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					                                     BOARD MEETING AGENDA
                                         Nittany Lion Inn
                                        State College, PA
                                          June 11, 2011
                                             9:00 AM

Members Present:
Doug Francis, President                                         Bob McConnell, Director
Eileen Kern, Vice President                                     Stephanie Brame, Director
Lindsey Long, Secretary                                         Marg Foster, Director
Natalie Hawley, Treasurer                                       Jennifer Bates, guest

I.     Call to Order
       A.       President Francis called the meeting to order at 9:15 am.

II.    Minutes (Lindsey Long)
       A.     The minutes were posted on the PSLA Board wiki; Marg Foster e-mailed grammatical
       B.     Marg Foster moves to accept the minutes of the April 28, 2011 meeting with
              corrections. Natalie Hawley seconds. Motion carries.

III.   Treasurer’s Report (Natalie Hawley)
       A.     Natalie Hawley reports that the budget balance is $77,496.1
       B.     Advocacy budget is close to being spent because of John Emerick’s expenses; this was
       C.     Money can be moved from Membership, which has the largest balance at this time
       D.     Natalie Hawley moves that we move $1000 from line item 6160 to 6080.
              Eileen Kern seconds. Motion carries.
       E.     Jean Bellevance will need to submit final receipts to Natalie for payment as soon as
       F.     Treasurer’s report will be filed subject to audit. (EXHIBIT A)

IV.    President’s Report (Doug Francis)
       A.     Doug Francis would like to brainstorm ideas for Leadership in July
              1.      He would like to work with the Communications Task Force and talk to the
                      different committees about using different forms of electronic communication
              2.      As an example, Archives could advertise a link to the PA state archives

PSLA Board Meeting                                                                    June 11, 2011
      B.      Greencastle School District is restructuring and will only have a librarian at the primary
              level; a librarian from this district is questioning whether they can still be a member of
              Access Pennsylvania
              1.        Doug will refer this librarian to Susan Pannebaker and Clare Zales for
              2.        Questions were raised about how this will affect the membership of Access PA
              3.        Commonwealth Libraries will need to address this issue

V.    Committee Reports
      A.    Archives (Nancy) (chair—Erika Miller)
            1.      The PSLA Archives are still with Erika Miller
            2.      She is working on collecting oral histories
            3.      Erika requested to be cc’ed on Board e-mails so that she is up-to-date on PSLA
                    business; the Board feels that our official business is recorded in the minutes so
                    she should get her information through our minutes
      B.    Awards (Candy) (chair—Christine Poirier Hartman)
            1.      Christine Hartman already has two nominations for the 2012 awards year
            2.      All the brochures have been updated and she will send them to the webmasters
                    to put on the PSLA website
            3.      She will be sending out an e-mail this summer asking for more nominations;
                    these will be due by the end of September
            4.      Visitations will occur before winter break
            5.      Next year the awards flyer will include a listing of Lee Bennett Hopkins Award
      C.    Budget and Finance (Natalie) (chair—Natalie Hawley)
            1.      IRS Audit
                    a.       Audit was delayed until July; the IRS representative will come to Natalie
                             Hawley’s house for the interview.
                    b.       According to the IRS representative, the audit is random
                    c.       Natalie has collected all the information necessary for audit
            2.      RegOnline
                    a.       RegOnline will be sending a refund to PSLA for overpayment
                    b.       PSLA should have another $2000 coming back to the organization
                    c.       This money is coming from both membership and conference fees
            3.      Conference treasurer Dot Plantholt has resigned; Eileen Kern asked Connie
                    Roupp to be the new conference treasurer
                    a.       Natalie and Connie opened an account at M&T Bank where PSLA banks;
                             this will make fund transfers much easier because we have online
            4.      Lindsey Long will send a signed copy of today’s minutes to M&T Bank
      D.    Conference (Eileen) (chair—Eileen Kern)
            1.      PSLA Conference Treasurer
                    a.       Eileen Kern moves to appoint Connie Roupp as conference treasurer.
                             Marg Foster seconds. Motion carries.
            2.      Conference 2011
                    a.       Overall, people were happy with the new format for not preselecting

