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Metropolitan Community College Course Syllabus WINTER 2008


									  Metropolitan Community College Course Syllabus Winter 2010/2011
    Title:                              - Intermediate Algebra
    Prefix/Section:                     - MATH 1310 5A
    Credit Hours:                       - 4.5
    Dates:                              - Begins 12/01/10     Ends 02/24/11
    Meeting Day/Time:                   - Tuesday and Thursday 5:30PM – 7:30PM
    Last Day to Withdraw                - 02/09/11
    NO CLASS                            - 12/22/10 thru 01/02/11
    Delivery Type:                      - Classroom
    Class Location:                     - Fort Omaha Campus Room 203

     Instructor Name                    - Steve Emary


        Office Phone                    - None
        Office Hours                    - None
        Office Location                 - None
        Email Address:                  -
        Academic Program Area:          - Math and Natural Sciences
        Academic Dean                   - Brad Morrison
        Dean's Office Telephone         - 289-1304 Please see the Process for Grade Appeals and Academic
                                        Concerns as stated in the College Catalog under Academic Information. Please
                                        discuss concerns with your instructor before contacting the Dean's office.

  Basic algebra skills are extended in this course to provide the background necessary for further mathematics courses.
  Included are topics in linear equations/inequalities, introduction to function notation, systems of linear
  equations/inequalities, rational equations, roots and radicals, and quadratic equations.

COURSE PREREQUISITES: Successful completion of MATH 0921 or MATH 0960 or qualification by MCC
  Placement Test.

   Upon completion of this course each student will be able to:
1. Graph linear functions, graph other basic functions, and define a function and its notation.
2. Expand upon operations involving exponents, polynomials, and the methods of factoring.
3. Solve systems of equations and apply them to solving application problems.
4. Simplify rational expressions and solve rational equations.
5. Simplify radical expressions, solve radical equations, define rational exponents, (manipulate and convert from
   exponential to radical notation and vice versa), and perform operations with complex numbers.
6. Solve quadratic equations with real and complex solutions.

     Textbook Title: Intermediate Algebra
     Edition:        Third Edition (2011)
     Author:         Carson, Jordan
     Publisher:      Pearson
     Materials:      Textbook, 3-ring notebook is required, paper, pencil, graph paper and scientific calculator
                     (the use of calculators with advanced features such as factoring expressions and graphing
                     will not be allowed on exams). “Student Solutions Manual” is optional.
    The daily class period will consist of:
     Review of material and questions from the previous class.
     Presentation of new material
     Discussion of the material.
       In class exams.

                                      ASSESSMENT OF STUDENT WORK

     A minimum of five tests will be administered in class with closed book. There will also be a single test
     grade given from a combination of daily work, notebook, and attendance. A missing notebook entry
     counts as 5 missing problems; you will be allowed to miss four HOURS of class without penalty or four
     tardies without penalty. After receiving a combination of four tardies or absences, each tardy will
     count as 5 missing problems and each absence will count as 10 missing problems. In the event you
     must leave class early it will count as a tardy.

      Test dates are listed in the attached Projected Schedule of Assignments. If you are unable to be in
      class on a test day you must make arrangements with the instructor before the day of the test to take
      the test at the Testing Center. Be prepared to present a picture ID when you arrive to take the exam,
      and arrive at least two hours before closing time. Make-up tests must be taken by the day of the
      next scheduled class.
Grading Policy
                     Test scores averaging 90% - 100%= A
                                             80% - 89% = B
                                             70% - 79% = C
                                             60% - 69% = D
                                              0% - 59% = F

     The tests will be handed back as soon as possible for the student to review them.

     Metropolitan Community College is committed to continuous improvement of teaching and learning.
     You may be asked to help us to accomplish this objective. For example, you may be asked to respond
     to surveys or questionnaires. In other cases, tests or assignments you are required to do for this course
     may be shared with faculty and used for assessment purposes.

     By enrolling in classes offered by Metropolitan Community College, the student gives the College
     license to mark on, modify, and retain the work as may be required by the process of instruction, as
     described in the course syllabus. The institution shall not have the right to use the work in any other
     manner without the written consent of the student(s).

Metropolitan Community College                                                                                  2
                                 INSTRUCTOR’S EXPECTATIONS OF STUDENTS
        Attendance Policy: Remember that attendance along with notebooks counts as a test grade. There
         will be a lot of homework in this class, which takes the place of having a final and allows for your effort
         to count as a test score. (See Types of Assessment).
        Missing Class on a Test Day: If you miss class the day of the test, I will leave a test at the test center,
         at Fremont this is the front desk. You are required to complete that test before class has met twice.
         The first missed test will have no penalty. Each missed test after that will have deductions in 10%
         increments. (ie: if you have missed 3 test days the best possible score you can receive is an 80%.)

