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Saving is your best defense against bankruptcy. It insulates you from possible financial loss and gives you
the ability to expand your finances and create a money-generating business machine that will help you earn

Your potential to flexing your base income is augmented in ways that is not confined within the walls of
basic employment. You can start up your own business, use it for loan purposes and earn interest on them
while being used, among others.

But the basics of it all lies in saving – spending less than what you earn and keep something enough for
future use and for unforeseen circumstances.

This article provides you with ways on how you can effectively maximize your financial resources and helps
you manage your money by developing correct habits and outlook suitable for your goal.

ØWants and Needs – You buy items because you need them. A need is something you cannot take away
from a person for these things are vital to his or her very existence and without them, they are categorically
considered poor or deprived.

Food, shelter, clothing and transportation are the primary examples. In a modern world, car and phone
gadgets are a necessary part of a busy working individual. However, unless you are receiving more than
$10,000 per month, you basically won’t need to have a $40,000 to $50,000 luxury vehicle.

The same is true for your telephone media. Having your own cellular phone is necessary but keeping up
with the latest model or buying the all the latest releases are not practical and earns you more points on
plunging into a staggering financial downfall.

ØLess Is best – Extravagance is the rule of the kings. While we sometimes need to afford a little affluence in
terms of the food we eat, the body pampering devices and accessories, such as clothes and body-relaxing
services, we also need to consider that these types of activities should only be reserved for special occasions
and for cases when you have some excess left in your household budget.

ØSpend Less; Save More – Spending more than what you earn or produce is a bad habit that most people
get used to doing everyday.
Allocate a special percentage of your earnings to go into your savings accounts while spending the rest for
your day-to-day expenses.
Unexpected charges, such as the visitation of your relatives or a house party due to a certain celebration will
be there to stay so you need not make some leeway budget on them and save them should situation not arise.
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