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Long Range Lesson Plans 2010-2011 Sylvia Shealy PHES Kindergarten


             Long Range
            Lesson Plans
           Sylvia Shealy
         Sylvia C. Shealy

     Lexington District One Long-range

  (Please note that this is a working document and subject to change without notice.)

Teacher: Sylvia C. Shealy
Kindergarten Spanish Immersion Pleasant Hill Elementary
Math and Science

General Class Description
The kindergarten students in this class will be immersed in the target
language of Spanish while learning math and science. The teacher or her
assistant while in the presence of any student will only speak Spanish. 50
students will be served this year. The students will attend math and science
½ of their academic day. The students will attend Language Arts with the
Cooperating teacher Cheryl Banks the other ½ of each instructional day.
       Prior to the first day of school, each student will be assessed
informally in English, with the help of the parents to determine learning
styles and skill levels so that differentiated instruction can be maximized
from the first day of school. The Everyday Math (EDM) baseline
Assessment will be used for this initial assessment. An appointment time has
already been given to each child that is currently signed up.
       All math instruction will follow the Everyday Mathematics pacing
guides as set by the district.
Science will be based on the district-pacing guides as well.

Units/Themes will be incorporated weekly to
       introduce new Spanish Vocabulary,
       Address all math, science and Spanish state Standards
       Align with Progress Reports
       align with Language Arts Class

       The Spanish and Language Arts will align and collaborate on long range
plans to ensure that whole language can be incorporated into both

 I.     Standards Pacing Guide: Mathematics and Science Combined

       The first two weeks of school will be devoted to learning vocabulary and
routines necessary to function in the target language while exploring math
            After the first two weeks of school, many of the math standards will
 addressed through daily activities as they are incorporated into morning meetings,
 calendar time, shared stories, and science. Ordinal numbers, calendar, time, money,
 comparisons, and positional words will be addressed several times during the entire
   school year to ensure that students will be able to grasp these concepts before
                             they are formally assessed.

       After the first two weeks of math exploration and Spanish vocabulary, the
students will complete math and science work areas each day. The work areas will
be independent work that will be based on math and science state and national
standards and on the district-pacing guides
       They will also participate in tubbing (canastas) Monday-Thursday reserving
Fridays for science experiments or special math days.
       Beginning in January, every Monday each student will be given a Spanish book
to read in class and share with parents. These books will be returned each Friday
and a new book will be given. This

Technology will be addressed daily using smartboard technologies:
      Introduction of calculators
      Riverdeep Destination Math
      Everyday mathematics suggestions
      Online games

Other technology used in the classroom;
          PowerPoint’s to coincide with lessons and songs
          Smartboard lessons based on EDM and science lessons
          Microscope
          Music on the computer and cd’s
          Digital camera
            Microphones


       Monthly calendars will be distributed and are aligned to standards being
taught in the classroom. Each “assignment” aligns to the standards being taught and
should only require 5-10 minutes to complete. In addition, the parents will receive
EDM homelinks, which gives more suggestions of how to reinforce classroom
instruction. Take home folders games and back bags are sent home on a weekly
       Raul and Paco are sent home with each child twice. These are traveling
simple science experiments the children complete with parents.
       Beginning in January, every Monday each student will be given a Spanish book
to read in class and share with parents. These books will be returned each Friday
and a new book will be given. This
                    Procedures and Daily Routines
                              (not all inclusive)
          To pledge that valuable instructional time is not wasted
          To help students develop a sense of pride and ownership of the
          To ensure that adults/volunteers working in the room
            understand what is expected of them and each student during
            the school day
          To make each day a positive and happy experience for each
            child in the room
          To foster student independence

