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                                          Thank you for all your prayers and support!
                                          Once again the trip (November 29-Dec.8) proved to
                                          be very profitable as God was faithful and gracious
                                          in answering all our prayers.

                                         The mission team consisted of 10 believers from 3
                                         grace-oriented local churches. The Word of God
                                         went out, people were saved, believers were
edified, pastors were further equipped, etc. to the glory of God and His grace.

We believe at least 40 to 50 churches have
understood, embraced, and are now teaching
the clear message of true grace in eastern
El Salvador (and perhaps more), along with 55
students in our Grace Bible Institutes, and
another 71 students in 2 institutes being taught
in the churches of 2 of former grace students
( these Grace Bible Institutes began in August of
2005 thru the ministry of Duluth Bible Church).

The teaching of God’s true grace is spreading
amidst opposition from legalistic or mystical false teachers who are either competing with
and/or contradicting salvation by grace, eternal security, positional truth, faith-resting by
grace, the blessed hope of the Rapture, etc. Almost all the pastors report spiritual and
numerical growth in their local churches. To God be the glory!

                                             On Saturday, the church at Chapparistiquea
                                             suburb of San Miguel pastored by Jorge Prado)
                                             hosted a Ladies Conference (9am – 4pm) that
                                             was attended by 130 ladies & wives of pastors.

                                             Yvonne Myers, from DBC, taught them on the
                                             Gospel, their position in Christ, and the faith-
                                             rest life, with Joan Wainer translating from
                                             English to Spanish.
At the same approximate time 55 men from the
Grace Institute of El Salvador were taught by
Dennis Rokser regarding 1 Peter 1:1-7, with an in-
depth critique of the“lordship or discipleship
salvation” message and its serious yet subtle
errors in presenting the Gospel.

On this trip we had the privilege to preach at 5
(five) different churches on Sunday:

    At Puerto El Flor at 10am (pastored by
                                        Ramiro/ Dennis taught on Luke 19)
                                             At Jiquilisco at 3:30pm (pastored by Manuel
                                        Trejo/ Bret Nazworth taught the Gospel)
                                             At San Francisco at 3:30 pm (being planted
                                        by Roberto Quintinilla/DR on John 3)
                                             At Usulutan at 5:15pm (pastored by Israel
                                        Arqueta/ DR taught on 1 Peter 1:1-7)

    At Santa Rosa de Lima at 3 pm (Bruce Abercrombie taught on 1 John 4:1-3,
   “How to Test False Teachings” with brother
   Juan Larios translating).
   Incidentally, the message taught by Dennis and
   translated by Bret on 1 Peter was aired on TV
   later Sunday night in Usulutan.

The conference on REVELATION went from
Monday-Friday (8am-4pm) and was attended by
120-150 people each day, 50% that were new to
our conferences, including around 60 pastors, and
people from 67 churches. Though some were
initially skeptical, the response was overwhelmingly positive as the Holy Spirit opened their
understanding to the eschatological truths related to Christ’s return. The church at Usulutan
did a great job hosting the conference and serving the team in a number of ways. The stories
abound of the many positive responses to the teaching by both the saved and unsaved as
we taught verse by verse, as well as brought in the Gospel clearly 3-4 times a day. To God be
the glory, great things He has done.

Continue to praise God and pray for these believers in Christ, many who are financially poor
yet spiritually rich, and who are reveling and rejoicing in God’s truly marvelous free grace.

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