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					                                             SAMPLE LEARNING PLAN

                                 NTIP LEARNING PLAN
                      A Document to Support the NTIP Strategy Form
New Teacher:                                             NTIP Mentor/Coach:
Nathan Newby___                                          Clara Clarity__

School: St. Somewhere                                    School: St. Elsewhere
Elementary     √                 Secondary       □       Elementary      √                     Secondary   □
Grade/Assignment: Grade 5/6                              Grade/Assignment: Grade 5

Date Plan Developed: September 28, 2009

Contact Considerations and Planning
   1. Plan for 6-8 face to face meetings between September and May of teacher’s first year of teaching.
   2. Establish a variety of other communication strategies (e.g. e-mail, phone calls, breakfast meetings)

Meeting Dates:                   Initials:               Meeting Dates:                       Initials

(DD/MM/YY)                Mentor – New Teacher           (DD/MM/YY)                   Mentor – New Teacher

#1 ___________              _______ _______              #5 ____________               _______ _______

#2 ___________              _______ _______               #6 ____________              _______ _______

#3 ___________              _______ _______               #7 ____________              _______ _______

#4 ___________              _______ _______               #8 ____________              _______ _______

                                                 LEARNING GOALS

Teaching/Learning Domain                Professional Learning Priorities              Suggested strategies and
                                        within the Domains                            Professional Development
                                                                                      Opportunities for reaching
Catholic Faith component of my                  Faith needs of my students (e.g.            Celebrate Catholic faith
teaching                                         sacramental preparation for                  through daily prayer in the
                                                 students, communication with                 classroom (establish
                                                 parent)                                      routines)
                                                 liturgy and Eucharistic practices          Establish relationship with
                                                 (e.g. preparing students for mass,           Parish staff (ask staff
                                                 planning a class/school liturgy)             religion advisor for
                                                knowledge and skills of the                  assistance with planning
                                                 Religion program for my students’            masses and/or sacramental
                                 grade level                               Highlight Ontario Catholic
                                integration of gospel teaching and         Graduate Expectations in
                                 values in my teaching                      my teaching
                                                                           Include various OCGE in my
                                                                            lesson/unit planning
Classroom Management            Become familiar with the Code of           Take part in Fred Jones
                                 Conduct for our                            training for Classroom
                                 province/Board/school (Safe                Management
                                 Schools’ Act)                             Observe in other
                                Know our school’s steps for                classrooms at a similar
                                 Progressive Discipline                     grade level where effective
                                Identify Special Needs students            routines and practices are
                                 and any triggers for behaviour             in place
                                Set fair and reachable goals for
                                 behaviour for the whole class
                                Communicate goals to students
                                 and parents
                                Identify any medical needs

Planning, Assessment and        The goal for all assessment and            Differentiate the
Evaluation                       evaluation is to improve student           instruction/assessment in
                                 learning                                   keeping with IEPs
                                 Use diagnostic tools early in the        Work with SPST and School
                                 school year to create student/class        Teams to review needs of
                                 profiles                                   all students
                                Plan all lessons/units with the end        Attend divisional meetings
                                 in mind (identify the assessment           to share student work and
                                 tools to be used)                          teacher practice
                                Organize class tracking sheets and        Seek assistance with
                                 assessment routines to track               moderated marking of
                                 formative and summative                    student work for
                                 assessments                                consistency in assessing
                                Plan lessons using all categories of       work
                                 learning                                  Develop effective rubrics
                                Address all learning expectations          and assessment tools with
                                 of the curriculum                          other teachers
                                Assess all overall expectations           Adjust teaching practice to
                                Use a wide variety of                      meet the specific learning
                                 teaching/learning strategies               needs of students (e.g.
                                Differentiate the instruction to           identify learning gaps and
                                 reach every student                        adjust teaching to address
                                Celebrate the achievements of the          the gaps)
                                 class and of individual students          Use Ministry/Secretariat
                                                                            resources and videos to
                                                                            support teaching strategies
Communication with Parents      Introduce myself to parents               Establish routines of
                                 (letter, phone call in September)          communication (e.g.
                                Engage parents in the life of our          monthly newsletter of
                                 classroom the in meaningful ways           events, curriculum issues,
                                Create a welcoming and                     upcoming summative
                                 supportive classroom                       assessments)
                                 environment                               Clearly communicate details
                                Call home with goods news as well          of school/class trips in a
                                 as concerns                                timely manner
                                Communicate classroom routines            Address any parent
                                 for homework, materials needed             concerns in a prompt and
                                 etc.                                       courteous manner
   Be proactive with parents      Seek assistance and support
                                    from colleagues/principal
                                    in challenging situations
                                   Communicate by phone, in
                                    person or by letter rather
                                    than e-mail

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