Daily Procedures:
   1. Beginning from the first day, the morning students will take their
      folders out of their book bags and place in the cubby (Cubito) with
      their name. As the year progresses all of the students will become
      responsible for taking papers in and out of their folders. Beginning
      from the first day, the afternoon students will take their folders out
      of their cubbies and place in their book bags to take home.
   2. Each student will hang their book bags on the hooks under the cubbies
      with his/her names.
   3. After hanging book bags, the morning students will make their lunch
      choice. The students will take their lunch nametag and place it under
      their lunch choice. (The collective nametags will make a graph.)
   4. Each child will be given a take home folder that will be used to
      communicate with the parents. All student work and school related
      papers will be sent home in this folder.
   5. During the first month of school, the students will learn about the
      classroom jobs. Once each child has had a turn practicing the jobs,
      the jobs will rotate weekly. When the weekly rotations begin, the
      children will be able to perform their job with little interference but
      much encouragement from the adults in the room.
   6. Students will be expected to complete all work during the day.
7. Positive student behavior will be rewarded with tokens. At the
    beginning of the year when the student receives 5 tokens, they will go
    to the treasure box. As the students begin to understand classroom
    procedures and expectations, the number of tokens needed will
    increase. After January, the students will receive pennies to use in
    the classroom store. The pennies will progress to nickels, dimes,
    quarters, and dollars-this will help the children to identify each coin
    and the value of each coin.
8. Each student will file his/her written work in the file box.
9. At the end of the instructional day, the students will attempt to place
    chairs on the desk and work cooperatively to clean up their table.
10. Each student will be assigned specific seating at each table. The
    seating will rotate as the year progresses to ensure that all students
    have a chance to get to know one another.
11. Each student will sit on the carpet squares according to the color of
    their table. (The students sitting at the green table will sit on a green
    carpet square-one student per square.)
12. Whenever the students are leaving the room, they will line up
    alphabetically by first name. The only exceptions are the line leader,
    caboose, and door holder of the week. The line leader and door helper
    will be first in line and the caboose will be last in line.
13. Students may go to the restroom anytime they wish without
    permission with the exception of circle time. Circle time is valuable
    instructional time.
14. Before going to lunch all students will go the bathroom and wash
    hands. The students will line up according to gender. The students will
    enter the bathroom in groups of 4/5 until all students have had a
    chance to use the bathroom. After using the bathroom, the students
    will line up by lunch boxes, salad, number one choice, number two
    choice. The lunch box students who do not need milk will go directly to
    the lunch table.
15. Rest time- During the first semester the children will be given rest
    time in the afternoon session. The rest time will begin with 25 minutes
    in August decreasing five minutes each month. Beginning in January
    the students will not have rest time. The rest mats will be sent home
16. Snack time-students will be given a snack each day in the afternoon.
  17. Chime time is teacher time. When the chime is struck, the students
      will stop and listen to instructions. “Cuando el timbre toca cierra la
  18. Friday is library time. We will go to the library listen to a story and
      check out a book. Therefore, library books will be due back on
      Thursday to ensure that everyone will be able to check out a new
      book. If a student forgets their book, a reminder note will be sent
      home in the take home folder on Thursday.

