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									                              KCWC tips to helping promote Surrendered Sleep
                               • Tell people within your circle of friends and family about
                                 the book.
                               • Feature it in a blog post, then link it to your Facebook page,
                                 Twitter or other social networking site.
                               • Suggest it to a book club or Bible Study for discussion.
                               • Write a review for the book on
                               • Consider featuring the book in your e-newsletter or e-zine,
                                 or website. Invite Dr. Page to do an author interview.
 Surrendered Sleep
 A Biblical Perspective        • Add the book to your list of favorites on Amazon, Shelfari,
  Dr. Charles W. Page            Facebook, Goodreads, etc.
    ISBN-10: 0983138109
  ISBN-13: 978-0983138105      • Put Surrendered Sleep bookmarks or postcards at place
       Retail: $14.95            settings for functions and events.
                               • Recommend the book to your local bookstore and library.
                                 Ask us for print materials to give them.
                               • Offer to write a book review for your church newsletter,
                                 local newspaper, or other printed or online publications.
                               • After you read the book, leave it where people might see it,
                                 such as a waiting room.
                               • Invite Dr. Page to speak about one of the topics found at
                        for retreats, seminars, banquets,
                                 men’s groups, etc.
                               • Write an inscription in the flyleaf about how the book has
 Dr. Charles W. Page is a        helped or blessed you; then pass it on to a friend; ask them
 sleep-deprived surgeon who      to read the book and do the same.
 completed medical school
 and residency at Baylor
 College of Medicine in        • Give your book to a person of influence (such as pastor,
 Houston, Texas. He and his      teacher, ministry leader, counselor, newspaper editor,
 wife Joanna live in Texas       radio host).
 with their five children.
                               • Link to the Surrendered Sleep website from your website.
                               • Donate your book to a local counseling center.           • Book Share at You can track the
                                 travels of your book!

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