PSLA Board Meeting                                                                        June 11, 2011
                     b.      People liked the one hour workshops and felt that there could be even
                     c.      People liked the technology classroom but said it was noisy
                     d.      Online registration went well
                     e.      Hershey was very accommodating with finances; we could have been
                             penalized over $3000 because we did not make our food and lodging
                             goals. Because of this, Eileen needed to renegotiate next year’s
                     f.      Eileen, Nancy Latanision, and Marg Foster met with our Hershey rep and
                             renegotiated our contract
                             1.      Lowered our room block
                             2.      Discussed eliminating Saturday’s luncheon
                             3.      Will have “lunch and learn” in which we will have lunch in our
                                     meeting rooms during the last session on Saturday
                     g.      In our next contract, we will have the Pennsylvania Suite for free
                     h.      Room rates are being frozen for next year
                     i.      Eileen also asked our Hershey representative for a bid for 2012
                             Leadership, which means that we would still be giving Hershey the same
                             revenue but it would be spread out through the calendar year
                     j.      We will not have the Nigerian/Trinidad room for anything but the
                             Banquet; other large events will be in the Red Room
                     k.      Updated Hershey contract (EXHIBIT B)
                     l.      Lois McNichol resigned as registration chairperson for the conference
                     m.      704 registrations, which is up from last year; 75 exhibitors
             3.      Act 48
                     a.      Hours should be sent to Commonwealth Libraries for PDE by June 13
             4.      Proposed 2012 Conference Schedule (EXHIBIT C)
                     a.      See schedule for details
                     b.      Thursday: Board meeting and 3 hour evening session
                     c.      Friday
                             1.      Conference 101 will no longer be a sponsorship event
                             2.      Eileen’s suggestion for Technology Classroom is to only run it on
                                     Friday during non-conflict times; this would also allow us to
                                     move the Technology Classroom out of the exhibits and into a
                                     downstairs room
                             3.      If they are run every half hour with a small break, there are only
                                     6-7 slots
                             4.      Extra session was added on Friday
                     d.      Saturday
                             1.      Business breakfast, 7-8:30
                             2.      New “lunch and learn” session and no Saturday luncheon
                     e.      Marg Foster moves to approve the revised 2012 Conference schedule.
                             Natalie Hawley seconds. Motion carries.
                     f.      Bob McConnell moves to accept the updated 2012 Hershey contract.
                             Stephanie Brame seconds. Motion carries.
      E.     Constitution and Bylaws (Nancy) (chair—Candy Blessing)
             1.      Membership policies were finalized

PSLA Board Meeting                                                                     June 11, 2011
             2.      Following the April 30 meeting, the amendments to the Bylaws were
                     incorporated into the document
             3.      After the Board reviews the document, Candy Blessing will forward the changes
                     to Archives chairperson Erika Miller
             4.      Candy needs to know where to upload the Constitution & Bylaws policies on the
                     wiki; she would like to know if things can be separated and uploaded in similar
                     areas; for example, Membership policies would be in a Membership category
                     for easy access
             5.      For updated committee procedures, Candy suggests that they be put on the
                     PSLA wiki as PDFs
             6.      Candy wonders if actual policy statements should be on the PSLA wiki or board
                     wiki; Board feels that there could be a Policy page on the PSLA wiki
             7.      PSLA’s constitution and bylaws will stay on the PSLA page and the policy pages
                     will go on the PSLA wiki
             8.      Eileen Kern moves that the PSLA policies be posted to the PSLA wiki, on a policy
                     page, in PDF format according to subject. Marg Foster seconds. Motion carries.
             9.      Eileen Kern moves that the PSLA committee procedures be posted on their
                     respective PSLA wiki page in PDF format. Marg Foster seconds. Motion carries.
      F.     Curriculum (Candy) (co-chairs—Shannon Resh and LaVerne Motley)
             1.      Curriculum Corner wiki has been updated and committee hopes that
                     Conference attendees took note of the wiki’s mention in the Conference
             2.      Two workshops were presented at 2011 Conference and were well attended
                     and rated
                     a.       21st Century Standards @ your library: Shaping the ILS Curriculum
                     b.       Word Explosion! School-Wide Programming That Unites Classrooms and
      G.     Electronic Communications (Stephanie) (co-chairs—Katie Makatche and Jessica Oberlin)
             1.      Katie Makatche and Jess Oberlin have divided committee responsibilities for
                     uploading materials and they will contact chairs
             2.      Katie and Jess have developed Google form for committees to review website
             3.      Videos on PSLA website
                     a.       Questions about how videos will be handled on the PSLA site
                     b.       YouTube channel is possibility to save bandwidth
                     c.       Communications Task Force will discuss content approval
                     d.       Jess and Katie will be asked to explore the possibility of a YouTube
             4.      Members-only webpage
                     a.       BigBig has three options for members-only pages
                              1.      Simple version is $450 and has bare-bones options that are
                                      already available through RegOnline
                              2.      Community version is $850 and has more advanced features
                              3.      Subscription version is $1,050 for set up plus license fee
                     c.       Stephanie Brame recommends considering the Simple version
                     d.       Upon review, Board noticed that the Simple version includes things that
                              we can get from RegOnline

