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					                        The Newsletter for the Southwestern Ontario Chapter of the Society for
                        Technical Communication

                       The Quill
                        October 2001              Volume 13             Number 2 

Become a Sustaining Organization Member                                                          Some organizations that have
                                                                                                 invested in the future of the
                                                                                                 profession and become
                                                                                                 sustaining members:
Goldie, where are you when I need you?
by Ted Edwins, President
                                                                                                 Algonquin College Tech.
October is membership month and to celebrate, the Society will tack on the rest of 2001          Writer Program
to your 2002 membership for new members. Unlike a public television huckster, who teases         Lexmark International, Inc.
you with the upcoming conclusion to your favourite Monty Python episode, while attempting        Allen-Bradley Co., Inc.
to part you from some hard earned loonies, even though you know there isn't going to be
anything as good on the channel until the next pledge drive, by which time you'll have gone      Mobil Business Resources
as blind as a kat, staring at the boob tube while you eat your cold spam, spam, eggs, and
spam washed down with some warm Whatney's Red Barrel, I am not going to drone on and             NEC Corporation
on about the benefits of membership.                                                             Australian Centre Unisys
What I am going to do is encourage you to ask your organization to become a sustaining           Software (ACUS)
member. By becoming a sustaining organization member, a company can support professional         Novell Software Development
activities in the field of technical communication while enjoying the benefits of a tax          India, Ltd.
deduction.                                                                                       The Boeing Company
Sustaining organizations of the Society represent all facets of technical communication. Your    Novell, Inc., Developer
organization will have an active voice in the affairs of the Society through one of your         Information
organization's employees. The sustaining organization representative has all the rights and      Caterpillar Inc.
privileges of an individual member, including the right to run for elective office and vote in
elections.                                                                                       CYBERTEK Corp.
                                                                                                 Federal Express Corp.
The sustaining organization representative receives:
                                                                                                 Ricoh Co., Ltd.
­   discounts on STC's annual conference
­   group rate insurance                                                                         Fuji Xerox Co., Ltd.
­   Intercom -- STC's monthly magazine                                                           Siemens AG, Amberg
­   mailings from the local chapter -- meeting                                                   Sony Corp.
    announcements and newsletters
­ Special Interest Groups                                                                        Texas Instruments India Ltd.
­ Technical Communication -- STC's quarterly                                                     Hitachi, Technical
    journal.                                                                                     Communication
Your organization also receives a handsome,                                                      IBM Corp., Thomas J.
individually struck plaque designating your                                                      Watson Research Center
organization as a sustaining organization of the world's leading professional technical          J.D. Edwards
communication group -- STC.

