Lecture 1 Course Introduction by JamieGribowicz


									  Course Introduction

  Professor Ron Fricker
Naval Postgraduate School
   Monterey, California

Goals for this Lecture

• Introduce professor
   – Contact information
   – Professional experience
• Introduce course
   – Outline of material
   – Brief overview of project

Contact Information

• Professor Ron Fricker
  – Phone
     • Commercial: 831-656-3048
     • DSN: 756-3048
     • Fax: 831-656-2595
  – E-mail: rdfricker@nps.edu

  Come by or call anytime!
Professional Experience

• Academic credentials
   – Ph.D. and M.A. in Statistics, Yale University
   – M.S. in Ops Research, The George Washington University
   – B.S. in Mathematics from the United States Naval Academy
• Teaching credentials
   – Started teaching post-graduate courses in mid-80s
   – Have taught at NPS, RAND Graduate School, and USC
• “Real world” credentials
   – Former active duty naval officer
   – Senior Statistician specializing in survey and military
     research at the RAND Corporation
• Can find out more at http://faculty.nps.edu/rdfricke/

Class is All About Collecting and
Analyzing Survey Data

• In this class you’ll learn:
   – How to design good survey questions and craft an
     effective survey instrument
   – About the trade-offs between various survey
   – The rudiments of sampling for surveys
   – Some statistical methods useful for analyzing
     survey data
• You’ll put these and the other statistical skills
  you’ve learned into practice doing a real-
  world survey project
Weekly Schedule

• Lectures: Tues &Thurs from 0800-0950 (Gl-387)
   – Designed to give you the background necessary to do the
     project (and other surveys)
   – Some guest lectures
   – Can’t cover everything in class – must also do the reading to
     get all the details
• Lab: Mondays from 1300-1450 (Gl-318)
   – Mainly for working on class project
   – May or may not use all two hours depending on what we
     need to do for the course project
• Office hours: By appointment

Course Schedule

                                                     Class Project
 Week 1: Introduction to Surveying
 Week 2: Question and Instrument Design
                                                    Design the survey
 Week 3: Evaluating Survey Questions
 Week 4: Fielding Strategies, Populations,
          and Sampling Frames
 Week 5: Project “Take Off” Briefing Preps
 Week 6: Sample Design and Sampling Error
 Week 7: Methods of Data Collection                 Field the survey
          and Nonresponse
 Week 8: Postcollection Processing of Survey Data
 Week 9: Analytical Methods for Survey Data
                                                    Analyze the data
 Week 10: Regression Methods for Survey Data
 Week 11: Prepare for and Conduct Final Briefing

“Sakai” Course Site

• Course Information: syllabus, class & lab schedule
• Lectures: all the PowerPoint slides for the lectures
• Class Project: project schedule, lots of background
  information and resources
• Survey Resources: everything you every wanted to
  know about surveying
   –   ASA Series What is a Survey?
   –   Good books about surveying
   –   Examples of large-scale surveys
   –   Major survey organization websites
   –   Survey software, associations, journals, etc.

Tour of Course Sakai Site

• Instead of Blackboard, we will be using Sakai as our
  course management tool
   – We’re testing the software for ITACS
• URL: https://cle.nps.edu


• No homework, quizzes, or exams
• Grade based entirely on class participation,
  particularly class survey project
  – Weekly reading assignments and class discussions
  – One small-group research project about either a
    DoD survey or some aspect of survey methods
  – Participation in and successful completion of class
    survey project
• Come to class, engage, and put a good effort
  into your presentation and the project

Class Project

• Real-world survey: NPS Computing Survey
   – Conducted for ITACS
• Deliverables (tentative):
   – Interim briefing 10 August
   – Final briefing 17 September
   – Written report
• More discussion and detail on Friday
   – See “Class Project” in Sakai for draft schedule and
     background information

Draft Project Schedule

•   Statistical analysis software
     – More powerful than Excel for
       statistical analyses
     – Easy to use
     – Particularly good at interactive
     – Not good for complex surveys,

•   Download from NPS website             •   Not NMCI compliant
     – https://www.nps.edu/Technolog          – Will need to run on personal or
       y/SoftwareLib/index.htm                  other non-NMCI computer
     – Need your NPS login


• Statistical analysis
   – More powerful than Excel
     for statistical analyses
   – Relatively easy to use
   – Capable of analyzing data
     from complex surveys
       • Stratified, clustered
         sampling designs
• Available in lab (Gl-387)

Why Good Survey Methodology is
What We Have Just Learned

• Introduction to the course
  – Be sure to read course syllabus and various
    schedules for the details!
• A little bit about surveying…more to come
  – A couple of examples

     Now, put your seatbacks and
     tray tables in their upright positions
     as we prepare for take off!

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