PSLA Board Meeting                                                                    June 11, 2011
                     e.       Eileen Kern wonders if we can get secure pages that are only accessible
                              through a member log-in
                      f.      Members could access links, electronic newsletters
                      g.      Board is hoping to have members-only page running by fall 2011
             5.       Discussion about changing the Spotlight on the PSLA page; possibly different
                      committees could provide information every few months
      H.     Intellectual Freedom (Marg) (chair—none)
             1.       Ilene Goldis Grayev has stepped down as chairperson
             2.       Board is seeking new candidates for chairperson
             3.       Committee does not have many seasoned members
             4.       Eileen Kern will review possibilities
      I.     Learning & Media (Stephanie) (Editor/chair—Michael Nailor)
             1.       Michael Nailor reports that they are working on the next issue with the theme
                      of “doing more with less”
             2.       Committee is also working on weeding committee of non-active members
             3.       Kim Brosan is a possible editor for the electronic version of Learning & Media
      J.     Legislation (Stephanie) (co-chairs—Deb Kachel and Deb Hoover)
             1.       School Library Survey
                      a.      Survey closed on May 8
                      b.      Clare Zales will secure a copy of the data from Karen Molchanow at
                              State Board of Education
                      c.      Deb Kachel hopes to see the data in a report by mid-October
                      d.      Hope to use the data in meetings with the House and Senate Education
             2.       PSLA Legislator @ Your Library campaign
                      a.      Need to reignite this initiative in the fall
             3.       IMLS National Leadership Grant Application
                      a.      Deb will speak to IMLS reps at ALA this summer to get a date for
                              announcement of winners
                      b.      If funded, Keith Curry Lance will need to access the data from the School
                              Library Survey as one piece of his investigations
             4.       Federal Legislative Issues
                      a.      Reauthorization of ESEA: Deb hopes to meet with Senator Bob Casey
                              this summer because he is on the HELP Committee that is writing
                      b.      LEARN: Sen. Patty Murray (WA) is attempting to rewrite the LEARN Act
                              as the literacy component of reauthorization of ESEA
                      c.      Improving Literacy Through School Libraries: This was zero funded in the
                              FY2011 budget but the ALA Washington Office is pushing for legislators
                              to put it back in the FY2012 budget
                      d.      LSTA & IMLS Funding: IMLS took a 15% cut ($44 million) in the FY2011
                              budget but the ALA Washington Office is pushing for more money in the
                              FY2012 budget
                      e.      FY2012 Budget: Congress is now working on it; the FY2011 budget will
                              carry through to the end of September
             5.       State Legislative Issues
                      a.      Governor Corbett’s proposed budget cuts Basic Education Funding by $1
                              billion and is causing many cuts in library jobs and programs