What Are Sustaining Organization Dues?
An investment of $500 annually will bring your company the many benefits of sustaining           Contents
organization status in STC. Your contribution is tax deductible because STC is recognized
as an educational organization.                                                                  Adventures in Documentation ..... 2
                                                                                                 October is Membership Month .... 3
In addition, a portion of your annual sustaining organization contribution will be returned
                                                                                                 November General Meeting ......... 3
to your local chapter and used to further technical communication in your area.
                                                                                                 Gordon & Gordon Workshops ..... 4
How to Become a Sustaining Organization                                                          Volunteering the STC Way ........... 4
You can download the Sustaining Organization Brochure and Enrollment Form from the               Mentoring the Mentors ................ 5
Society website at If you have any questions about           Low Cost Single Sourcing ............ 5
membership, individual or sustaining, please contact our Membership Manager, Carrie              Putting Our Chapter on the Map . 6
Spira, at ×                                                                     Council Meeting Recap ............... 6
                                                                                                 Word Puzzles ............................. 7
                                         Adventures in Documentation
                                         Arguments for a paperless environment
Body Parts – the 1940’s                   by Opal Gamble
Taken from From Flappers to
Rappers, by By Tom Dalzell               Over the next few months we will be featuring a serialized article on the benefits of online
                                         documentation. Opal’s argument against paper considers intertexuality, delivery and update cycles,
                                         costs, the ‘wow’ factor, resistance, waste, and technology. Opal has had a lot of experience designing,
Jive-inspired youth slang of the
1940s had a prodigious vocabulary
                                         and implementing online documentation solutions for several local companies.
to describe parts of the body (the       The great paper debate has raged for years.           The reader has to flip through several pages to
frame), many based on the function
   STC Membership                        Paper is tangible. Solid. There’s something about     get to the table of contents for a chapter, and then
of the body part. No other decade        it that makes you feel like you’ve gotten your
Directory now Onlineslang                                                                      another 40 pages to get to the actual topic. It’s
can point to an anatomical               money’s worth. You can make notes in the
anywhere even vaguely as extensive                                                             not really a good way to encourage your reader
                                         margins; dog-ear pages you use frequently;            to continue to the next step. It is nightmarish task
as that of the 1940s. Starting from      highlight important information. There’s
the head and working down to the
                                         something reassuring about having that two-inch       for the writer, even with the functionality built into
toes:                                                                                          Microsoft Word to ease the process.
                                         thick Windows manual perched on your shelf,
Hair brush (a mustache), face lace       even if you do go out of your way to avoid            This is where online help has a distinct advantage.
(whiskers), moss.                        reading it.                                           One click puts readers at the next step, regardless
                                         And even in our                                       of the actual distance between the two topics in
The head: biscuit, dome, idea pot,
noggin and think-box                     pixel-based                                           the table of contents. If readers decide that the
                                         world, paper still                                    topic is not what they want to read, one click of
The face: index, knob (an ugly           rules. According                                      the browser’s Back button returns them to the
face), map, phiz, puss.                  to an article in                                      previous topic.
                                         National Post
Eyes blinkers, lamps, pies,              BUSINESS,                                             Maintenance of an online system is very, very
shutters (eye-lids), slanters,           paper                                                 simple for the writer. As long as the HTML page
spotters.                                consumption                                           name and file structure remains the same, the link
Ears: flippers, flops, lugs (large       has grown                                             stays valid. And many HTML help authoring
ears), mikes, sails.                     significantly in                                      systems automatically update the links if you
                                         our                                                   change the file name. Assuming, of course, that
The nose: handle (a large nose),         “paperless”
horn, schnozz, sneezer.                                                                        you change the name within the authoring
                                         environment: paper sales increase at 4—5% a           environment.
The mouth and environs: bone
                                         year. (Phelps 21)
box (mouth), chewers (teeth), chops                                                            Delivery and Update Cycles
(jaws), choppers (teeth), crumb          So, considering our society’s obvious obsession       The time it takes to write a manual is pretty
crunchers (teeth), snags (tonsils).      with paper and the clear advantages of paper          consistent. It doesn’t matter if you’re writing an
                                         documentation, why are technical communicators        online help system or a plain vanilla manual.
The neck: stretcher.                     moving away from hard copy manuals? It just           What counts is the time that elapses from the time
Shoulders and arms: brace o’             seems to go against the target market’s
                                                                                               the manual leaves your computer and arrives,
broads (shoulders), brace o’             preferences and against the predictions of many
                                                                                               finally, on the user’s desk.
hookers (arms), floppers (arms),         STC bigwigs.
hinges (elbows).                                                                               Printing takes time. A manual needs to be sent
                                         All in Favour Say Aye                                 carefully to a printer (don’t forget your fonts!),
Hands: dukes (fists), grabbers,          The shift makes much more sense in relation to        set, approved, printed, bound, and shipped. And
meat hooks, paddlers, paws.              the Internet’s growing influence. When even the       then you’ve still got to send it to your user.
Fingers: feelers, fish hooks, forks,     most technically uninspired employee can hook
hooks, pickers, stealers, wigglers.      up a modem and wheel-and-deal on eBay, the            The same 1000 page manual takes less than 3
                                         advantages of point and click online help become      minutes to compile into a customer-ready online
The chest, abdomen and                   more apparent. Online help systems:                   help system.
contents: bread basket (stomach),
clocker (heart), pail (stomach),         ­   ease intertextuality                              Fixing a typo or a technical mistake that slipped
pump (heart), ticker (heart).            ­   speed up the delivery cycle                       by your SME is often a major chore for hardcopy
                                         ­   speed up the update cycle                         documentation; major mistakes might go
Legs: drumsticks, pillars, prayer        ­   cost less—eventually                              uncorrected because a manual has gone to print.
dukes (knees), splits, stems, stumps,    ­   possess inherent ‘wow’ appeal.
uprights.                                                                                      Online documentation enables a quick fix, even
                                         Let’s take a closer look at the advantages of         if the manual has already shipped to the customer.
Feet: hocks, plates.                     online help in relation to hardcopy
                                         documentation.                                        How? Well, with a hardcopy manual, you have
Toes: ten (as in-it’s good to have                                                             to have the manual reprinted, and rebound. An
ten).                                    Intertextuality                                       online system, however, enables you to make
                                         Traditional manuals often contain references to       changes to a single page.
                                         other manuals or to other sections within that
                                         manual.                                               Continued on Page 7.