Instructional time
  19. All students will complete an assigned work station-centros de
      trabajo. The students will be expected to work cooperatively.
      Everyone will stay to help one another. Once everyone has completed
      the task and the center is cleaned, the students may go to free
      centers-centros gratis. The centers will rotate on a daily basis. The
      centers rotate not the students. The baskets are color-coded
      according the color of the table. (The red table will complete the red
  20. Centros gratis-free centers-Three children will be allowed in each
      center. Once the student has made their choice, they will take the
      folder with the picture/name of the center and place this in their
      cubby. This visual will allow the teachers to know who was in which
      center in the event the center is not cleaned up. The assistant will
      place the folders back in the appropriate centers.
  21. Baskets- Canastas- Each day the students will spend 10-15 minutes
      completing canasta of their choice. The student will mark their name
      as having completed the basket. The students can only chose the same
      basket twice in one week.
  22. Journals- the students will create two journals throughout the year to
      show progress-Everyday math journal and student created journal.
      The EDM journal will coincide with lessons being taught. The student
      created journal will be a mixture of math and science lessons created
      by the teacher and the students.
  23. The teacher will create a monthly homework assignment sheet to be
      sent home the beginning of each month beginning in September. These
      calendars are to be returned at the end of each month. The teacher
      will reward each child for returning his/her homework.
  24. Each Monday a classroom newsletter will be posted on the teacher
      webpage. In addition, the teacher will sent notes and/or emails
      reminders of important events. The teacher will make necessary phone
      calls to the parents. The teacher will also send home cougar reports.
  25. The teacher will assess the students daily. These assessments will be
      formative and summative. The formative assessments will help the
      teacher to differentiate assignments. The summative assessment will
      help the teacher determine mastery of math and science standards.
      In addition to regular assessments the teacher will pilot linguafolio
      this school year.
  26. The teacher will create daily, weekly, and monthly lesson plans based
      on state standards, district standards, everyday math curriculum, and
      science curriculum. The lessons will be differentiated as needed to
      ensure student success.
  27. The teacher and the instructional assistant will work with all students
      in small groups on a rotating basis. This is valuable instructional time
      and the teachers will stay with the group until all students have
      completed the assignments.
  28. The teacher and the instructional assistant will only speak Spanish in
      the presence of any student at school or outside of school.
Instructional Assistant This list is not all inclusive and is subject to change as needed-
assignments for the IA may change according to the needs of the students
     29. After the children have placed their folders in their cubbies, the
      IA will circle smiley faces, check folders for changes in
      transportation and parent notes. The notes from parents will be
      placed in basket marked parent notes for the teacher to view.
      Changes in transportation will be noted In the afternoon the folders
      will be placed back in the cubbies for the students to place in folders.
      on the appropriate forms as well as sent to the office.
     30. The IA will place notes from attendance in the attendance folder.
      After the classes switch the IA will take attendance to the other
     31. The IA will check lunch choices and align lunch cards in
      alphabetical order and fill out laminated form with lunch choices.
     32. The IA will be given a work area to complete with all groups each
      week. This will be done during work areas.
      33. The IA will work with small groups during calendar time as
      instructed by the teacher.
      34. The IA will ensure that the tables are cleaned and ready for the
      snack helper to place snacks on the table. The snack will be picked up
      from the cafeteria in the morning. At the end of the day the tables
      should be cleaned as well.
      35. The IA will collect any homework, library books, reading books and
      file accordingly.
      36. The IA will ensure that the paint area always has paint, paper and
      is cleaned up at the end of the day.
      37. If needed, the IA will help the teacher make copies, laminate, or
      cut items.
      38. The IA will help the teacher to clean the classroom as needed.
      39. All students’ papers will be placed in the student cubbies. The
      first week of school the assistant will place papers in the student
      folder after that it will become the responsibility of the student
      40. The IA will correspond will use notebook provided by the teacher
       to write notes/observations of children she has worked with in
      centers or during calendar time.
       41. The IA will ensure that cougar reports are up to date for each
         Timeline for instruction based on district math and
                        science pacing guides
                   Timeline for Language Aquistion

                           Sylvia C. Shealy
                   Immersion Kindergarten EDM Math

                 This is a working document and subject to change

Date(s)     Unit-Activities                     Time           Units      Libros del dia
Aug.18th Routines 1 & 2                        Day 1                      Los Numeros
         Activity 5.9 como vas a casa                     Los Colores
                                                          One color a
                                                         Add that color
                                                           to the art
  19th      Routines 1 & 2                     Day 2       Animales          Gato Azul
  20st      Routines 1 & 2                     Day 3     Conversationa           Oso
                                                                l            Cuadrado
  23th      Routines 1, 2, 3                   Day 4      procedures       Los Opuestos
  24th      Routines 1, 2, 3, 4                Day 5                       Cu Cu te veo
  25th      Routines 1, 2, 3, 4, 5             Day 6                        Mi hermano
  26th      Routines 1, 2, 3, 4, 5, 6          Day 7                       Tengo un Pez
  27th      Routines 1, 2, 3, 4, 5, 6, 7       Day 8                        En la Granja
  30st      Routines 1, 2, 3, 4, 5, 6, 7, 8    Day 9                         La granja-
                                                                          counting book
  31st      Routines 1, 2, 3, 4, 5, 6, 7, 8   Day 10     La Granja        Soy mas
            Brown Bear here!!!!                                           grande que tu
            Book from Gloria                                              Use the
            Twister for colores from Jamee                                smartboard
            Send a parent to Midway to                                    opposite
            use die cuts
            For pattern blocks

            Lessons 2.7 here
Sept. 1 Routines 1, 2, 3, 4, 5, 6, 7, 8     Day 11     Las formas     Buenos dias
          2.7 tactile numbers laminated              Make 2.1 here
          enlarge                                     and save for
          Shaving cream                              when it comes
          Sand boxes use wand                        in the book to
          Goop-cornstarch and water                      use as a
          with wand                                       review
          Use food coloring                          Make collages
          White boards                                   in teams
          Sandpaper letters
  2nd     Routines 1, 2, 3, 4, 5, 6, 7, 8   Day 12                      Que es
          workbook page 27-37
  3rd     Routines 1, 2, 3, 4, 5, 6, 7, 8   Day 13                      Amigo
          Workbook Number sheets
          from 3.1 here
          Base ten blocks from virtual
Sept.7-   1.1 Partner Match                 2days      El Otoño       Aqui estoy
  9-10    1.2 Introduction to Pattern       2 days                     Dame un
          Blocks                                                        abrazo

