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					                                       RAMKY GROUP OF COMPANIES
                                     Supplier Relationship Form (PART 2)
                                                 Establishment Details
 Domain Codes: SS 01 : Civil      SS 02 : Pipes &         SS 03 : Plant &       SS 04 : Petroleum SS 05 :         SS 06 : Pharma
                                  Fittings                Machinary             Products          Electrical     Related Products
                   SS 07: WTP/STP SS 08 : Contractors /   Pls tick ( √ ) the relavant Domain code.Visit and click on
                   Items          Consultants             "SUPPLIER RELATIONSHIP".

Name of Organization:
Type of Industry: (Please √ )       Mfr/Dist/OEM/C & F/Trading/Serv Provider/Consultant
Type of Organization (Please √ ):   SSI/MSI/Pvt Ltd/Pub Ltd/State/Central/PSU
Ownership (Please √ ):              Sole Proprietor/Partnership/BOD/Govt/JV
Regd/Corp Office Address:
Address Line 1
Address Line 2
Address Line 3
City:                                                     State:                                Pin:
Office No:                                                Fax:                                  Website:
Mfrg Unit Address/Other Units (use separate sheet if necessary)
Address Line 1
Address Line 2
Address Line 3
City:                                                State:                                     Pin:
Office No:                                           Fax:                                       Website:
Contact Details (* all fields mandatory)
      Function                    Name                 Designation             Contact No                     E-mail
Cust Service
                          Commercial Details (Attach necessary copies of Registrations)
Firm Regn. No                        ST                                CST
PAN                                  TIN                               EXCISE
PF                                   ESI                               LABOUR PERMIT
Membership:         FICCI/ASSOCHAM/CII/OTHERS ________________ IEC No:
Enlistment with: State/Central/Defence/PSU/Others________________________________________________
Certifications:     ISO QMS 9001/EMS 14001/OHSAS 18001/SA 8000/Others_______________________________
Operational Network :                State-wide/Nation-wide/Zone/International_________________________
Banker's Details:
Bank Name                                             Branch
Account Type                                          City/Town
Financial Details (Attach CA certified copies)
Audited Turnover                                      Last 3 yrs Turnover
Existing Major Customers:
Customer 1:

Customer 2:
Customer 3:

                                   Production Details (Provide details as applicable)
Raw Materials used:
Machinery Availability:
Equipment Availability:
Power Supply                                   KV/MW Water Supply                 Municipal/Ground/Well/River
DG Capacity                                          KV Prod. Capacity
Store Capacity                                            Supply Capacity
Manpower                                                  Insp & Testing            Inhouse/Secondparty/TP
Connectivity Details:
Nearest Railway Station:
Nearest Bus Station:
Nearest Airport/Field:
Nearest Port:
Type of Products (Please √ ):         Civil/Electrical/WTP/STP/P & M/Petroleum/Pharmaceutical *
                    Others ___________________________________ ( * Attach Product Catalogues)
Production Facilities (Please √ all the applicable areas) :
Mfr only                              Spares                              O&M
Design                                Installation                        Commissioning
TP Inspection                         Transportation                      Others
Lead Time Required:
QHSE Details (Please mention your track record for the following)
Quality Issues
Health Issues
Env Issues
Safety Issues

I declare that the information furnished above is correct to the best of my knowledge.
I undertake that I will inform you of any changes in the above at the earliest.

Submitted by:                                              Company Seal

                                                       For Office Use only

Documentation Verification                                                                            Site Visit Required

Date:                                                                                                   Signature

Note:The Suppliers are advised to e-mail the completely filled Supplier Relationship Form Part-1 first, to
or post it to Group Supply Chain Officer,Ramky House,Raj Bhawan Road,Somajiguda,Hyderabad-500082.
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