     Only students with a documented disability requiring the use of technology other than a calculator
     (laptop computer, recording device, etc.) will be allowed to use such devices in the classroom. All other
     students will refrain from using laptops, cell phones, etc. Students violating this policy will be directed to
     leave the classroom for the remainder of the class period and will be counted absent for the class.

  To show respect for your fellow students and make the best use of class time:
   Bring the assignment to each class with all problems completed or with your questions if it is not
   Take notes on the lecture material and read the textbook material for further explanation.
   Participate in class discussions by offering ideas, answering questions asked by the instructor and
     asking questions.
   Keep up with assignments regularly as a great deal of the material builds on previous material. Do not
     get behind!
   View the DVD’s of the lecture material and use the software available in the Learning Center for
     additional review and reinforcement.
   Work with classmates, friends tutors or Learning Center AND math center personnel. Form study
     groups. The instructor is also available for help outside of class. Use all available resources.
   Keep a notebook of all assigned problems that are numbered and labeled with ALL work shown in a
     step by step method. Original problem must be entered, as this will be something you can keep for
     future reference. This notebook with problem written in your hand writing will be of great value to you.
     This notebook will be turned in on test days.
   The schedule is a tentative one and may change! In the event that you must miss a class it is your
     responsibility to email and find out if the schedule is current.

This syllabus is written as an expectation of class topics, learning activities, and expected learning outcomes.
However, the instructor reserves the right to make changes in this schedule that may result in enhanced or
more effective learning for students. These modifications will not substantially change the intent or objectives
of this course and will be done within the policies and guidelines of Metropolitan Community College.

When you communicate with others in this course, you must follow the Student Code of Conduct
(, which calls for responsible and cooperative behavior.
Please think critically, ask questions, and challenge ideas, but also show respect for the opinions of others,
respond to them politely, and maintain the confidentiality of thoughts expressed in the class. You may also
wish to review information at

Metropolitan Community College                                                                                     3
Students are reminded that materials they use as sources for class work may be subject to copyright
protection. Additional information about copyright is provided on the library website at or by your instructor. In response to incidents of student dishonesty (cheating,
plagiarism, etc.), the College imposes specific actions that may include receiving a failing grade on a test,
failure in the course, suspension from the College, or dismissal from the College. Disciplinary procedures are
available in the Advising/Counseling Centers or at

If you cannot participate in and complete this course, you should officially withdraw by calling Central
Registration at 402-457-5231 or 1-800-228-9553. Failure to officially withdraw will result in either an instructor
withdrawal (FX) or failing (F) grade. The last date to withdraw is noted in the CLASS IDENTIFICATION section
of this syllabus.

     To maximize the probability of success in this course:
     Be prepared to spend 2 hours working outside of class for every one hour of class time.
            Attend all classes and arrive on time; bring text, assignment, and materials.
            Complete all assignments; if unable to complete them, bring questions to class.
            Keep up with assignments and pace of the class; do not get behind.
            Take notes during classroom lectures, especially sample problems.
            Get notes from a classmate if you have to miss a class.
            Participate in classroom discussion: ask questions.
            Arrange for help out of class if needed, work with classmates, friends, and form study
            Read the text! The explanations in the text are for you, the student.
            Prepare/study for tests by (re)working several problems from the text.

                                            TECHNOLOGY SUPPORT

For assistance with student email, passwords, and most other MCC technology, contact the Help Desk at 457-
2900 or

     By using the information technology systems at MCC (including the computer systems and phones),
     you acknowledge and consent to the conditions of use as set forth in the Metropolitan Community
     College Procedures Memorandum on Acceptable Use of Information Technology and Resources. It is
     your responsibility as a student to be familiar with these procedures. The full text of the Procedures
     Memorandum may be found at the following website:           15_Technology_Resources_Use.pdf.

                                              LEARNING SUPPORT


         MCC's Academic Resource Centers, Math Centers, and Writing Centers offer friendly, supportive
         learning environments that can help students achieve educational success. Staff members in these
         centers provide free drop-in assistance with basic computing, reading, math, and writing skills. Self-
         paced, computer-assisted instructional support in reading, vocabulary, typing, English as a Second
         Language, and online course orientation is also available. Detailed information about the Academic
         Resource, Math, and Writing Centers is in the Student Handbook, College Catalog, and online at

Metropolitan Community College                                                                                    4
         If you are seeking assistance with course material you must bring your class notes and attempted
         homework. You may visit the Math Centers at the South Omaha Campus, Fort Campus, Elkhorn Valley
         Campus or at the Sarpy Center in the Academic Resource Center. They have staff to help you,
         instructional software, and access to websites corresponding to the text. Appointments are not

    If you have a disability that may substantially limit your ability to participate in this class, please contact
    a Disability Support Services Counselor located in the Student Services Office on each campus.
    Metropolitan Community College will provide reasonable accommodations for persons with
    documented qualifying disabilities. However, it is the student’s responsibility to request
    accommodations. For further information, please visit and/or contact
    Student Services.