2                                       The Quill 13:2 Oct 01
                                                                                                                     STC SIGs
October is Membership Month
The Southwestern Ontario Chapter Welcomes You
by Carrie Spira, Membership Manager                                                                      The Flapper Intoxicated
If you’re not already a member of the STC,           can still renew their memberships after February
                                                     28th, however, these memberships are only           Bar none, no adjective has
consider becoming a member NOW!
                                                     good through December 31st of that year.            commanded more slang
When you join the STC on or after October 1st,                                                           synonyms over the ages than
you receive the rest of this year free.              For instance, if an inactive member did not
                                                     renew by February but renewed in August, the        “intoxicated.” Despite the 18th
Membership has its privileges, including:            membership is only good through December 31         Amendment and its novel
                                                     and the member is listed as a renewed member,       approach of augmenting the
­   discounts on the STC’s annual
                                                     not a reinstated member.                            Constitution to limit, not
­   Intercom — the STC’s monthly magazine            If you joined the STC on or after July 1st and      protect, a right, the consumption
­   association group rate insurance                 before October 1st of this year, you will receive   of alcohol to the point of
­   mailings from our local chapter such as          a 50% credit toward next year’s dues.               inebriation as a quest of the
    our award-winning newsletter, The Quill                                                              young was alive and well in the
­   special Interest groups                          Help Spread the Word                                1920s.
­   online competition entry fee discounts           You can help build our chapter’s membership
                                                     base by spreading the word about the STC and        To the Flapper, alcohol was
­   employment help with resumes and                 our chapter. You can:                                                 hooch,
                                                                                                         giggle water or hooch a
    cover letters
                                                     ­   Invite potential members to our monthly         consciously slangy word (derived
­   local professional development
                                                         general meetings. General meetings are          from the name of an Alaskan
    workshop entry fee discounts.
                                                         always free and open to everyone. There         Indian tribe, the Hoochinoo,
                                                         is no obligation to join the STC by             involved in the production and
To learn more about the many membership                  attending general meetings.
benefits available and download (or fill out                                                             transportation of bootleg liquor)
                                                     ­   Share a copy of The Quill with a
online) a membership application form, visit the         colleague, coworker, or friend. Pass The        that was not confined in usage to
STC website at                              Quill around work by leaving it in a            the Flapper; to lap was to drink,
                                                         lunchroom, meeting room, or Reception           most often at a gin mill
Renewing Your STC Membership                             area.                                           (speakeasy). To be half-cut or
Your STC membership runs from January 1st to         ­   Talk to people about the STC, its
                                                                                                         soaked with a bar rag was to
                                                         mission, and its function.
December 31st. Annual membership fees are            ­   Invite potential members or people              be pleasantly tipsy, while Flapper
due and payable on January 31st.                         interested in the STC to our chapter            slang to describe the state of full-
The STC office will send renewal notices in late         website: and to          blown alcohol intoxication
                                                         the main STC website:              included barreled,
November to all current STC members. All
unpaid members receive reminder notices in           For more information, or to share ideas on          bolognied, canned, crocked,
early February, and then final notices if they       how to attract new members, contact Carrie          fried, jammed, jiggered,
have not renewed by February 28th. Members           Spira at ×                         juiced, oiled, ossified, out
                                                                                                         like a light, pie-eyed,
                                                                                                         piffled, plastered, polluted,
November General Meeting                                                                                 potted, shellacked, shot,
                                                                                                         splifficated, stewed to the

