretum Approved

                                   Colocasia             Colocasia gigantea                                                       Coreopsis                                                   Coreopsis
                               ‘Diamond Head’             Thailand Giant                                                         Fool’s Gold                                             Big Bang Sienna Sunset
                                                           Elephant Ear
                                                                                                                                Skagit                                                    Skagit
                               Plant Haven               Perennial?
                                                         Tropical-Sun or Shade                                                  Hardy zone 5                                              Sun
                               Zone 7
                                                         BIG 8 ft.
                                                                                                                                Sun                                                       20 x 24”
                               Full Sun or light shade   Grows fast
                                                                                                                                                                                          1” flowers all season
                               Likes lots of water       Grey cast to leaves                                                   Variegated foliage on
                                                         Not cheap but really worth it                                         compact plants with                                        Thick growing
                               Best of the group. Deep   Ultimate in tropical look                                             bright yellow flowers                                      Long flowering
                               glossy purple foliage     Arboretum Approved
                                                                                                                                                                                          Creamy peach tones
                                                                                                                               Weird but it performs

                               Arboretum Approved                                                                                                                                        Arboretum Approved
Coreopsis tripteris                                        Dianthus ‘Dessert          Dianthus Dessert Strawberry Sorbet                                             Dianthus
Lightning Flash                                             Cranberry Ice’                                                                                          ‘Neon Star’
 Terra Nova
 Sun                                                       Green Leaf Plants                                                                                     Green Leaf Plants
 3 to 5’                                                   Zone 5                                                                                                Zone 5
 Yellow green foliage                                      12” x 18”                                                                                             8” x 12”
 Black centered yellow                                     Full sun                                                                                              Full sun
 daisies                                                   Evergreen blue foliaged                                                                               Evergreen blue foliaged
                                                           mats                                                                                                  mats
                                                           Early spring flowers                                                                                  Early spring flowers
Arboretum Approved                                         Likes alkaline soil                                                                                   Likes alkaline soil

     Dianthus                      Dianthus                                                                     Echinacea                                            Echinacea
   Garden Spice                  Shooting Star                                                               ‘Double Delight’                                          ‘Hope’
     Fuchsia                    Perennial-Veg                                                                Holtex
                                Plant Haven
                                Sun                                                                          Zone 4
 Perennial-Veg                                                                                                                                                   Terra Nova
                                Wonderful mini-carnation                                                     16” X 12”
 Fides                          flowers                                                                                                                          Perennial
                                                                                                             Multi-branched plants
 Sun                            Mounded foliage
                                                                                                             Repeat flowers                                      Sun
                                Great cut flower or
 Semi-Double carnation          container sales                                                              Fragrant                                            Large flat topped pink
 like flowers                   Incredible scent                                                                                                                 flowers
                                                                                                             Fast growing
 Has done well in trials for                                                                                                                                     Fragrant
 5 years                                                                                                     Pale foliage
                               Arboretum Approved                                                                                                                Fast growing
                                                                                                             Upright stems
Arboretum Approved                                                                                                                                                 Arboretum Approved

    Echinacea                     Echinacea                                              Echinacea                                                                   Echinacea
 Kim's Mop Head                   Milkshake                                                Merlot                                                                ‘Pink Poodle’
 AgriStarts                     Holtex                                                 Terra Nova                                                                Terra Nova
 Sun                            Sun                                                    Sun                                                                       Zone 4
 Tight mounds of 18”            More white than                                        Dark burgundy stems                                                       Does make double
 white flowers with golden      Coconut Lime or                                        Large flowers                                                             flowers even in heat
 centers                        Meringue                                               Strong plants                                                             Fragrant
 Very floriferous               Early blooming                                                                                                                   Doesn’t blow over
                                                                                       Deep purplish
                                Flowers when small                                     centers                                                                   Petals hold up to
                                Lots of flowers                                                                                                                  weather
Arboretum Approved                                                                                                                                               Perennial zinnia?
                               Arboretum Approved                                     Arboretum Approved

