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									Cloud computing" is the technical term which was in vogue many years ago. With the advancement in
technology and passage of years, cloud technology has also progressed to a great extent. Do you know
how this technology of cloud computing works? If you know this answer, you will be able to understand
that cloud computing is the technology that you are using whenever you are logging into Gmail or your
Facebook account. Many users choose to use cloud technology in spite of some problems with this.

If you wish to know about these, contact the computer repair professionals. You can also read this
section below for enhancing your knowledge.

What is the necessity of cloud computing?

You might be thinking about the popularity of cloud computing. Well, cloud makes it easier for you to
access, store and edit your data. Accessibility of the files does not require you to experience a slow and
intense protocol or to install some new programs. As you can understand, these are prime factors that
have made cloud computing so popular amongst the individual as well as the professional users. Cloud
technology is also suitable to the present economy. You can interact with your peer groups at a much
faster rate than you would normally do.

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Another great advantage of using the cloud technology is that you do not require any hardware device
for using this technology. Consequently, there is no such issue as trashed hardware or malfunctioning of
the hardware. You can know about this technology from the computer technical support companies.

What are the problems with cloud computing?

Messing with Multiple Data

One disadvantage of cloud computing is that the same hardware component is used for a number of
accounts or software. Since the same hardware is used, there is a possibility that your data gets hacked
or you lose some of it. You are left with one option of trusting your cloud service provider. The safety
and security of your data is up to them. Hence, you should have trustworthy cloud service provider.

Security Breaching

Have you heard of the social networking site, Twitter? This is a site that uses cloud computing and
allows you and other Google users to have the pleasure of their service without any additional
installation or cost. Online computer support personnel can offer you the best assistance, if you like to
use Twitter for connecting to your friends. It is said that you can enter inner sanctums of the record of
Google employees through Twitter. You can hack all critical information and cause malfunctioning of
Google Docs.

This only proves that the security provided by Google is not enough and this can happen to any other
site like this. The remote computer repair services have observed that the real problem with cloud
computing lies in its novelty and that many users are already making use of it.

The data transferring in cloud computing does not have security measures as such. So, when you are
using cloud technology, you should consult a proper technical support team for effective security tools.

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