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					Digital Signs Industry To Grow to 22 Million Signs

22 Million Digital Signs By 2015.
The digital signs industry is estimated to grow to a massive 22 million displays being used by the
year 2015, digital signs are the way forward for advertising.

Who installs digital signs?
The growth in the digital signs industry can be put down to installers who overlap in the AV and IT
sector, mainly installers (around 80%) supply their services to local businesses. These installers
deploy everything from digital posters for reception areas, digital menu boards for quick serve
restaurants to outdoor digital signs in digital signage enclosures.

Digital signs increase in demand.
In 2009 the industry predicted that is would grow to 16 million digital signs by the year 2015, but
now it is believed to grow to 22 million by the same year, proving that the digital signs industry is
little effected by the current economic climate.

Why digital signs are in high demand?
We are all aware in of the weaknesses of traditional advertising mediums such as print, digital signs
wins hands down due to its ability to be targeted at large numbers of people and market to them

With the increase in technology development, the prices for digital signs is dropping, even the
installation cots for the infrastructure is reducing making a digital network possible for most

With network enabled digital posters and free standing LCD displays, planning and implementing
digital signs is easier and more cost effective.

Digital signs are increasing in the education sector, being used to inform parents of what the
students have achieved, freeing up teachers and lecturers to deal with the running of the class room,
rather than dealing with updating parents on the progress of their child. Any updates such as this has
to be done on a more formal basis by making appointments for the parents and teachers to meet and
discuss the pupils progress.

Digital Signs could save lives...
The statement sounds unreasonable however imagine a gun man is on the campus and the campus
goes into lock down, informing other students in the locality to go to their dorm where they are safe
and in turn saving lives.

Investment into digital signs.
Investment into any digital sign solution can be rewarding as the results will certainly be seen by an
increase in brand or product demand, resulting in a faster ROI.

Retail digital signs.
Retail digital signs, namely Point Of Sale (PoS) are the main reasons that digital signs are in
demand as most stores and retailers are seeing the benefits of using these small screen displays with
the advertising content being on the built in media player. From advertising Wellington boot
cleaning systems to how carpets repel wine and other liquids.

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