Learning from experience                                                                                           tanked.
                                                                                                         hat, and tanked A Flapper who
                                                                                                         could hold her liquor was a non-
by Shannon Hilker, Program Manager                                                                       skid;
                                                                                                         skid a hip hound was a serious
                                                                                                         drinker; a drunken goof was a
Plan to attend the next general meeting            Jeff has been involved in Internet design and
                                                   development since 1994 and has acted as a             flask,
                                                                                                         flask and an apple alley was a
November 6th, when we’ll have Jeff Roach
                                                   consultant and project manager of over 1,000          drunk sailor.
speaking with us. Jeff Roach has aggressively
pursued digital design communications as an e-     internet marketing projects in the past seven
business consultant with Canadian                  years. Jeff’s experience as a marketer as well as
communications firms including Harvest Design      his past positions as Graphic Designer, Internet
and JWA. He is also a Certified Advertising        Designer, Art Director, Copywriter, Production
Agency Practioner through the Institute of         Manager, Media Director and Account Planner
                                                   allow him to fully understand every element of
Canadian Advertising.
                                                   developing an effective e-marketing strategy and
Jeff is the President and Creative Director of     deploying e-marketing tactics that work.
Build Interactive where he concentrates on
                                                   If you know someone who would make a great
helping corporations develop integrated brand      speaker at one of our general meetins, contact
marketing strategies via the Web.                  Shannon Hilker at ×

                                                                               The Quill 13:2 Oct 01                                    3
     New Yuppie Words
                                          Gordon & Gordon Workshops
                                           Hosted by STC Montreal
Fat or Slim?                               by Howard Kiewe
The Healthy Weight Journal and             STC Montreal invites you to participate in the              Writing Brochures and White Papers
the National Council Against               following exciting workshops presented by                   Speaker: Gordon Graham
Health Fraud announce their tenth          Gordon & Gordon in October:
annual Slim Chance Awards today.
The Slim Chance Awards are                                                                             Just about every high-tech company needs
                                           Documenting APIs and SDKs                                   brochures and white papers. They need glossy
designed to draw attention to what
the two groups consider the worst
                                           Speaker: Manuel Gordon                                      brochures to create interest in their products,
fad diets and weight loss gimmicks.                                                                    along with white papers that explain their
                                           Documenting SDKs isn’t easy, and it’s not for               technology.
As you probably know, not an awful
                                           everyone. But it is a highly sought-after skill. It’s
lot separates a slim chance and a fat                                                                  So there’s lots of work out there writing these
                                           work that will earn you respect, both from other
chance. A slim chance is small or                                                                      materials. The only problem is: there are no rules
scanty, while a fat chance is
                                           writers and from programmers. And it’s one of the           to follow and no standards to refer to.
practically nonexistent. That slang        best-paying gigs in our industry.
                                                                                                       This workshop introduces these two common
sense of fat is one of the word’s few      Sure, it’s a tough job, but somebody’s got to do it.
senses that doesn’t have a close
                                                                                                       marketing materials, with real-world examples
                                           Why not you? Or if you’re a publications manager,
relationship to largeness or heft.                                                                     and guidelines on how to create each type. The
                                           why not that hotshot in your department?                    exercises involve analyzing, planning, and writing
Inveterate wordlovers know that our        At this revealing 2-day workshop you will learn             sample brochures and white papers.
lexicon is fat with faddish synonyms       how to work with software developers to create
for food. It’s easy to see where eats                                                                  When? Friday, October 26, 2001 from 8:30
                                           useful documentation for application programming            AM to 4:30 PM
comes from, while it’s difficult to        interfaces and software development kits.
stomach the idea that the food-grub                                                                    Where? At the Maritime Plaza Hotel, Montreal
is related to the same grub that           When? Monday, October 22 and Tuesday,                       1155 Guy (corner of René-Lévesque
names the short, thick, wormlike larva     October 23, 2001from 8:30 AM to 4:30 PM
of an insect.                                                                                  STC members receive a 10% discount, and an
                                           Where? At the Maritime Plaza Hotel, Montrea         additional early registration discount of 5% if they
Victuals, spelled either “victuals” or     1155 Guy (corner of René-Lévesque)
                                                                                               sign up before September 21.
“vittles,” comes from the Latin term
for “nourishment” or “sustenance”
                                           For more information or to register, visit You can also contact the
(and which itself comes from the           workshop coordinator, Lysanne Gagnon, through email at or phone
Latin verb meaning “to live”). The         at 450-628-7540. ×
idea of tucking into a good meal
inspired the noun tuck meaning
“food,” especially “sweet foods,”
such as pastry, jam, and candy. But
                                           Volunteering the STC Way
the verb chowing down came after
the noun chow. That word was               Your time and skills can make a difference
cooked up (or should we say it’s a
reduction?) from the longer                by Lori Shantz
chowchow . In Chinese Pidgin
English chowchow means “food”; in          The STC Southwestern Ontario Volunteer                  and portfolio material. For intermediate technical
English, chowchow refers to either a       Committee is looking to match skilled                   communicators, it can provide the creative output
Chinese preserve with heavy syrup          volunteers to community organizations                   you’ve been longing for. And for senior technical
or a relish with mustard sauce.
                                           that need the expertise of technical                    communicators, volunteering in a mentoring
                                           communicators in the following areas:                   capacity or editing the work of an inexperienced
                                                                                                   technical communicator develops valuable
                                           ­   Writing                                             management skills. Regardless of experience,
                                           ­   Editing                                             volunteering looks good on your resume and
                                           ­   Design and graphics                                 raises awareness of the STC!
                                           ­   Database management
                                           ­   Web design and management                           The Volunteer Committee is looking for technical
                                           Community Benefits                                      communicators of all experience levels who are
                                           With very little resources available, community         willing to share their time and skills with a not-for-
                                           organizations rely on volunteers to help with           profit community organization. You don’t have to
                                           everything from creating brochures, newsletters,        commit to a huge amount of time, even a couple
                                           and marketing materials, to providing advice for        of hours a month makes a difference.
                                           design and web issues. They benefit
                                           considerably from the contributions of                  For more information on volunteer possibilities
                                           knowledgeable professionals, and the free help          with the STC Southwestern Ontario, please send
                                           is greatly appreciated!                                 an email expressing your interest to Lori Shantz
                                           STC Member Benefits                                     ( She’ll carefully match
                                           For novice technical communicators,                     your skills and interests with those needed by a
                                           volunteering provides valuable work experience          local organization. ×

