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					                 Orange County High School of the Arts
                   Department of Music and Theatre

           Acting Fundamentals II – Course Syllabus

Days: Tuesday/Thursday                            Instructor: Miss Mitchell
Time: Block 8 (2:15-3:30PM)                       Email:

Course Description:
Welcome to Acting Fundamentals II! This is a hands-on, participation-based class
that will further explore acting principles. You will continue to grow as an actor as
you engage in activities that will enhance your individual skill set, as well as allow
you to collaborate with your peers. You will further develop your skills in the areas
of focus, concentration, listening, relaxation, improvisation, teamwork, character
development, and proper theatre etiquette.

Course Objectives:
    Continue to develop acting skills through individual and group-based
      activities, exercises, and performances
    Further your understanding of theatre text through script analysis
    Continue to develop research skills by acquiring and understanding suitable
      audition and performance materials
    Gain a greater personal awareness through journal entries and written

Your grade will reflect your effort and progress in the class. You will accumulate
points based on the following criteria: attendance and participation in class
activities, preparation and execution of class projects and performances, and
completion of written assignments and journal entries. Late work will NOT be
accepted - if you know you will not be in class when a written assignment is due,
you may email it to me. Failure to do so will result in NO CREDIT for the
assignment. There will be three six-week progress periods each semester, which
will give you a clear understanding of the grade you are earning in class. Essentially,
your level of commitment to the class will determine your overall grade. The
grading breakdown is as follows:

Grading Breakdown:
Attendance/Class Participation – 50%
Preparation and Execution of Projects/Performances – 30%
Written Assignments/Journal Entries – 20%
Overall Grading Scale:
100%-90%=A 89%-80%=B             79%-70%=C        69%-60%=D       Below 60%=F

Attendance and Participation:
This is a participation-based class, which means that your physical presence AND
active involvement is NECESSARY for your SUCCESS in the class. Taking part in ALL
class activities and exercises will help strengthen your craft! This cannot be fully
achieved if you are absent and miss valuable information. Thus, students will be
allowed (3) absences after which their grade will be lowered one letter grade. Keep
in mind that three (3) tardies will constitute one (1) absence. You may turn in extra
credit assignments in order to raise your grade, but it is up to YOU to take this
initiative! You will be notified of your attendance and participation status on
a monthly basis. Ultimately, If you want to do your absolute best in this class, make
it a goal to be “present” and “on time” to each class!

Required Materials:
It is mandatory that you bring a three-ring binder containing paper, pencils, pens,
and a highlighter to EVERY class. Failure to do so will result in loss of participation
points. It is also important that you wear non-restrictive, comfortable clothing and
shoes appropriate for acting exercises and activities in this class.

Class Room Management:
All school wide standards will be enforced during this class. Violations of school
wide standards will result in the immediate issuance of referrals. Refer to your
Classroom Management Contract in your Music & Theatre Department Handbook.

No food, gum, or beverages (other than water) are allowed during class. In addition,
there are specific classroom guidelines, which will be addressed in class, that you
are EXPECTED to follow. Your compliance to these guidelines will help establish a
respectful and safe environment that will enhance your overall creative experience
in this class!

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