Metropolitan Community College                                                                                        5
                                  Student Services Important Dates
                                          2010/2011 Winter
                                 December 01 – February 28, 2010/2011

Thanksgiving Day Recess (College Closed) …………………………………… November 25-28 (Th – Su)
Winter Quarter Begins …................................................................................. December 01 (W)
First Day for Faculty to Initiate WX grade …………………………………..…… First Class Session
Last class day before Holiday Recess ……………………................................. December 21 (T)
12 – Month Faculty Workday ……………………………………………………… December 22 (W)
Holiday Recess (College Closed) ………………………………………………… December 24 – January 2
Holiday Recess ends for Staff/Faculty Report/Classes Resume ………….….. January 3 (M)
Martin Luther King Recess (College Closed) ….……………………………….. January 17 (M)
Classes end …………………………………………………………………..……. February 28 (M)
Instructional Workday ……………………………………………………………… March 1 (T)

*The Last Day to Drop for a “W” grade is also the last day for students to change from Credit to Audit or
Audit to Credit with instructor approval. Students must drop by this date to avoid being assigned a grade
of F or FX. NOTE: “Last day to drop” refers to grades only.

To view the Last Day to Drop specific to your course section, go to the online class schedule at and click on the Important Dates next to the course.

The Refund drop dates for each course section are automatically calculated based on the start and end
dates and the number of sessions for the course. NOTE: Refer to refund policy below to determine the
last day to receive a refund for your course.

                                                  REFUND POLICY

Eligibility for a refund is automatically calculated by the date of the withdrawal. The amount of refund is
based on the number of class meetings held prior to the withdrawal compared to the total number of
scheduled sessions for the course.
For refund or account questions call: (402) 457-2405 or 1-800-228-9553, extension 2405

Metropolitan Community College offers an A.S. degree in Pre-Mathematics. Students declaring a Pre-
Mathematics major who are within 50 credit hours of graduation may be eligible for significant scholarship
assistance. Contact David Reyes, STEP Outreach Liaison, at 289-1212 for additional information.

Notice: This syllabus is written as an expectation of class topics, learning activities, and expected learning
outcomes. However, the instructor reserves the right to make changes in this schedule that may result in
enhanced or more effective learning for students. These modifications will not substantially change the intent
or objectives of this course and will be done within the policies and guidelines of Metropolitan Community

Metropolitan Community College                                                                                             6
The problems listed are the appropriate minimum problems for practice of a skill. Many students will find they
need to practice more problems. Sections that are listed as optional may be covered if time permits. This is a
tentative schedule, instructor may vary pacing as the class progresses, it is your responsibility to call and find
out if the assignment has changed in the event you miss a class.
                  Date           Section                Pg.                     Daily Exercises
12/02             3.2                 140 – 142              11 – 53 odd
                  3.3                 151 – 154              7 – 79 odd

12/07             3.5                 173 – 176              15 – 55 odd
                  4.1                 206 – 209              7 – 13 odd, 19 – 55 odd,
                                                             59 – 77 odd
12/09             4.2                 217 – 218              7 – 25 odd
                  4.3                 224 – 226              5 – 31 odd

12/14             5.2                 288 – 289              9 – 21 odd, 33 – 51 odd
                  5.3                 300 – 302              55 – 83 odd, 93 – 111 odd
12/16             Review              184 – 187              25 – 53 odd, 63 – 71 odd
                                      258 – 259              29, 31, 45 - 55 odd
                                      322 – 323              31 – 61 odd
                  TEST 1

12/21             6.1                 334 – 335              5 – 63 odd
                  6.2                 346 – 347              7 – 91 odd

01/04             6.3                 356 – 357              9 – 111 odd
01/06             6.4                 367 – 368              7 – 55 odd

01/11             Review              377 – 379              11– 93 odd
                  TEST 2

01/13             7.1                 393 – 396              7 – 109 odd
                  7.2                 405 – 407              7 – 83 odd

01/18             7.3                 414 – 416              7 – 59 odd
01/20             7.4                 422 – 423              7 – 65 odd

01/25             Review              444 – 446              7 – 79 odd
                  TEST 3
01/27             8.1                 458 – 459              7 – 111 odd
                  8.2                 470 – 471              7 – 123 odd

02/01             8.3                 477 – 479              5 – 113 odd
                  8.4                 484 – 485              5 – 87 odd
02/03             8.5                 492 – 493              5 – 71 odd
                  8.6                 501                    7 – 57 odd

02/08             8.7                 509 – 510              7 – 73 odd

02/10             Review              516 – 518              11 – 123 odd
                  TEST 4

02/15             9.1                 529 – 530              7 – 51 odd, 71 – 79 odd
                  9.2                 539 – 541              7 – 49 odd, 65 – 73 odd
02/17             9.3                 549 – 550              7 – 25 odd, 31 – 51 odd

02/22             9.4                 561                    23 – 29 odd
02/24             Review              579 - 580              11 – 49 odd
                  TEST 5
Metropolitan Community College                                                                                       7

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