 4                                       The Quill 13:2 Oct 01
Mentoring the Mentors
The Management SIG
by Catherine McNair
                                                                                                               You can’t not like this...
Pamela Rand, Documentation group manager at a large tech company, has to find ways to cut expenses.            A not unfunny anecdote about
Significantly cut expenses. She’d love to do it without layoffs—but is that possible?                          teaching English grammar goes like
Dominique Disario has had a good day. Her Documentation team not only met the deadline, but they did           this: a teacher explains that two
it with time to spare, and with little overtime. Such an improvement over the chaos and stress of trying       negatives cancel each other out and
to meet deadlines when she first became manager. She’d love to share what she has learned.                     make a meaning positive, not
Robert Chomsky is at his wit’s end. The tension between the two other writers he works with reached a          negative. For example, when a person
head today, ending in tears. As senior writer of the group, he feels he should do something. But the whole     says I don’t have no money, he or she
situation makes him so uncomfortable.                                                                          is truly saying they do have money.
                                                                                                               The teacher concludes the lesson by
Need advice? Have advice?
                                                                                                               noting that two positives don’t have
                 If you’re an STC member who is also a manager or a senior writer, and you can relate          the same effect; that is, two positives
                 to the situations above (all fictitious), or others like them, the Management SIG might be    don’t make a negative. That’s when a
                 for you. Personnel, budgets, schedules, mentoring, work processes, office politics—these      student in the back row pipes up with
                 sorts of issues all fall under the umbrella of what gets discussed at Management SIG          a sardonic yeah, right.
                                                                                                               Just as the student’s remark
                 To protect the privacy of those we work with, meeting minutes are never taken, and            illustrates that sometimes two
participants avoid referring to specific individuals by name (or by other distinguishing characteristics).     positives can make a negative, today
Meetings are arranged via email, but discussions are not held that way.
                                                                                                               we offer a different (and more
Think you might be interested? Want to find out more? You can check out the Management SIG page at             positive) perspective on the place of or get in touch with me at                                the double, or multiple, negative. No extra fee is required, and you can participate as much or as little as you
like. ×                                                                                                        We begin by admitting that the
                                                                                                               double negative is not a prestige

Low Cost Single Sourcing                                                                                       form. It won’t impress the boss or the
                                                                                                               in-laws. But the construction does
                                                                                                               serve two important functions: it can