  13th    1.3 Multisensory Counts           1 day                        Ven
          home link
 14-15    1.4 Countdown to Zero             2 days                    Spaceship
 16th     1.5 Getting to Know               1 day                      Niguno y
          Numbers (1-9)                                                 nada
          one a day for 9 days
          use books with stamps per
          class poster take other set to
          use cultural objects
          home link

 17th     1.6 Introduction to Sorting       1 day
 20-21    1.7 Sand & Water Play             2 days   Las manzanas
          Macaroni, beans, Styrofoam,
          rice, sand,
          Water with same containers
          home link
 22nd      1.8 (Birthday) Graphs can               1 day
           be animals, apples etc.
 23rd      1.9 Sound & Motion Patterns             1 day
 24th      1.10 Patterns with Color-               2 days
           needed to learn colors
            play green light red light
 27th      1.11 Coin Comparisons                   1 day    Animal homes
            home link
           Center Card 3

 30th      1.12 Give the Next Number               2 days
Oct 1      Game-this was hard because last         Review
           year the children were still learning    day
           the #’s name
Oct. 1st   1.13 Body Height                        1 day
           Bigger than and shorter than
  4th      1.14 Finger Count Fun-                  2 days
           pictures to Dorie                                   Las Hojas
           Center Card 4 and 5                               We’re Going
                                                            on a Leaf hunt
                                                              written by
                                                            Steve Metzger

  5th      Project 1: Numbers in Our               1 day
           Telephone game-Cheryl
  6th      2.1 Shape Collages-bring                1 day
           shape collages out and
           review them here
           home link
           virtual manipulatives attribute
           El numero siguiente
7th -8th   2.2 Shapes by Feel- to ensure           2 days
           shape vocabulary is acquired
 12-13     2.3 Which Way Do I Go?                  2 days    Las Arañas
           Important vocabulary
           Rosies Walk here
 14th      2.4 Spin a Number Game                  1 day
           Spin a number game
 15th      2.5 Patterns All Around                 1 day
           home link
 18th      2.6 Play Oral Counting                  1 day         Los
          Games                                      murcielagos
          Pattern blocks templates
          Count and sit
19 & 20   2.7 Preparation for Number       2 days
          Differentiated instruction for
          those students who still need
          this instruction
          Center Card 6 elimnate
          because Center Card 26 will
          do again

 21st     2.8 Matching Coin Game           1 day                    Que tiempp
          Cube made from coins                                        hace
          And then use coins
          home link
 22nd     2.9 Number Board                 1 day                     El tiempo
          Activity 2.9
          Dorie has the book that goes
          with the bats
          Tree home animals stickers to
          help with vocabulary
25-27     2.10 Teen numbers                2 days   Las Calabazas      El sol
          workbook page 38-47
 28th     2.11 Listen and Do (10-19)       1 day                    Una estacion
          Yo veo with colors on the                                   favorita
          Use fall colors in groups by
          To review numbers
          Center Card 8
  29      2.12 Teen Partners-use           2 days
          Center Card 9
Nov 1     2.13 Estimation Jars-use         1 day       Espanol
          estimation                                   phrases
          Station by end of the week to
          see who is the closest number
          home link
Nov.      2.14 Number Stories-copy         1 day
3rd       and place in portfolio
          Center Card 10
  4th     2.15 Symmetry Painting cut         1 day
          into the shape they think it is-
          hang it outside
  5th     2.16 Symmetry in Nature-corn,      1 day
          turkeys, pilgrims, native
          Americans, feathers,
          necklaces, NA vests,
          headbands, papooses
8 and 9   Project 2: Mathematics and         2 days     Nuestros        Como me
          our Bodies                                    Cuerpos         visto hoy
 10th     3.1 Number Books begin 1           1 day                       Me visto
          number a day for morning
          work-done at beginning of
          school year
          Activity 3.1 use book not
 11th     3.2 Macaroni Necklaces             1 day                    El abrigo de la
          home link                                                      mujercita
          Center Card 11                                                 pequenita
  12      3.3 Roll & Record                  2 days                    Nos vestimos
          Activity 3.3                                                     como
          Differentiated sheets
 15th     3.4 The Pan Balance                1 day      Nuestros        El cuerpo
 16-17    3.5 Domino Concentration           2 days                    La comida
          Center Card 12
 18th     3.6 Monster Squeeze                1 day
 19th     3.7 Measurement with               1 day
          Draw object to measurement
          from Dorie
          Center Card 13
  22      3.8 Pocket Problems                1 day
          Use piggy bank notepads
          sticker money then use coin
          purse to add and subtract
          which coincides with problem
          on notepads then either write
          or find the answer
 22-23    3.9 Number Card Games              2 days      Native
          Center Card 14                            Americans
 29th     3.10 Probability Stories        1 day
          Cloudy with a Chance of
          Use Elmo
          Es possible, no es
          Wacky Wednesday
  30th    3.11 Probability Tray           1 day
Dec. 1    3.12 Pan Balance 2 (Leveling)   1 day    Gingerbread
          colored clay
          Measure gingerbread
          home link
          Center Card 15
  2-3     3.13 Train Games- use Cathy     2 days

