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					        ‘Pablo Diego José Francisco de Paula Juan Nepomuceno María de los
Remedios Cipriano de la Santísima Trinidad Ruiz y Picasso’ was born on 25
October,1881 in Málaga, Spain and dead on 8 April 1973 in Mougins, France. He
was born in Málaga, then moved to La Coruna in 1891. Later, on 1895, when his
sister, Conchita, died, his family moved to Barcelona. After that, he moves to
Madrid since his father and uncle decided to send him to Madrid’s Royal
Academy of San Fernando. After early years, he usually stayed in Barcelona and
Paris. When Pablo Picasso was young, his father saw his great skill on art.
Therefore, when his family moved to Barcelona, he attended Madrid’s Royal
Academy of San Fernando that was the best art school in Spain.

       While he was living, two world wars, WWI and WWII and Spanish Civil
War occurred. He had to move his houses and working place several times
because of wars happening. However, there were lots of changes of art period.
Blue period, Rose period, African-influenced period, Cubism, and Classicism &
Surrealism are the most popular art periods during Picasso’s life. However, I
think Cubism is the most influenced by Picasso and worked a lot on Cubism style
more than other styles.
-Blue period : sad paintings using cool colors, especially blue and blue green
-Rose period : style of using orange and pink colors to draw cheery style, for
example, circus people and comedic people.
-Cubism : a style of painting developed by Picasso which uses brownish and
neutral colors. To draw, take objects apart and analyze them as in a shape.

       Picasso worked on field of painting (drawing), sculpture, printmaking,
and ceramics. His works are mostly Cubism, even thought there are some Blue
period and Rose period style. During his life, style of art changed too fast where
wars are one of its factor. One of his most famous art work is ‘Weeping Woman’
painted on canvas using oil on 1937. The size of the work is 23 5/8 in. x 19 ¼ in.

“Art is a lie that makes us realize the truth.” by Pablo Picasso

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