One company’s success story                                                                                    be a weak affirmative, an
                                                                                                               understatement in which an
by Susie Simon-Daniels                                                                                         affirmative is expressed by the
                                                                                                               negative of the contrary (such as
On Tuesday, September 4, the Southwestern            Next, they separated common content (such as              when we termed our anecdote not
Ontario Chapter of the STC welcomed Tim              installation instructions, safety messages, the           unfunny ).
Grantham to speak on single-sourcing.                glossary, and so on) from content that varied from
The goal of single-sourcing is to devise a method    robot to robot (such as hardware diagrams and             And the multiple negative also acts
where one piece of information or one set of         maintenance information).                                 as an emphatic negative, as in our I
instructions is repurposed in various                In very simple terms, Tim structured one document         don’t have no money example.
documents—whether paper or online.                   with the common text and then, using FrameMaker’s         Writers from William Shakespeare
                                                     conditional text feature, inserted the appropriate text   to William Faulkner have applied the
Tim, supervisor of documentation and training                                                                  multiple negative to great effect, and
for CRS Robotics Corporation, shared his             and images depending on the equipment that Tim
                                                     was documenting. One model of a robotic arm had           the construction predates Chaucer.
experiences of when his company adopted a
single-source approach to its documentation.         essentially the same manual as another model of a         But after grammarians began
CRS manufactures various robotics including          robotic except for those chunks of conditional text       applying the rules of Latin grammar
robotic arms used in DNA research in science         and images. Once the document was assembled in            to English in the 18th century, the
labs.                                                FrameMaker, Tim ported it to print, online                disowned (and already disappearing)
                                                     (Quadralay WebWorks Publisher) and PDF (Adobe             usage became associated with the
CSR employs about 100 people and, at the             Acrobat).                                                 speech of less-educated folks.
beginning of the project, just one technical
writer—Tim. While he lobbied for the importance      Tim shares these lessons learned. Single-sourcing:        Taken from Merriam-Webster’s
of single-source methodology, Tim faced the          ­ lowers on-going maintenance costs                       Dictionary of English Usage.
usual challenges: not enough time, not enough        ­ allows for flexible output to multiple media
people, not enough money.                            ­ permits customized publishing
When he arrived on the job, Tim inherited            ­ sets the stage for transition to XML/SGML
dozens of documents written in Microsoft Word        ­ requires documents designed for different media
that were already out-of-date. He knew had to        ­ requires a good knowledge of all the tools in
find a better way because no one person could             use.
manage that many rapidly changing documents.         Tim’s experience is proof that you need not invest
After developing a business case, influencing the    hundreds of thousands of dollars for an enterprise
stakeholders and at one point threatening to quit,   solution to single-source. Anyone can do it with
Tim succeeded in convincing CSR to adopt a           careful planning, excellent knowledge of the tools
single-source methodology.                           you use and a solid understanding of your content.
Tim and his team (as it blossomed from one to        The meeting officially ended with Tim drawing a winner
more than one) chose to author in Adobe              for the door prize. However, many folks lingered for
FrameMaker, use Quadralay WebWorks                   refreshments and conversation while council members
Publisher 2000 to produce HTML and WebHelp           drummed up support for the Technical Communications
and then Adobe Acrobat to produce PDFs.              Competition. ×