  6th     3.14 Favorite Colors Graph-     1 day    Los sentidos    La orquesta
          rojo or verde                                               de los
  7th     3.15 Count by 10’s              1 day                    En el Puente
          home link                                                 de sevilla u
                                                                  musica musica
  8-9     3.16 Teen Frame Game            2 days
          Hundreds chart games from
          virtual reality

  10      Project 3: Fun With Games-      1 days
          invite parents
          Send home items week before
  13      Project 4: Class Celebrations   2 days   Los Sentidos
and17th   One day to prep and 1 day to
 14th     4.1 Number Line                 1 day
          Make a new number line that
          is larger
          With a pattern odd even then
 15-16    4.2 Top-It Card Games           2 days
          home link
          Center Card 16
Jan. 3rd 4.3 The Pattern Block             1 day    EDM Working
          Template                                  World/Flotar/
          Center Card 17                              hundir

  4th     4.4 The Addition Symbol          1 day
          Animal plates with sections
          large and two small
  5th     4.5 Follow My Pattern-           1 day
          partner and growing
          home link
          Center Card 18
  6-7     4.6 Interrupted Counts           2 days
  10      4.7 Meet the Calculator           1 day     Los Osos
          Toca la C y limpia
 11-12    4.8 Roll and Record with Two     2 days
          Get math wire game from
          Activity dice throw grid
  13      4.9 Body and Rope Shapes         1 day
 18th     4.10 Shape Comparisons           1 day    Los Penguinos
          Plates back out
          Activity 4.9 cut snowflake
          Center Card ligas,gomas
 19th     4.11 The Subtraction Symbol      1 day
 20th     4.12 Slate Activities-number     1 day
          Center Card 20
  21st    4.13 Introduction to Attribute   1 day
          home link
  24th    4.14 “What’s My Rule?”           1 day      100th day
          Fishing Game
25-26th   4.15 Number Stories: Stage 2     2 days
  27      4.16 Two-Digit Numbers           1 day
 28th     Project 5: The 100th Day of      1 day
  31      4.16 Two-Digit Numbers-                   Animals that
          Mid-Year Assessment – (May
              begin at beginning of the
Feb. 1st   5.1 skip due to language and      1 day
           assess today
           Whole group-write on
           sentence strips with pictures
           from clip art then cut apart so
           they can make in order-divide
           sheet in 6 parts-
           One event before, during and
           One thing before school
           One event while at school
           One thing after school
           Then hang outside
Feb. 2nd   5.2 Patterns with Craft Sticks    1 day     Groundhogs
           home link                                    days and
           workbook page 1                              Valentines
           Center Card 21-NO!!!!!!!!!!!
  3-4      5.3 Find the Block Game           2 days
  7th      5.4 Guess My Number Game          1 day
           home link
           Center Card 22-no card just

