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                 CLASS VIII : HOLIDAYS HOMEWORK : ( MAY / JUNE 2011)

ENGLISH               1. Book Review                  Name of book – Emma
                                                      Author       -- Jane Austen
Read the book and prepare a book review
          Make a list of its characters
          Summarise the story
          Write a character sketch of the protagonist.

      Look at the following picture and imagine a story of your own and write in about 150 words

3. Collect information (pictures, facts etc. from newspapers and internet) on following topics.
          Global warming
          Role of women in contemporary society
4. Make a Power Point Presentation of recent national and international events which will include at
least 30 headlines.

fo’k; & fganh
1- xq.k laf/k ds iqLrd fpg~u cukb,A
2- Hkkjr dh thounkf;uh ufn;k¡
      pkVZ ij ekufp= cukdj ;k fpidkdj Hkkjr ds mRrjh] nf{ vkfn Hkkxksa dh
      ufn;k¡ n”kkZb, vkSj muesa ls fdlh ,d unh ij 20 iafDr;k¡ fyf[k,A
      vuqØekad & 1 ls 5 ¼mRrjh Hkkjr½
      vuqØekad & 6 ls 10 ¼nf{ Hkkjr½
      vuqØekad & 11 ls 15 ¼iwohZ Hkkjr½
      vuqØekad & 16 ls 20 ¼if”kpeh Hkkjr½

      ladsr fcUnq %&
      unh dk mn~xe] yEckbZ] pkSM+kbZ] izkphu ;k vU; uke] ml ij cuh ifj;kstuk,¡
      unh ds ykHk o gkfu vkfnA
3-    d{kk ik¡p Hkkxksa esa foHkkftr gksdj LØSi cqd cuk,¡A
      ● ohjkaxuk     &    vuqØekad 1&4
      ● jktuhfrK efgyk    &    vuqØekad 5&8
      ● efgyk vkfo’dkjd &      vuqØekad 9&12
      ● dof;=h       &    vuqØekad 13&16
      ● f[kykM+h efgyk &       vuqØekad 17&20

1.    Make a scrap book on the ancient and modern Indian mathematicians.
2.    Do the assignment attached

Square and Square Roots

Q.1   Find the square root of 0.004 correct upto 2 places of decimal.
Q.2   Find the smallest 6 digit number which is a perfect square.
Q.3   Find the smallest number which must be added to 1567 so that it becomes a perfect square.

Q.4   Find the value of 147  243
Q.5   The area of a square field is 30.25 m2. Calculate the perimeter of the square field.
Q.6   Find the length of a side of square playground whose area is equal to the area of a rectangular
      field in dimension 72m and 338 m.
Cubes and cube roots
Q.    24, 25, 27, 28, 29, 30 of Assignment Booklet Pg. no. 7
Q.1   Final out why CNG is preferred as a fuel over diesel Prepare report on the advantages and
      disadvantages of CNG as an automobiles fuel.
Q.2   Find out about the independent organizations who have been activity incurved in conservation of
      our natural resources eg. CHIPKO movements, Green Peace etc.
Q.3   On a map of India mark all the national parks and wild sanctuaries that you know of Indicate what
      kinds of animals are protected on those regions.
Q.4   Collect information from the magazines or from doctors and prepare a note on the importance of
      consuming Iodised salt. You can also look for this information on the internet.
Q.5   Investigate the level of awareness about water pollution in your area. Collect data on the sources
      of drinking water and the methods of sewage disposal.
Q.6   Visit ten families in your neighbourhood and enquire about the kind of clothes they use, the
      reason for their choice and advantages of using them in forms of cost, durability and
Q.7   Find out the locations of the deposits of iron, aluminium and Zinc in India. Mark these in an
      outline map of India In which farm are the deposits found?
Q.8   Imagine that friction suddenly vanishes. How would life be affected.
Q.9   Visit a shop which sells sport shoes. Observe the soles of shoes meant for various sports.
      Describe your observation.
Find out about the revolt of 1857 and provide the following information –
1)  Trace the causes of revolt of 1857.
2)  Write about Rani Laxmi Bai of Jhansi. In what ways would she have been an unusual woman for
    her times?
3)  What was the result of the revolt? In what ways did the British change their policies as a result of
    the rebellion of 1857?
Collect the land used data of Gurgaon and also find out the type of soil here. Find out how has the Land
-use been changed here over the years. Suggest some measures for land conservation and write about
the best land use according to you.
Draw a Flow chart on various types of resources with two examples each.

1-    ,dkn”kr% foa”kfri;ZUra laLd`rla[;k”kCnkuke~ ,da iqfLrdkfpg~ua jp;rA
      ¼X;kjg ls chl rd laLd`r & la[;kokph “kCnksa dk ,d iqLrdfpg~u cukb,A½
2-    b.VjusVlgk;r;k ds’kke~ vfi i¥~p&izeq[k&laLd`rdohuka rs’kka jpukuka p
      laf{kIrfooj.klfgra ukekfu fy[kr fp=ohfFkif=dk;ke~A
      ¼baVjusV dh lgk;rk ls fdUgha ik¡p izeq[k laLd`r&dfo;ksa vkSj mudh
      jpukvksa dk laf{kIr fooj.k&lfgr uke fp=ohfFkif=dk esa fyf[k,A½
3-    egkHkkjrL;     dkf”pr~   i¥~pdFkk%     ifBRok vHkh’VdFkklkja    lfp=a
      fp=ohfFkif=dk;ke~                                              fy[krA
      ¼i`’Blhek & 2½
      ¼egkHkkjr dh dksbZ ik¡p dgkfu;k¡ if<+,] tks vkidks lcls vPNh yxs] og
      dgkuh fp=lfgr fp=ohfFkif=dk esa fyf[k,A½

1.    Make a project on France (Refer Leçon – O)
2.    Préparez votre carte d’identité
      (Prepare your Identity Card)
3.    Dérivez votre famille en 15 lignes

     (Describe your family) – 15 lines
4.   Revise leçon 1, 2 and 3


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