                                                                                 The Quill 13:2 Oct 01                                      5
      Job Ad Translations
                                            Putting Our Chapter on the Map
                                            Please welcome our new council member
Can you translate the                       by Debbie Kerr, Public Relations Manager
following?                                  Hi everyone! My name is Debbie Kerr, and I am the          e-mails, posters, and ads in newspapers, one of
These are all common clichés, sayings       new Public Relations Manager for the Southwestern          the most effective methods will still be word of
                                            Ontario Chapter.                                           mouth.
or other things you have heard before.
 The answers are on the sidebar of          I am a senior member of the STC, and I wrote my            In fact, you all can be public relations managers
Pade 7.
                                            first manual in 1982 for the Ministry of Community         for the STC, the Southwestern Ontario Chapter,
                                            and Social Services. Since then, I have worked for
                                            places like IBM Canada, Ministry of Revenue,               and the entire technical communication profession.
1. Scintillate, scintillate, diminutive
                                            Ministry of Transportation, Liquor Control Board           Talk about your profession to others. Include
luminous mass.
                                            of Ontario (LCBO), and Kmart Canada. For the               Technical Communication as a career choice
2. Members of an avian species of           last five years, I have worked for MDR Switchview,         when your children ask what they can be when they
identical plumage congregate.               which produces the software and provides the               grow up. Participate in career days or job
                                            services that help companies to reduce their telecom       shadowing. Be proud of what you do!
3. Surveillance should preceded
                                            and data network costs.
saltation.                                                                                             If you have any other ideas about how to get the
                                            In addition to my “paying job”, my job as our              word out, you can either reach me at
4. Pulchritude possesses solely             chapter’s Public Relations Manager is to get the  or at (519)
cutaneous profundity.                       word out. While some of this will be accomplished
                                                                                                       746-4460 ext. 725. ×
                                            using Web postings,
5. It is fruitless to become lachry-
mose over lacteal fluid that is
inadvertently flowing and hence            Council Meetings
6. Freedom from incrustation of
                                            Council 2
grim is preceded in paramount only
                                            by Opal Gamble, Co-recorder
by rectitude.                               During a very efficient and prompt meeting at          Treasury
                                            Campana Systems, the council discussed:          George has the chapter finances well contained,
7. It is fatuous to attempt to              Competition                                      and requests that all portfolio managers contact
indoctrinate a superannuated canine         Karen says that the competition planning is      him by the next council meeting to confirm his
with innovative maneuvers.                  going well; those interested in participating in estimated budget for this year. If you need a copy
                                            the competition should submit entries to RIM by of the preliminary budget, contact George.
8. All articles that coruscate with         October 3, care of Yvonne. The judge training Miscellaneous
resplendence are not truly aurifer-         day date will be announced shortly (according    Ted raised some issues about advertising for a
ous.                                        to the chapter website, the training day is      company that currently provides Canadian STC
                                            Saturday, October 27).                           members with disability insurance. Council
9. Finicalness on the part of
                                            Program                                          members made a few suggestions about
mendicants is interdicted.                  Shannon is working on a progression for a        appropriate methods of advertising the service.
10. A plethora of those with culinary       general meeting. Anyone who is willing to be an
                                            expert for the night and speak about an          The council agreed to place a message on the
expertise vitiated the potable              authoring tool should contact Shannon.           chapter home page expressing our condolences to
substance produced by decocting                                                              those affected by the events of September 11.
certain comestibles.                        Education
                                            Heather and Janice have narrowed the speakers          And so wraps up another exciting council meeting. If
11. Eleemosynary deeds have their           down to two very tough choices. While the              you are interested in volunteering for a committee, or
incipience intramurally.                    contenders are top secret right now, expect            are willing to take on one of the remaining council
                                            news about education day soon!                         positions, contact Ted Edwins at×
                                           Join us on the council
                                            Get involved in the decision-making process at our monthly council meetings.
                                            This year, meetings are being held at Campana Systems Inc.,
                                            99 Randall Drive, Waterloo.
                                            When you arrive, please enter from the rear of the building.

                                            Getting there
                                            Directions from Toronto:
                                            From Hwy 401 West. take Hwy 7/8 North to Kitchener. Follow
                                            Hwy 7 East, then exit north on Hwy 86 to Waterloo. Exit on
                                            Northfield Drive and merge right. Then, turn right on Weber
                                            Street (2nd set of lights).
                                            Turn right on Randall Drive (1st street). The entrance to
                                            Campana (99 Randall Drive)is on the right, just before the
                                            railway tracks (in the Pressworks Technology Park).

6                                         The Quill 13:2 Oct 01
 Word Puzzles - Test Your Vocabulary                                                                 Translations
  by Meredith Ballaban
  Are your friends and family intimidated by the words you use? Test your vocabulary
  by choosing a definition below. Then see if you can work these words into casual
  conversation.                                                                         Translations
                                                                                        (from previous side pane)
  1. Weir                                    5. Aegis                                   1. Twinkle, twinkle, little star.
     a. Oddball                                 a. difficulty
     b. Groupie                                                                         2. Birds of a feather flock together.
     c. Flexed                                  b. duress
                                                c. religious                            3. Look before leaping.
     d. Small dam                               d. sponsorship                          4. Beauty is only skin deep.
  2. Welter
                                                                                        5. Don’t cry over spilled milk.
      a. To whip                             6. Caldera
      b. To wallow                                                                      6. Cleanliness is next to Godliness.
      c. To run away                            a. a mall
                                                                                        7. You can‘t teach an old dog new
      d. Primitive shelter                      b. a type of volcano
                                                c. deadly spider                        tricks.
  3. Whorl                                      d. eclipse                              8. All that glitters is not gold.
      a. Coiled form
      b. Wind                                                                           9. Beggars can’t be choosers.
      c. Whirlpool                                                                      10. Too many cooks spoil the soup.
      d. Wig
                                                                                        11. Good deeds begin at home.
  4. Orismology
      a. Science of defining technical terms
      b. Branch of entomology that deals with
      c. Science of glaciers and ice caps
      d. Study of human action and conduct