    Echinacea                                                 Echinacea                                           Echinacea               Echinacea
 Kim's Mop Head                                            ‘Fragrant Angel’                                    ‘Hot Papaya’             ‘Summer Sky’
 AgriStarts                                                                                                     Holtex                  Itsaul
 Sun                                                                                                            Zone 4                  Sun
                                                           Terra Nova                                                                   Love the multi colored
 Tight mounds of 18”                                                                                            16” X 12”
                                                           Zone 4                                                                       flowers
 white flowers with golden                                                                                      Multi-branched plants
 centers                                                   20” x 24:                                                                    Dark stems
                                                           Large pure white flowers                             Repeat flowers          Heavy flower power
 Very floriferous
                                                           Doesn’t flop                                         Fragrant
                                                           Flowers for long period                              Fast growing
                                                                                                                Pale foliage
                                                           Scented                                                                      Arboretum Approved
                                                           Fast growing                                         Upright stems
                                                                                                                Luscious color
    Echinacea                                          Echinacea                                             Eupatorium havanense                                      Erysimum
    Tiki Torch                                        Mac ‘n Cheese                                            Fragrant Mist                                          Jenny Brook
 Terra Nova                                            Terra Nova
                                                                                                                  Flower                                             Perennial-Veg
 Sun                                                   Sun                                                   Texas native
                                                                                                                                                                     Blooms of Bressingham
 It ORANGE!                                           It’s a coneflower that                                 Actually woody                                          Sun
                                                      looks like a                                           Full sun to light shade                                 2 months of flower
 Not as vigorous as
                                                      Rudbeckia                                              Zone 7                                                  Upright lavender and
 pink forms, but the
 best of the oranges                                                                                         Alkaline and drought tolerant                           mauve
                                                                                                             Fall flowering                                          Perennial
                                                                                                             Fragrant                                                Full sun well drained soil
Arboretum Approved                                    Arboretum Approved                                                                                            Arboretum Approved

  Eupatorium greggii                                                                  Gaillardia                                                   Gaillardia                                      Gaillardia aestivalis
      Greg's                                                                       ‘Oranges &                                                ‘Commotion Tizzy’                                        var. winkleri
    Eupatorium                                                                      Lemons’                                                                                                       ‘Grape Sensation’
                                                                                                                                              Full sun
 Texas native                                                                    Skagit
                                                                                                                                              Zone 5                                               Full sun
 18” X 3’                                                                        Full sun                                                     24” x 24”                                            Zone 7?
 Blue flowers                                                                    Zone 5                                                       Heavy flowering and                                  12” X 24”
 Full sun                                                                        18” x 18”                                                    strong growth
                                                                                                                                              Doesn’t die after
                                                                                                                                                                                                   Drought tolerant
 Drought resistant                                                               Compact
                                                                                                                                              flowering!                                           Species comes in white,
 Butterflies                                                                     Long flowering                                                                                                    pink, bicolor, and purple
 Flowers all summer                                                                                                                          Arboretum Approved                                    Endangered in the wild

                              Gaillardia aestivalis
                                  var. winkleri                                    Gaura                     Heuchera villosa                                       Heuchera villosa
                                                                                                                 hybrids                                               Hybrids
                            ‘Homestead White                                   ‘Geyser’ series
                                w/ Purple’                                                                   Really do have more heat                                Perennial-Veg
                                                                               Syngenta                                                                              Terra Nova
                                                                                                             Have done well for me
                             Full sun                                          Zone 5                                                                                Shade
                                                                                                             Actually perennializing
                             Zone 7                                            Only gaura I have liked                                                                 Georgia Peach
                                                                                                             Good color retention in
                             12” X 24”                                         so far!                       summer                                                    Southern Comfort
                             Drought tolerant                                  Heavy flowering               Vigorous
                             Species comes in                                  Compact
                             white, pink, bicolor,                                                             Brownie
                             and purple                                        Doesn’t go “weedy”              Citronelle

                             Endangered in the
                                                                                                               Mocha                                                Arboretum Approved

