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Delicious ice cream but one weight loss taboo, but the ice cream in sugar can help improve the efficiency of muscle growth, to avoid excessive protein breakdown due to insulin. Cady Hierro said: "ice cream for two hours in the gym after eating."

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									                                                              THE COMPLETE ICE CREAM PROGRAM FOR BUFFET

Profit And Customer Satisfaction             Great Point-of-Sale Materials                                        Prevent Menu Fatigue
By offering Hershey’s® great products at     Hershey’s® customized marketing and                                  Hershey’s® tremendous variety
your location, you not only provide the      Point-of-Sale materials allow you to                                 of products and concepts will
best ice cream and novelty products for      promote your Ice Cream program at                                    prevent menu fatigue and attract
your customers, but expand your menu         minimal or NO COST to you.                                           new customers and draw in
options. Use a Hershey’s customized                                                                               repeating customer sales.
design concept to invigorate your dining
locations, attract new customers, and
make it the kids’ favorite spot to eat.

Higher Profit Margins                        Reduced Operating Expenses                                           Something For Everyone
Excite your customers with the               Hershey’s® COMPLETE Equipment                                        With over 100 ice cream flavors to
Hershey’s® brand name and quality            Program will reduce operating                                        choose from, you will be able to cater to
products, which will generate higher         expenses, prevent product spoilage,                                  the preference of your customers.
profit margins, while lowering your          and increase your storage space,
food costs.                                  making your business more profitable
                                             and easing serving lines. Our FREE
                                             Equipment program will turn any
                                             location into a dessert business at
                                             no cost to your company.

Recommended Products & Programs              Free Equipment Options*                                              Join our HOW TO Program
•	 Hershey’s®	Hand-Dipped	Premium	           •	 Angle	Vision	Freezer                                              The HOW TO program stands for
   Ice Cream                                 •	 Visual	Dipper	Freezer                                             Hershey’s® Optimum Way To Operate
•	 Hershey’s®	Hand-Dipped	Super	             •	 1	Door	Display	Freezer                                            Program. When you enroll in our
   Premium Gold Ice Cream                    •	 1	Door	Storage	Freezer                                            program, each tub of Hershey’s® bulk
•	 Hershey’s®	Novelties                      •	 Buffet	Cart                                                       ice cream that your purchase will earn
•	 Hershey’s®	Insulated	Foam	Cups            •	 Spot	Merchandiser                                                 you points towards equipment,
•	 Tropi-Kool	Smoothies                      *	BASED	ON	VOLUME                                                    supplies, training, and exclusive
•	 Twisted	Peaks	Soft	Serve	Ice	Cream                                                                             Hershey’s® merchandising materials.
•	 Hershey’s®	Pre-made	Ice	Cream	Cakes

                                           ®2011	HERSHEY	CREAMERY	CO.	—	NOT	AFFILIATED	WITH	HERSHEY’S	CHOCOLATE

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