  8th      5.5 Count with Calculators        1 day
 9-10      5.6 Measurement with              2 days
           Children’s Feet
           In nov
           workbook page 2
  11th     5.7 How Big is a Foot? In nov     1 day
           home link
           activity 5.7
  14th     5.8 Count by 5’s                  1 day    Valentines day
           workbook page 3                                Party
           Center Card 23 whole group
           not centers
  15th     5.9 Introduction of Tally         1 day       El diner
           home link
 16-17     5.10 The Raft Game                2 days
           workbook page 4
  18      5.11 Standard and               2 days
          Nonstandard Feet
          workbook page 5
  22      5.12 Tools for Measuring        2 days     Clouds-
          Length                                     weather
          workbook page 6
          Center Card 24- paletas white
  23      5.13 Pet Bar Graph              1 day
          workbook page 7
24-25     5.14 Attribute Spinner Game     1 day
          Activity 5.14
          Center Card Center Card25-
          whole or small group not
          Gordo y flaco

  28      5.15 Introduction to the        1 day    Las hormigas
          Number Grid
March     5.16 Number-Grid Search         1 day
  1       Game

 2nd      6.1 6.2 Introduction of the     1 day
          Penny and nickel use piggy
          bank notepads
          workbook page 8
          Center Card 26 one coin at a
 3rd      6.3 Solid Shape Museum          1 day
          home link
  4       6.4 counts to measure time      1 day    La primavera
          tally mark estimations
          measure time it take to do
          activity to
          record times use smartboard
          workbook page 9
  7th     6.5 Surveys and Graphs          1 day
  8th     6.6 I Spy with Shapes           1 day
          Center Card 27
  9       6.7 Introduction of the Dime    1 day
          Penny dime exchange
11-14th   6.8 Coin Exchanges              2 days   Las Mariposas
           Coin stampers
           home link
 17th-18   6.9 Comparison Number            2 days
           workbook page 10
   21      6.10 Count by 2’s                1 day
           workbook page 11
           Center Card 28 whole group
   22      6.11 Divide Groups in Half       1 day
           workbook page 12
   23      6.12 Read My Mind Game           1 day
           home link
           Center Card 29 math center
           for the week not individual
   24      6.13 Tools for Measuring Time    1 day
   25      6.14 Skip Count with             1 day
           home link
   28      6.15 Symbolic                    1 day     Las
           Representations of Patterns                Mariquitas
           workbook page 13
           workbook page 14
   29      6.16 Division of Whole Objects   1 day
           into Halves Pizzas small group
           paper plate folded half write
           medio encima y debajo
           Shade with red crayon
           Pepperoni, shredded paper
           for cheese
           Make the pizza ½ and ½
           home link
           Center Card
           Center Card 30 –math center
           for the week
 29-30     Project 6: Maps and Mapping      2 days
  31st     7.1 Money Cube Game              1 day
Apr. 1st   7.2 Class Collections            1 day
           home link
           workbook page 15
  4th      7.3 Class Number Story Book      1 day    Las Plants
  5th      7.4 Gum drops & magnetic         1 day
        home link
        Center Card 31 whole group
 6th    7.5 Introduction of the          1 day
        workbook page 16
7th-8   7.6 Dice Addition Games          2 days
        workbook page 17
11th    7.7 Late-in-the-Year             1 day    Easter/Baby
        Counting                                    Animals
        home link
12th    7.8 Tens and Ones with Craft     1 day
        workbook page 18
        Center Card 32 lot of ligas
 13     7.9 Name Collections with        1 day
        Craft Sticks
        Call out a number and write
        on the board make into a
        home link
        Center Card 33-different ways
        to make the same number
        Use two dice different colors
        Then get connecting cubes to
 14     7.10 Number Scrolls              1 day
        differentiate per student
        morning work
        workbook page 19
 15     7.11 Decade Count                1 day
 26     7.12 Plus or Minus Game          1 day     Materia/     Agua cambia
        Center Card 34 mothers                     Reciclar
        come in to help
        Change the dice to match
        the color of the
        Counters or each player
        removes their color to see
        who wins
27th    7.13 Double Digits with Dice     1 day                   El agua se
        extension draw the numbers                                 mueve
        make the 2 possibilities color
         on the hundreds chart
         Use smartboard dice
         workbook page 20
 28th    7.14 Numbers in Sequence          1 day
         home link
 29th    7.15 “What’s My Rule?” with       1 day
         7.16 Bead String name
         Make in centers then have
         class share necklace or
         bracelet use beads and string
         workbook page 21
May 2    Project 7: Weaving                2 days
May 3,   Start End-of-the-Year Assess.     3 days   Cinco de
 4, 7    Tasks here.                                 Mayo
  9      8.1 Ones, Tens, and               1 day    Dinosaurs
  11     8.2 How Long is an Hour?          1 day
         8.3 Race with clocks
         Dorie mouse chases cheese
         minutes is mouse hour hand
         Make huge clock on shower
         curtain and the children are
         the hands throw the dice to
         show time
         home link
         workbook page 22
 12th    8.4 High Roller Game              1 day
 13th    8.5 Introduction to the           1 day
         Cual es mi regla
         Machine make a box for
         Dorie and Gloria
         Activity 8.5
         Center Card 35 no sense
         without box
 16th    8.6 Number Gymnastics             1 day    Rainforest-
         Game                                         Frogs
         home link
         workbook page 23
 17th    8.7 Introduction of the $1 Bill   1 day
       workbook page 24
 18-19 8.8 One-Dollar Game                      2 days
       home link
  20th 8.9 Name Collection Posters               1 day
       each child adds to the poster,
       roll a dice
       Center Card 36-redo sheet to
       fit dominoes
       Do sheets on card stock
   23  8.10 “What’s My Rule?” with               1 day          Oceans
       Math packs
  24th 8.11 Hour-Hand, Minute Story              1 day
       home link
  25th 8.12 Time Match Game                      1 day
       Pair student picks and writes
       three times then play memory
       –check before allowing them
       to cut, write names on the
       back to send home
       Then switch pairs
  26th 8.13 Missing Number Problems              1 day
       workbook page 25
       Center Card 37 make model
       number cards
  27th 8.14 Number Stories with                  1 day
       home link
May 31 8.15 Pan Balance with                     1 day           Math
       Uniform Weights                                          Outdoors
       Activity 8.15
       workbook page 26
       Center Card 38
 June 8.16 Introduction of the $10               1 day
  1st  Bill
  2 3  Project 8: Math Outdoors                    1 day