   Heucherella                                                                       Hibiscus                   Hibiscus                                                                          Kostelezkya virginica
‘Alabama Sunrise’                                                                  ‘Peppermint                 coccineus                                                                              Salt Marsh
    ‘Sweet Tea’                                                                       Flare’                   Texas Star                                                                              Mallow
                                                                                                                                                                                                   Plant Delights
 Do better in heat than                                                             Hardy to zone 6          Texas Native
 Tiarella or Heuchera for                                                           Wet or dry                                                                                                     Zone 5
 me                                                                                                          Full sun                                                                              Full sun
                                                                                    White and red
 This one actually keeps                                                            streaked form of         Zone 6
                                                                                                                                                                                                   Pink mini-hibiscus
 its nice color well                                                                ‘Flare’                  8 ft. if fertilized                                                                   flowers (2”) all summer
 Zone 4                                                                             4 ft. x 4 ft.            Upright                                                                               on upright plants to 5 ft.
 Shade                                                                              Outward facing flowers
                                                                                                             Bog plant to normal                                                                   Non-Choosy about soil
                                                                                    Very Floriferous
                                                                                                             garden                                                                                If you can’t grow
                          Leucanthemum                                                Ligularia                                     Malvaviscus                                      Malvaviscus
                          ‘Broadway Lights’                                        Jitsuko’s Star                                   Pam Puryear                                      Big Momma
                            Shasta Daisy
                            Proven Winners                                        Plant Delights                                   Greg Grant                                      Greg Grant
                            Perennial-Full Sun                                    Perennial-Veg                                    Perennial-Veg                                   Perennial-Veg
                            24x12                                                 Shade                                            Shade or Sun                                    Hardy
                            Pale yellow flowers that                              Glossy foliage                                   Pink flowered Turk's cap                        Shade or Sun
                            fade to white
                                                                                 Double yellow flowers in                                                                          Larger red flowered
                            Long flowering time                                  late summer into fall                                                                             Turk's cap
                            Dwarf habit                                            Arboretum Approved

                                                                                                                                     Arboretum Approved

                         Malvaviscus drummondii                                     Melampodium                                         Monarda                                      Monarda didyma
                            ‘Pam Puryear’                                                                                          bartlettii x fistulosa                             Grand Parade
                                ‘Fiesta’                                         Black Foot Daisy                                   ‘Peter’s Purple’
                                                                                                                                    Zone 6                                          Zone 3
                           Greg Grant                                              Full sun                                         6 ft. tall                                      20” x 24” wide
                           Zone 7                                                  Zone 7                                           No staking                                      Full Sun
                           Shade or Sun                                            6-12” x 18”                                      Mildew resistant                                Perfect meatballs
                           Pink flowered Turk's cap                                Texas Native                                     Long blooming season                            Actually mildew
                                                                                   Keep dry-Mound plant                             Vibrant purple color                            “resistant”
                           Can’t beat it for summer
                           color                                                                                                    Not as invasive as                              Doesn’t take over

                             Oenothera fremontii
                                                            Pavonia                                            Phlox paniculata                                Phygelius x
                               ‘Shimmer’               braziliensis or hastata
                                                                                                                 'John Fanick'                                    recta
                            Full sun                                                                            Summer Phlox                                  ‘Cherry Ripe’
                            Zone 4                     Zone 7                                                  Zone 4                                         Zone 6
                            10” x 18” wide             Semi-shrub                                              Best summer phlox                              Panicles of cherry
                            Texas Native found by      Flowers all summer                                      Mildew resistant                               red, tubular,
                            Scott Ogden                                                                                                                       pendulous flowers
                                                       Full sun                                                Full sun
                            Quill like foliage                                                                                                                mid thru late
                                                       Prune occasionally                                      Scented
                            2 1/2” wide lemon                                                                                                                 summer
                                                       Drought tolerant                                        2 1/2 ft. x 3ft.
                            yellow flowers                                                                                                                    forms upright,
                                                                                                               Virtually sterile                              bushy mound
                            Repeat flowers
                            Doesn’t spread

