; Indian Corruption
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Indian Corruption


Indian Corruption

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									The Alphabet of Indian Corruption

A is for Anna, and B is for Bill
C is for Corruption, the thing he wants to kill
D is for Delhi, where he goes on fasts
E is for Elections, where its shadows will be cast
F is Furore, a parliamentary whim
G is for Graft, corruption’s synonym
H is for Hunger Strike, lest fasts are misunderstood
I is for India, where millions do it sans food
J is for Jantar Mantar, where the action peaks
K is for Kiran, who for Anna shrieks
L is for Lokpal assuming the bill passes
M is for Media, where classes fox the masses
N is for Noise, the staple of protesters
M is for Mauritius, a haven for their detesters
O is for Overboard, the TV anchor’s style
P is for Politics, where posturing meets guile
Q is for Question Hour, where questions are a surprise
R is for the Rupee, which falls as bribes rise
S is (naturally) reserved for the word called scam
T is for Telecom, where money’s been made like spam
U is for Unperturbed, which politicians often are
V is for Vote, the thing that makes them care
W is for Whining, the sulking citizen’s pastime
X is for X-Files, which pop up all the time
Y is for You, and you’ve got to join the shake-up
Z is for Zzzzz, the sleep from which you must wake up!

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