PSLA Board Meeting                                                                     June 11, 2011
                     b.       Deb posted an update on the Schools listserv on June 8
                     c.       She continues to meet with Senators from around the state
             6.      PSLA Board Letter Campaign
                     a.       Deb has sent letters to superintendents in 22 school districts planning to
                              eliminate library staff
                     b.       She also e-mailed school board members when e-mail addresses were
                     c.       She heard back from 5-6 superintendents and 2 districts (State College
                              and Line Mountain) decided against the cuts
                     d.       Many situations are still up in the air
             7.      PA School Talk Online
                     a.       Brett Schaeffer of PA School Talk offered to allow a few PSLA members
                              the chance to hold on online sessions discussing the reductions in
                              school library programs
                     b.       The Board has decided not to pursue this offer.
             8.      ALA Legislative Day, May 9-10
                     a.       John Emerick attended this event to represent PSLA and wrote an article
                              to appear in Learning & Media (EXHIBIT D)
      K.     Library Promotions (Marg) (chair—Elizabeth Henry)
             1.      Nothing new to report since the April 2011 board meeting
      L.     Media Selection and Review (Marg) (co-chairs—Jean Bellevance and Joyce Valenza)
             1.      Conference 2011
                     a.       Committee presented a session on best practices, went well
                     b.       Young Adult Top 40 session also went well
                     c.       Best of the Best session will be revamped for next year
                     d.       Pennsylvania Young Readers Choice Awards were presented and a new
                              wiki is open for people to nominate titles
             2.      Pennsylvania Young Readers Choice Award program
                     a.       Jean Bellevance met with Cynthia Ritchie for PALA to participate in
                              Pennsylvania Young Readers Choice Award program
                     b.       This would help the program reach students whose schools do not
                     c.       Public libraries have an online tracking system used for summer reading
                              programs that Jean believes would be helpful
                     d.       Board thinks that it’s a good idea to include public librarians in PAYRC
                              award committee
                     e.       Contact PALA for possible costs before the Board approves the program
      M.     Membership (Lindsey) (chair—Geneva Reeder)
             1.      Nothing new to report since the April 2011 board meeting
      N.     Nominating (Nancy) (chair—Marg Foster)
             1.      Michael Nailor agreed to run for Vice-President/President Elect
             2.      Lindsey Long, Natalie Hawley, and Jen Bates all agreed to run again
             3.      Jen Bates suggested Katie Makatche and Jess Oberlin for Directors
             4.      Marg Foster suggested Sue Piorkowski as a possible candidate to run for Vice-
                     President/President Elect
             5.      Sonya Smith and Christine Hartman are on the Finance committee and could be
                     possibilities for Treasurer
      O.     Professional Development (Bob) (chair—Carolyn Van Etten)

PSLA Board Meeting                                                                      June 11, 2011
             1.      Eileen Kern feels that “cookbook” idea should be eliminated
             2.      Committee needs to look at Common Core and how they can develop a
                     workshop for librarians on this topic
             3.      Committee also needs to explore how to present professional development in a
                     virtual world
             4.      Possibility is raised for the committee to have a co-chair; Beth Ann Sahd would
                     be a good person to fill this position

                     Meeting was recessed at 12:03 pm by President Francis.

                     Meeting was reconvened at 1:13 pm by President Francis.

      P.     Professional Standards (Candy) (chair—Celeste Nalwasky)
             1.      Nothing new to report since April 2011 meeting
      Q.     Regional Coordinators (Bob) (chair—none)
             1.      Nothing new to report since April 2011 meeting
             2.      New chairperson is needed because Connie Burlingame has been appointed as
                     the Executive Director of the Conference
             3.      Chair needs to be conscientious for follow through with coordinators
      R.     Special Needs (Bob) (chair—Connie Roupp)
             1.      Board reviewed the Special Needs document for final changes; Doug Francis
                     said that it should say “principles” not “principals”
             2.      Bob McConnell moves to approve the content of the Library and Students with
                     Special Needs document. Natalie Hawley seconds. Motion carries.
      S.     Students (Lindsey) (co-chairs—Suzanne Piorkowski and Susan Hefley)
             1.      iConnect program
                     a.      Committee is seeking approval for the creation of a new Mentoring
                             1.       Can’t create a new committee, but a subcommittee of Students
                                      is fine for a year
                             2.       Funding must be part of Students regular budget
                     b.      Act 48 hours need approved for several mentors and mentees
                             1.       Marg Foster moves to approve Act 48 for iConnect mentors and
                                      mentees. Natalie Hawley seconds. Motion carries.
                             2.       Susan Hefley needs to submit Act 48 information to Susan
                                      Pannebaker at PDE; she should e-mail Marg Foster for
                     c.      Board approved the names for Act 48 and approved iConnect for
                             another year
                     d.      In the future, please encourage mentors/mentees to get involved in a
                             committee in PSLA
             2.      Outstanding Student Librarian Award
                     a.      Current controversy over changes in award format
                     b.      Students committee and university representatives have submitted
                             rationales for their opinions about the award format
                     c.      Discussion about changes