  Phlox pilosa                                                                   Polygonatum odoratum                               Salvia greggi                                   Salvia greggi
Elizabeth Lawrence                                                                ‘Double Wide’                                      ‘Teresa’                                      ‘Mesa Azure’
 Zone 4                                                                          Zone 3                                            Zone 7                                           Zone 7
 Full sun to shade                                                               Shade
                                                                                                                                   Full sun                                         Full sun
 Sun to light shade                                                              Tough enough for Texas
                                                                                                                                   Incredible pale pink to                          Blue violet flowers
 Long bloom season                                                               Wide white stripes of white
                                                                                 that don’t burn                                   white flowers                                    Hardy selection
 No powdery mildew
                                                                                 Yes I took a 2nd Mortgage                         Compact habit                                    Don’t prune too hard
 Shared with us by Dr.
 Bill Welch                                                                      to buy it                                         One of my favorites of                          Will take drought, but
 from author Elizabeth                                                                                                             this group                                      fertilize to get to flower
 Lawrence's garden in                                                                                                              Drought tolerant, but
 North Carolina                                                                                                                    needs some water to
Arboretum Approved
                               Salvia hybrid                           Salvia pratensis                                   Salvia farinacea                                            Salvia oresbia
                                                                                                                            ‘Henry Duelberg’
                               ‘Ultra Violet’                             ‘Eveline’                                                &
                                                                                                                                                                                        or darcyi
                                                                                                                           ‘Augusta Duelberg’                                         Mexican Sage
                               North Creek-Plant                        Zone 5                                                                                                       Full sun
                               Haven                                    Full sun                                                                                                     Zone 6
                                                                                                                         Greg Grant
                               Zone 5b                                  Piet Oudolf breeding                                                                                         24” x 36”
                               Full sun                                 20" tall stalks                                                                                              Bright pure red flowers
                                                                                                                         4 ft. tall
                               2’ x 2’                                  Lavender-pink flowers                                                                                        Drought resistant
                                                                                                                         Just bigger and better
                               Neon purple                                                                                                                                           Fast growing
                                                                                                                         The best “mealycup”
                                                                                                                         sage!                                                       Flowers all summer
                                                                                                                           Arboretum Approved                                        Hummingbird Hotel

     Salvia                                                               Salvia reptans                                     Sedum                                                       Spigelia
 transylvanica                                                            Willow Sage                                    ‘Mr. Goodbud’                                                  marilandica
 ‘Blue Spires’                                                                                                           Terra Nova                                                     Indian Pink
 Sun                                                                       Full sun
                                                                                                                         Zone 3
 Hardy zone 4                                                              Zone 6                                                                                                    Shade to full sun
                                                                                                                         12” x 12”
 24” x 24”                                                                 24” x 36”                                                                                                 Texas native
                                                                                                                         Full sun or light shade
Why doesn’t anyone                                                         Blue flowers in late                                                                                      Flowers in early spring
                                                                                                                         Best “large” sedum
grow this?                                                                 summer to frost
                                                                                                                         we’ve tested
Better than any S. x                                                       Looks more like a
                                                                                                                         Doesn’t flop and flowers
superba variety                                                            grass until it flowers
Likes it dry and hot!!!                                                    Very upright
Tall 2 ft. spikes of flowers

      Tiarella                                        Tiarella                                       Verbena rigida                                   Zexmenia hispida
‘Stargazer Mercury’                                ‘Sugar & Spice’                                       ‘Santos’                                      Wedelia texana
                                                                                                                                                      ADYC- Texas native
 Proven Winners                                    Zone 4                                            Perennial - Seed                                 Zone 6
 Shade                                             Terra Nova                                        Kieft                                            Shrub actually 3 ft. x 3 ft.
 Great winter foliage                              Shade                                             Rhizomatous                                      Full sun to light shade
Upright early spring                               Better flowers                                    Drought Tolerant                                 Drought tolerant
candles of flowers                                 Burgundy splashed                                 Vigorous!                                        Blooms all summer
Mounded habit                                      foliage
                                                                                                     “Kudzu Queen”                                    No coreopsis can keep
Divide and replant                                                                                   Award!                                           up with it
                                                                                                    Arboretum Approved
                                                                                                                                                      No disease or insect
Arboretum Approved                                                                                                                                    Drought tolerant

                                                                            Chasmanthium                                         Cortaderia
          Passion                                                             latifolium
                                                                             ‘River Mist’
                                                                                                                             ‘Splendid Star’
                                                                                                                                                                                     Muhlenbergia capillaris
                                                                                                                                                                                         ‘Regal Mist’
                                                                                                                                                                                      & ‘Pink Flamingo’
                                                                                                                                                                                     Gulf Coast Muhly
           on the
                                                                                                                             Plant Haven
                                                                           Light Shade                                       Full Sun-Partial Shade
                                                                           Zone 5                                            Zone 7                                                  Full Sun
                                                                                                                             4 ft. x 5 ft.                                           Zone 6

