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  Mike Arroyo pinned down…
PAGE A14 t                           be payment for the lease of the         FG (popular reference to Mike
Job Nolan Antonio, Edgar Paatan,     helicopters, she admitted during        Arroyo) up to May 26, 2011, to
George Piano and Crisostomo DL       her testimony that she was the          support the testimonies of Editha
Garcia. All are either current or    one who sent the money to Cali-         Juguan.”
former officers of the PNP.          fornia,” Guingona added.                   Guingona recalled that Juguan
   In the complaint, the senators       Iggy’s claim nonsense                had narrated that she counted the
said Po and Maptra president            In her testimony on August 22,       payments for monthly mainte-
Hilario de Vera had applied for      Del Rosario echoed claims made          nance fees, averaging P350,000,
inclusion in the government’s        by Iggy Arroyo that he was the          “in front of Rowena and in full
Witness Protection Program.          one who entered into a contract         view of Mike Arroyo, who was
   Convincing testimony              worth P9.8 million with Lionair         only in the next door office.”
   To back their case, the sena-     for the two-month lease of five            Flight logs
tors banked on the “clear and        Raven I helicopters at the height          The three senators also said
convincing” testimony of Po,         of the 2004 presidential election.      flight logs of the helicopters sold
which was corroborated by De            Po earlier told senators that his    to the PNP provided a link to the
Vera, Editha Solano-Juguan, Do-      company had kept a fleet of five        Arroyos.
mingo Lazo, Claudio DS Gaspar        Raven I choppers owned by Mike             “A paper trail is not the only
Jr. and Rowena del Rosario.          Arroyo in its Pasay City hangar         means to prove ownership. Con-
   Po, in his original and supple-   since 2004.                             trol, use and income from the
mental affidavits, pointed to Ar-       Po said two of these helicop-        (helicopters) owned may also be
royo as the true owner of the five   ters were sold to the PNP in 2009       (considered) evidence of own-
helicopters, the senators said.      when the police procured three          ership,” Pimentel said in a text
   “Analyzing closely the flow of    brand-new helicopters as part of        message.
events from the time of the in-      its crime prevention efforts.              Eleven senators have so far
volved helicopters’ importation         Guingona said Iggy’s claim of        signed the committee report—
by Lionair Inc. up to the time of    a lease contract to dispel owner-       Guingona, Lacson, Pimentel,
its anomalous and fraudulent sale    ship by his brother was kaloko-         Sergio Osmeña III, Francis Pan-
by Maptra to the PNP, we find        han (nonsense).                         gilinan, Antonio Trillanes IV,
the testimony of Po to be clear         “RHC is a manufacturer and           Franklin Drilon, Ralph Recto,
and convincing—thus worthy of        seller of helicopters. Why would        Francis Escudero, Pia Cayetano
credence,” they said.                Rowena pay a lease contract to          and Jose “Jinggoy” Estrada.
   The committee’s findings and      it? Clearly, what she paid for was         Senate Minority Leader Alan
discussion of the events were at-    not a lease,” the senator said.         Peter Cayetano had indicated his
tached to the complaint.                Maintenance fees                     interest in signing the report, Gu-
   Guingona dismissed claims by         Guingona and Lacson, in sepa-        ingona said.
Mike Arroyo and his lawyer Ino-      rate statements, noted Lionair             Normally, a committee report
cencio Ferrer that the blue ribbon   collection agent Editha Solano-         is presented to the plenary ses-
committee had failed to find any     Juguan’s testimony that she reg-        sion for a vote. This was not fol-
evidence proving that the hus-       ularly visited Arroyo’s office in       lowed in the case of the report
band of the former President had     the LTA Building on Perea Street        submitted to the Ombudsman.
owned the two helicopters sold to    in Makati City to collect mainte-          Airtight case
the PNP for P20 million each.        nance fees for the five choppers           Before they went to the Om-
   In a phone interview, Guingo-     owned by Arroyo.                        budsman, Guingona said he,
na said a copy of the telegraphic       “Lionair kept a subsidiary led-      Lacson and Pimentel were sub-
transfer to the manufacturer         ger in the name of Mike Arroyo          mitting the report “in our indi-
made via Unionbank also indi-        showing he paid for the mainte-         vidual capacities as citizens and
cated the landline number of LTA     nance expenses of the helicop-          senators.”
Inc., the Makati-based company       ters. This was corroborated by             “At most, the blue ribbon re-
owned by the Arroyo family.          Juguan’s testimony because at           port is recommendatory and
   “This number jives with the       one point, she said the fees even       highly persuasive but not bind-
LTA records in the (Securities       reached P1 million for repair ex-       ing,” Guingona said.
and Exchange Commission),”           penses,” Guingona said.                    He said everything was based
the senator said.                       Lacson, in a text message,           on documentary and testimonial
   “And while Rowena said the        said there were “vouchers and           evidence. “We are very confi-
$500,000 was only supposed to        payments made to Lionair by             dent. This is an airtight case.” n

       ‘e-dalaw’ e-lates Quezon City …
PAGE A11 t                           puters for the project with addi-       ers don’t come with headsets.
to relieve their sadness by offer-   tional funding from the BJMP.              According to Vela, this is to en-
ing other means of keeping in           But no privacy                       sure that “nothing illegal” would
touch,” Vela said.                      QCJ inmates can enjoy the e-         be discussed in the online chat.
   “There are many stories that      dalaw service Monday to Friday,            “We also hope that, with the
really moved us by bringing this     from 9 am to 12 nn, and from 1          e-dalaw, we will be able to re-
project in partnership with the      pm to 4 pm.                             duce cases of relatives smug-
BJMP. We are happy that it is           But the chat will be far from        gling contraband into the jail,”
now being realized,” Assistant       private: At least four members          the warden added.
Solicitor General Karl Miranda       of the jail’s paralegal staff will be      E-dalaw goes offline on week-
added in a statement.                sitting behind the inmates and          ends, during which “our man-
   Vela expressed hopes that the     should be able to hear everything       power will be dedicated to visi-
city jail would acquire more com-    through speakers. The comput-           tors in the flesh,” he said. n

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