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					Artist’s Talk
Imagining World Organs

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Obje ct S alon a t t h e W hit e S pac e G allery , n o. 13 Ma so n’s Y ar d, St Jam es’s , S W1 Y 6 BU

Wednesday 12 November 7pm

Anya Stonelake/White Space Gallery is pleased to invite you to the first artist’s talk in the new space at no.13 Mason’s Yard, St James’s:
Ima g inin g W or ld O rga ns .

How does a visionary model of reality intersect with the nitty-gritty of international relations? As part of the Object Salon exhibition, Hilary
Koob-Sassen, an artist from New York, living in London and Emily Speers Mears, one of the Object Salon curators will discuss future
transnational institutions based on proposals by the artist.

Koob-Sassen will elaborate upon his new sculpture ‘1/8th slice of Filletville, a model of life in time’ to present an experimental vision based
on research into the artificial products of living cultures. Speers Mears who has recently finished work on a proposal for the international
regulation of securities, will bring her engagement with the detail of international relations into a discussion of Koob-Sassen’s ambitious
model of reality.

Hilary Koob-Sassen (born 1975, USA) works in sculpture, film, and song, and has exhibited and performed at:
Serpentine Gallery Manifesto Marathon, London; Transmediale, Berlin; South London Gallery, London; Dictionary of War, Graz.

Emily Speers Mears completed an MPhil in International Relations at Balliol College, Oxford. She is currently employed as a consultant on
the International Peace Institute's Feasibility Study for a standards implementation and enforcement framework for the global security

Object Salon is open until Nov ember 22, 2008
Curated by Thomas Beale, Kathy Grayson, Nadim Julien Samman, Emily Speers Mears, Anya Stonelake
Artists Participating:
    Tanya Antoshina
    Darren Bader
    Thomas Beale
    Marlous Borm
    Cui Fei
  Midori Harima
  Corin Hewitt
  Ben Jones
  Misaki Kawai
  Hilary Koob-Sassen
  Rebecca Mears

  Nepokorennie Group:
  Irina Drozd
  Ilya Gaponov & Kirill Koteshov
  Andrey Gorbunov
  Vica Ilushkina
  Konstantin Novikov
  Ivan Plush
  Maxim Svishev

  Kala Newman
  Leila Peacock
  Kembra Pfahler
  Reto Pulfer
  Jory Rabinovitz
  Babak Radboy
  Andrew Ranville
  Ben Sansbury
  Allison Read Smith
  Aurel Schmidt
  Juliane Solmsdorf
  Meryl Smith
  Josh Tonsfeldt
  Vadis Turner
  Liu Yiqing

White Space Gallery, the curators, and Meryl Smith regret that her piece "Excessory Luggage", could not be
included in this edition of Object Salon, due to the ongoing threat of legal action by Louis Vuitton.

Location:         Anya Stonelake/White Space Gallery, No. 13 Mason’s Yard, St James’s, London SW1Y 6BU
Open:             Tuesday to Saturday, 11am to 6pm (Monday by appointment only)
                   Tel./Fax 0207 930 59 40

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