                                                                                                                             Cream & green var.
                                                                           Great foliage but                                 foliage                                                 36” x 36”
                                                                           doesn’t come true                                 In autumn changes to                                    Fall cotton candy flowers
                                                                           from seed                                         peach colors                                            Love ‘White Cloud’ too
     “Mono-grami”                                                                                                            Yes it’s Pampas Grass…
                                                                                        Muhlenbergia hybrid       Panicum amarum                                          Panicum virgatum
                              Muhlenbergia capillaris
                                  ‘Regal Mist’                                            ‘Pink Flamingo’          ‘Dewey Blue’                                           ‘Shenandoah’
                              Gulf Coast Muhly
                                                                                      Full Sun                    Hoffman Nursery                                          Zone 5
                              Full Sun                                                Zone 5                      Zone 2                                                   24” x 36”
                              Zone 6                                                  4 ft. x 5 ft. tall          48” x 30”                                                Sun
                              36” x 36”                                               Cross between M.            Sun                                                      Great foliage…
                              Fall cotton candy flowers                               lindheimerii & capillaris   Incredible foliage!                                      even in Texas
                              Love ‘White Cloud’ too                                  The hotter the pinker       Found by Ricke Darke                                     Was surprised!

Pennisetum alopecuroides                                  Pennisetum alopecuroides
    ‘Pinstripe’                                              ‘Red Head’                                                                                                    ‘Purple King’

 Hardy to zone 5?                                          Intrinsic Gardens
 Basically a variegated                                    Hardy to zone 5
                                                                                                                                                                           Light shade
 P. ‘Hameln’                                               Mauve red seed
 Better color in full sun                                  heads                                                                                                           Will grow anywhere you
                                                                                                                                                                           can an impatiens
                                                           4 ft. x 4 ft.
                                                                                                                                                                           Slow to emerge
                                                                                                                                                                           Yes, it does perennialize

    Gloxinia                                              Hippeastrum x johnsonii                                                               Iris Louisiana                                         Iris Louisiana
 nematanthodes                                             Hardy Amaryllis                                                                    ‘Sloan’s Yellow’                                         ‘Easter Tide’
 Perennial zone 7                                          Bulb                                                                                Zone 5                                                  Zone 5
 south                                                     Zone 6                                                                              Likes it wet and hot                                    Likes it wet and hot
 Light Shade                                               Full sun to light                                                                   4 to 6 ft. depending on                                 4 to 6 ft. depending on
 1' tall x 1' wide                                         afternoon shade                                                                     cultivar                                                cultivar
 Trailing                                                  Easy to grow                                                                        Large down pointing                                     Large down pointing
                                                                                                                                               leaves                                                  leaves
 1" long bells of brilliant                                Don’t bury too deep
                                                           must have good                                                                      For those of us who                                     For those of us who
 orange-red                                                                                                                                    can’t grow Japanese Iris                                can’t grow Japanese Iris
 spreads by above
 ground stolons                                            Likes to be root bound

  Trumpet Lilies                                            Trumpet Lilies                                        Trumpet x Oriental                                      Trumpet x Oriental
‘Golden Splendour’                                          ‘Pink Perfection’                                     ‘Scheherazade’                                            ‘Triumphator’

 Full sun                                                  Full sun                                               Full sun                                                 Full sun
 Zone 4                                                    Zone 4                                                 Zone 4                                                   Zone 4
 Plant deep                                                Plant deep                                             Plant deep                                               Plant deep
 Back of the border plant                                  Back of the border plant                               Back of the border plant                                 Back of the border plant
 Color for the summer                                      Color for the summer                                   Fragrant
 Best with grasses                                         Best with grasses                                      Blooms in hottest part of
 around                                                    around                                                 summer
                                                                                                                  Will need staking
    Lycoris                                           Sinningia                                                   Sinningia
   chinensis                                           ‘Tante’                                                    tubiflora
                                                   Yucca Do                                                    Yucca Do
Zone 5?                                            Full Sun or Light Shade                                     Full Sun or Light
Hardiest of the                                    Peach flowers                                               Shade
Lycoris                                            Mounding
                                                                                                               White flowers all
Fall blooming                                      Great flower power!                                         summer
                                                   Very drought tolerant
Slow to multiply                                                                                               Spreading
                                                   Zone 7 hardy
Awesome color                                      This plant will be                                          Very drought tolerant
                                                   popular…                                                    Zone 7 hardy
                                                    Arboretum Approved                                         Arboretum Approved