PSLA Board Meeting                                                                   June 11, 2011
                              1.      Eileen Kern questioned the rationale (economic reasons,
                                      prestige) for changing the award format
                             2.       Eileen feels that if the idea is to have more prestige, it should be
                                      moved to the Awards committee and self-nomination should
                                      not be considered
                             3.       Economic component should be considered
                     d.      Discussion about award format
                             1.       Difficult to pick one student because it’s not fair to compare
                                      students from different programs
                             2.       Professors know students best
                             3.       PSLA can only financially afford so much; possibly schools can
                                      help finance some aspects of award
                             4.       Eileen suggested paying for registration (with no meals) and
                                      giving the award at the General Session so that they would not
                                      need to be there early and to defray costs
                                      a.       Schools could supplement with rooms/meals
                                      b.       PSLA would give them one-year membership for free
                             5.       Ultimate goal for the award is for these students to become
                                      more involved in PSLA and percentage is higher with giving
                                      award to multiple students
                             6.       Don’t want to shut out library programs from participating
                     e.      Award
                             1.       Selection will be done by schools as in the past
                             2.       Winners will receive conference registration without meals and
                                      one year’s regular PSLA membership
                             3.       Stephanie Brame moves that the Outstanding Student Librarian
                                      Award will be given to one student in each library program
                                      within the Commonwealth who best exemplifies the qualities of
                                      leadership and dedication to the teaching profession. The
                                      student will receive registration to the PSLA conference without
                                      meals and one year’s membership to PSLA. Natalie Hawley
                                      seconds. Motion carries.
                     f.      Chairs of student committee were concerned about new members on
                             Student committee having too much representation from one university
                             1.       Eileen explained that she thought it was to be a rotating
                                      membership from the universities
       T.     Technology (Natalie) (chair—none)
              1.     Sue Kell has stepped down as Technology chairperson
              2.     Responsibilities include control of physical technology (computers, printers,
                     etc.) and offering new workshops at the Conference
              3.     Doug Francis appoints Bob McConnell as chairperson of the Technology
              4.     Lindsey Long volunteered to join the committee