 II.     Description of Class Assessment Program:
            Time-line for both informal and formal assessment
The teacher will work collaboratively with her team to create team assessments for
science. EDM assessments will be used for math.
Students will be formally assessed :
    1) In August prior to school opening to determine math skill levels-
    2) Quarterly for progress reports
    3) End of year for determination of placement in first grade or retention
    4) At the end of each new skill to determine mastery level

Students will be informally assessed:
      1) By teacher observations
      2) Checklists
      3) Small groups
      4) Individually

Assessment tools used:
   1) Teacher made summative assessment tool based on progress report for
   2) Everyday math assessment guides
   3) Smartboard technologies

On the quarterly progress reports the students will receive

       1- Doesn’t understand the concept; no consistency in demonstrating the task;
      requires frequent prompts
      2- Some understanding of the concept; able to demonstrate the task but requires
      some prompts from the teacher
      3- Demonstrates mastery of the indicator in its entirety without prompting.
                                Portfolio Checklists
                        Teacher Submitted Samples for Math
           Artifact       1st       2nd       3rd       4th        Standard
                          grading   grading   grading   grading    addressed
                          period    period    period    period

        Copies of
        journal work


        math sample-
        math process

        Numbers and




        Analysis and
1st grading period:
(Black ink)
2nd grading period:
(Red ink)
3rd grading period:
(Green ink)
4th grading period:
(Purple ink)

                      Portfolio Assessment Checklist for Science
Student name_______________________

                       Items submitted by student
Artifact-                Date          Standard       Student
submitted by          submitted       addressed       comment

                        Teacher Submitted Samples for Science
    Artifact          st
                      1 grading 2nd grading 3rd grading 4th grading   Standard
                        period     period      period       period    addressed
Copies of journal
Progress report
 of organisms
 Human Body
 Science Tools
1st grading period:
(Black ink)
2nd grading period:
(Red ink)
3rd grading period:
(Green ink)
4th grading period:
(Purple ink)
The students will learn in a positive learning environment where each child is given
differentiated instruction to ensure that the child is working at fluency and not
frustration level.
Positive behavior will be rewarded by smiley faces, tokens, trips to the treasure
box, cougar cards, teacher notes, and lots of praise.

Each student will be chosen to be the Cougar of the Week.

III.   Parent Communication Plan:
          o Weekly newsletter
          o E-mail
          o Teacher webpage
          o School newsletter
          o Conferences-phone and face to face
          o Phone calls
          o Notes
          o Open House

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