Agave bracteosa                                                                     Agave ovatifolia             Aloe aristata                                    Yucca gloriosa
 Squid Agave                                                                        Whale’s Tongue                Lace Aloe                                         ‘Tiny Star’
                                                                                     Century Plant
                                                                                                                Plant Delights
Mountain States                                                                    Mountain States              Perennial                                         Plant Delights
Perennial - Sun to                                                                 Full Sun                     Yes I said perennial                              Full sun to light shade
Shade                                                                              Zone 7 or colder?                                                              Zone 7
Will grow where you
                                                                                                               Least it has been for 3
                                                                                   3ft X 5ft                                                                      48” x 36”
plant Hosta                                                                                                    years for me
                                                                                   Best for cold and wet                                                          Slow growing
Container plant!                                                                                               No burn even with ice!
                                                                                   Doesn’t pup                                                                    Incredible color
No stickers!
                                                                                   Discovered by Lynn
                                                                                                               Looks like a Haworthia                             Originally ‘Tiny Star’
Arboretum Approved                                                                 Lowrey of Texas             Mini mounding
                                                                                   BAA                         succulent

                      Yucca gloriosa                                               Yucca rostrata                                                                        Dianthus
                       ‘Bright Star’                                                                                                                                    japonicus

                      Full sun to light shade                                      Zone 5                                                                              Perennial
                      24” x 24”                                                    6’ tall                                                                             Zone 5
                      Zone 7+
                      Great winter interest
                                                                                   Full sun
                                                                                   Stunning trunked yucca     Un-“New”-Usuals                                          Shiny foliage
                                                                                                                                                                       Great for dry areas
                      Drought tolerant                                             Wonderful in containers
                      Slow                                                         Truffula Trees                                                                     Blooms in the
                                                                                   ‘Sapphire Skies’ is much                                                           hottest part of the
                                                                                   more silver                                                                        year

                         Euphorbia                    Euphorbia                                                  Euphorbia                   Euphorbia
                          ‘Kalipso’                   Blackbird                                                 Glacier Blue                  Tiny Tim
                        Proven Winners             Perennial-Veg                                               Perennial-Veg              Proven Winners
                        Zone 6                     Skagit                                                      Plant Haven                Zone 6b
                        Sun                        Sun                                                         Sun                        Sun
                       I like it best in           Deep blue green foliage                                     Silvery white              Dwarf meatballs
                       containers                  Yellow orange flowers in late                               variegated foliage         Reddish flower bracts
                       Drought tolerant            winter                                                      Upright plants             Compact habit
                       Great for winter interest   Evergreen                                                   Acid yellow flowers in     Great for containers
                       Gorgeous flowers            Great for winter containers                                 late winter
                                                   Must be well-drained                                                                  Arboretum Approved

                                                   Arboretum Approved                                         Arboretum Approved
                               Euphorbia                     Euphorbia            Fatsia japonica              Hibiscus
                            ‘Helena’s Blush’                   ‘Efanthia’          ‘Spider Web’               calyphyllus
                             Proven Winners                                                                  ‘Cole’s Gold’
                             Zone 6                                               Terra Nova                 Perennial zone 8
                                                           Proven Winners         Zone 7                     south
                             Great in containers
                                                           Zone 6                                            Yellow flowers with
                             Full sun                                             Evergreen
                                                                                                             maroon center
                                                           Red & Green foliage    Shade
                             Needs perfect drainage                                                          Fuzzy leaf
                                                           Xmas colors!           4 ft X 5 ft
                             Foliage gets bronzer in                                                         Resembles Hibiscus
                             winter                        Try it in winter       Attractive white flowers   mutabilis
                                                           containers.                                       Cool!
                             Chartreuse flowers

Ipomoea fistulosa                                          Pyrrosia lingua         Thunbergia                 Got the Point?
  Bush Morning                                          ‘Ogon Nishiki’            battescombei
     Glory                                             Var. Tongue Fern            Perennial – Sun
TAMU-Jerry Parsons                                                                 36x12           
                                                        Plant Delights
Zone 7                                                                            Hardy in 15 gal.
5 ft. x 5 ft.                                           Veg or Perennial
                                                                                  Container for last 5
Dwarf white flowered                                    Shade                     years!
form                                                    Hardy to zone 7           True blue flowers
Full sun                                                Like it well drained!!!   Rambling growth habit
From bog to dry turf area                               Great growing in walls    Flowers all summer
All summer 5” white                                                                                          “The success of my garden
trumpets                                                                                                        is built on the compost
                                                                                                                    of my failures”
Don’t plant in Florida
                                                       Arboretum Approved

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