VI.    AASL Report (Marg Foster)
       A.     Nothing new to report since April 2011 meeting

VII.   Old Business

PSLA Board Meeting                                                                        June 11, 2011
      A.     RegOnline (Eileen Kern)
             1.      Online Directory
                     a.       Eileen shared a sample e-mail that she would like to send to members
                     b.       E-mail provides links to different parts of the directory; files should not
                              be merged because it will become stagnant
                     c.       Natalie Hawley moves to approve the online directory e-mail to be sent
                              by Eileen Kern to all members. Lindsey Long seconds. Motion carries.
                     d.       This could be added to a members-only section of the webpage
                     e.       As discussed in Budget, refund is forthcoming
      B.     Communications Task Force (Eileen Kern)
             1.      Met on June 2 via Skype
             2.      Developed tasks for members to look at
                     a.       Evaluation of different tools
             3.      Very important that all documents from PSLA have same logo/brand
                     a.       Discussion about components of brand
                     b.       Task force will develop templates
                     c.       Elements necessary should be logo, aerial font, Pennsylvania School
                              Librarians Association (written out)
                     d.       Template for brochure, letter, e-mail, etc.
                     e.       Templates could be put on PSLA wiki for easy access by committees
             4.      Natalie Hawley will check to see if our copyrighted logo is 3-D or flat; we should
                     be using that version
             5.      Next meeting is June 14 via Skype
      C.     VP/Executive Director of the Conference (Doug Francis)
             1.      Four people asked about the position; two people did not respond and one is
                     not a member
             2.      Connie Burlingame was approved for the position
             3.      Connie will need a PSLA e-mail address and business cards; Jen Bates and
                     Cathy Fuhrman will need these, also
             4.      Eileen will be giving Connie the PSLA computer that she has
                     a.       Money to upgrade software will come from Conference budget
                     b.       Connie may need other equipment but those needs will be handled as
                              they come; possibly Eileen will give Connie the copier that she has
             5.      Eileen feels that Connie should not have to pay registration fees/meals
             6.      Eileen Kern moves that the Executive Director of the PSLA Conference receives a
                     complimentary full conference registration package. Natalie Hawley seconds.
                     Motion carries.
      D.     Act 48 Committee (Doug Francis)
             1.      Doug Francis appoints Jen Bates and Donna Howe as co-chairs of the Act 48
             2.      Susan Blyth, PSLA member, from IU 16 believes that PSLA can get Act 48 hours
                     certified through their IU
                     a.       Jen Bates is in contact with Susan and they will be discussing all needs
                              for PSLA Act 48 (conference, workshops, mentoring program) and any
                              costs associated
                     b.       Information needs to be reported quickly so it would likely be
                              worthwhile to pay the IU a small fee for quick turnaround

PSLA Board Meeting                                                                       June 11, 2011
                     c.      Jen will find out if Donna’s work can be eliminated in a more
                             streamlined process
                    d.       If there is a cost, fee could be part of conference package fee
                    e.       Commonwealth Libraries doesn’t charge us anything but Donna is doing
                             most of the work; also, without forthcoming grant money their services
                             will be downsized
      E.     Common Core (Eileen Kern)
             1.     Eileen e-mailed Jean Dissell about Common Core and has received no response
             2.     Things are moving slowly in Harrisburg so Eileen feels that this may take time
             3.     Senator Jeff Piccola is proposing legislation that says teacher evaluation should
                    be based on student achievement in addition to teacher observations
      F.     HR 987 (Eileen Kern)
             1.     Good news on the PA libraries survey is that things are moving forward
             2.     Adam Schott is no longer the director of the PA State Board of Education; Eileen
                    Kern e-mailed acting director, Karen Molchanow, and extension was
                    granted until mid-September
             3.     Pitt and Drexel are to have proposals submitted by beginning of July for data
             4.     Eileen Kern moves that the PSLA Board decline participation in the PA School
                    Talk online chat session dealing with reductions in school library programs.
                    Marg Foster seconds. Motion carries.
             5.     See V. J for more discussion
      G.     Leadership Award (Nancy Latanision)
             1.     2010-2011 project, Maureen Staub
                    a.       Maureen Staub is still working on her project; she promised Nancy
                             Latanision that she would have products for the Board by the June 11
                             meeting but Nancy did not receive anything
                    b.       She has not submitted any receipts for reimbursement; her deadline has
                             passed and we will not reimburse her for anything
             3.     2011-2012 project, Heather Kenes (EXHIBIT E)
                    a.       Heather Kenes submitted a timeline for her project
                             1.       She is currently adding websites to the Diigo account
                             2.       Will submit the Diigo account to the Board in August for
                             3.       First post will be in September
                             4.       Board feels that the word “Counsel” might be misleading
                    b.       Stephanie Brame moves to approve Heather Kenes’s leadership grant
                             project. Natalie Hawley seconds. Motion carries.
             3.     Updated project list (EXHIBIT F)
                    a.       Number 4: replace Learning & Media with the word membership
                    b.       Number 5: delete from list
                    c.       Eileen Kern believes that a list of topics would be better than a list of
                             specific projects
                    d.       Stephanie Brame suggested a listing of topics with example projects
                             underneath; number 10 could be included in general directions
                    e.       Lindsey Long will send note to Nancy Latanision
      H.     Student Awards Concerns (Doug Francis)
             1.     See V. S for discussion

