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					                     2007-09 Unit Objective—Progress Report
 We are midway through our 2007-09 strategic planning cycle. Each of you has identified one or more objectives to help achieve the
 seven institutional goals we set in service of our mission (see below). Please complete this form to provide a progress report on the
 unit objective(s) you set for the 2007-09 time frame. If you identified more than one objective, please complete a separate form for
 each objective. Type your response into the box below each question; the box will expand as you type. Be concise; your report
 should not exceed two pages. Return completed forms to Jack Bautsch (jbautsch@sccd.ctc.edu) by July 31, 2008. Thank you.

                                              NSCC Mission and Goals
Mission: North Seattle Community College is committed to changing lives through education.
Institutional Goals 2007-2011
 1     Enhance student learning and educational goal attainment.
 2     Deliver highly responsive programs and services.
 3     Attract, support and retain a quality workforce.
 4     Foster a positive campus climate.
 5     Create and sustain state-of-the-art physical infrastructures.
 6     Build and maintain a strong enrollment base
 7     Increase and diversity financial resources.


Planning Timeline      07/07/07 thru 06/30/09          Your name       Kathy Soldat
Office/Program         SDS Child Care Center                                                 Date     7/23/08

 Identify your objective—either verbatim or in a short phrase.
75% of the child care cohort will be retained and make progress toward the momentum points 2007-08 through 2008—

 Briefly describe key tasks/milestones have you accomplished with respect to this objective.
       The Parent cohort attended a fall ’07 orientation held at the Child Care Center and were informed of advising, and tutoring
        services on campus.
       Identified students who progressed by re-enrolling the fall to winter and winter to spring quarters
       Personally spoke with each student who did not re-enroll to determine reasons for dropping out

 Briefly present any measurable results you have at this time.
       Of the 40 parents enrolled in the child care center fall quarter 2007, 31 (77%) re-enrolled for winter quarter 2008.
       Of the 42 parents enrolled in the child care center for winter quarter 2008, 31 (73%) re-enrolled for spring quarter 2008.
       Of the original fall quarter 2007 cohort of 40, 23 students re-enrolled for spring 2008, 5 students graduated, 5 were still
        students but did not have children at the campus child care center. Accordingly 33 of 40 students had successful
        progression rates (83%)
       Momentum points accomplished by child care cohort are currently being extracted from our Institutional Researcher.

 If you wish to modify your objective from now through June 2009, enter the revision here. If you modify your
 objective, please follow the format shown in the Model for Objectives box below.

                                                      Model for Objectives
Format: By [date], [increase/decrease something] by [X% or Y #] over [baseline data].
Example: By June 2009, the college will increase its overall rating on AASHE’s Campus Sustainability Rating System by 10% over
baseline ratings taken in Fall 2007.

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