PSLA Board Meeting                                                                    June 11, 2011
        I.     PA Young Reader’s Choice Award (Doug Francis)
               1.       See V. L for discussion
        J.     Proposed changes in conference schedule (Eileen Kern)
               1.       See V. D for discussion
        K.     Archives status
               1.       See V. A for discussion
        L.     PSLA Listserv (Nancy Latanision)
               1.       Drafts were sent to the Board by Nancy Latanision and Geneva Reeder
               2.       Corrections from Geneva are fine except for the addition of “by
                        contacting the listserv manager”
                        a.       Once policy is accepted, the policy and unsubscribe procedures should
                                 be sent out quarterly to members
                        b.       Stephanie Brame wonders if there can’t be an unsubscribe tagline at the
                                 end of the e-mail
               3.       Eileen Kern moves to accept the PSLA Listserv policy. Natalie Hawley seconds.
                        Motion carries. (EXHIBIT G)
        M.     ALA Legislative Day Report (Doug Francis)
               1.       See V. J for discussion
        N.     Library cuts and attrition
               1.       Some good news across the state; State College and several other districts have
                        decided not to cut librarians and programs
               2.       PSLA can provide tools but librarians must fight the fight

VIII.   New Business
        A.    Committee chairs needed for Intellectual Freedom, Technology, and Regional
              1.      Chairs still needed for Intellectual Freedom and Regional Coordinators
              2.      Melissa Bean from Erie was suggested for Regional Coordinators
              3.      Bob McConnell will be new Technology chairperson
        B.    2011 Leadership
              1.      Advisory Council meeting; charges will be updated
              2.      Professional Standards charge for teacher evaluation
              3.      Professional Development charge for Common Core
              4.      Regional Coordinators charge needs updating because of change to IU’s
              5.      Media Selection & Review charge for pairing with PALA
              6.      Electronic Communications charge for division of tasks
        C.    E-mail board votes: E-mail votes were passed with all in favor unless otherwise
              1.      E-mail board vote 1: May 5, 2011. Marg Foster moved that the Board approve
                      the Executive Director application and rubric. Eileen Kern seconded.
              2.      E-mail board vote 2: May 12, 2011. Eileen Kern moved to appoint Kim Brosan
                      to the Communications Task Force. Candy Blessing seconded.
              3.      E-mail board vote 3: May 23, 2011. Marg Foster moved that the term of office
                      for Robert McConnell and Stephanie Brame as Directors of PSLA be 2011-2013.
                      Eileen Kern seconded. Passed with two abstentions.
        D.    Board Liaisons (EXHIBIT H)

IX.     Future Dates

PSLA Board Meeting                                                                       June 11, 2011
       A.      ALA Annual Conference—June 23-23, 2011—New Orleans, LA
       B.      PSLA Leadership—July 27, 2011—Nittany Lion Inn, State College, PA
       C.      SLJ Summit—September 2011—TBA
       D.      National Book Festival—September 24-25, 2011—Washington, DC
       E.      PSLA Board Meeting—October 1, 2011—Lancaster Convention Center, Lancaster, PA
       F.      AASL Conference—October 22-27, 2011—Minneapolis, MN
       G.      ALA Midwinter Meeting—January 20-24, 2012—Dallas, TX
       H.      PSLA Board Meeting—January 28, 2012—Holiday Inn, Grantville, PA
       I.      PSLA Board Meeting—possibly via Skype for winter weather
       J.      PSLA 39th Annual Conference—April 12-14, 2012—Hershey, PA
       K.      PSLA Board Meeting—June 9, 2012—State College, PA
       L.      AASL Conference—November 14-17, 2012—Hartford, CT

X.     Adjournment
       A.     Bob McConnell moves for adjournment. Natalie Hawley seconds. Motion carries.
              Meeting was adjourned at 4:16 pm.

Exhibit A Budget
Exhibit B Updated Hershey contract
Exhibit C Proposed 2012 Conference schedule
Exhibit D ALA Legislative Day Report from John Emerick
Exhibit E 2011-2012 Leadership Project
Exhibit F Leadership Project list
Exhibit G Listserv Policy
Exhibit H 2011-12 Liaison List

PSLA Board Meeting                                                                June 11, 2011

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