b- volcano.
technical terms. 5. d – sponsorship, 6.
Coiled form, 4. a - Science of defining
Small dam, 2. b- To wallow, 3. a-
Answers to Word Puzzle: 1. d-

 Continued from Page 2
 (Adventures in Docuementation)
 That HTML page can then be sent to
 your customers, whether via email, a
 patch CD, or as a download from the
 corporate website.
 This ability also enables writers to keep
 manuals up to date at all times. If a
 change is made to a piece of software,
 the writer can update the appropriate
 HTML topics and recompile the online
 help system immediately. As a result,
 whoever is responsible for distributing
 the software and online help to
 customers can ensure that the most up
 to date version goes with the software.
 Join us next month when we continue
 this article, and uncover more interesting
 tidbits about online documentation. ×

                                                                The Quill 13:2 Oct 01                                       7
What is the Quill?                         STC Southwestern Ontario
The Quill is the official newsletter
of the Southwestern Ontario
chapter of the Society for Technical
                                                            for 2001-2002
                                           Council Contacts PEOPLE
Communication (STC). The Quill
is published in Waterloo, Ontario
monthly, except in January, July, and                           The council wants you! Contact council members
August, and distributed free to all                             to volunteer now.        
local STC members. Material in this
publication may be reprinted,
provided the author and the
Southwestern Ontario chapter of
the STC are acknowledged. All
readers are welcome to submit short        President                       Webmaster                 Student Liaison (UW)
articles, letters, and other interesting   Ted Edwins                      Stephen Burke             Opal Gamble
items relevant to technical communi-       
cation to the editor,                      519.822.2417                    519.748.4575 ext 266      519.883.0833 Please submit                                                                       University of Waterloo
items by one week prior to the date        Vice-President                  E-mail List Manager       Liaison
of the general meeting.                    Vacant                          Paul Kostiuk              Paul Beam
                                                                           519.748.4575 ext 258
                                           Past President
                                           Lynda Baxter
Who are the Quill?                             Hospitality Manager
                                           519.836.0834                    Leo Petipas               Volunteer Co-ordinator
                                                                     Lori Shantz
Editor: Andrea Braniff                                                     519.744.8449    
Copyeditor: Margie Yundt                   Treasurer
Word Puzzles: Meredith Ballaban            George Zador
                                              Education Committee       519.741.7824
Print manager: Andrea Braniff
                                           519.742.7984                    Co-manager
Distribution: Barbara Girling
                                                                           Janice Hlinka             Employment Manager
Contributor: Shannon Hilker                                                 Heidi Marr
Comic Strip Artist: Vacant
                                           Membership Manager              519.747.5222 ext 302
                                           Carrie Spira                                              519.886.8816
                                                                           Education Committee
                                                                           Co-manager                Quill Editor
                                           Public Relations Manager                                  Andrea Braniff
                                           Debbie Kerr                     Heather Martin
Contributors                                                  519.747.5222 ext 277
                                           519.746.4460 ext 725            519.747.5222 ext 248
Ted Edwins, Opal Gamble,
Carrie Spira, Shannon                                                                                Auxiliary Mailing List
Hilker, Howard Kiewe, Lori                 Scholarship Manager             Co-recorder
                                                                           Opal Gamble               Co-ordinator
Shantz, Catherine McNair,                  Brian Gamble                                              Barb Girling
and Susie Simon-Daniels.                                                                   
                                           519.884.1710                    519.883.0833
Advertising                                                                Co-recorder               Canadian Issues
                                           Competition Manager
To submit advertising, please consult      STC Toronto                     Terry Shantz              Committee Representative
with the editor,                                   Leanne Logan
Advertising combining text and             Program Manager                 519.722.4166    
graphics must be supplied in graphic
                                           Shannon Hilker
                                                  Student Liaison (WLU)
format.                                                                    Terry Shantz
                                           519.747.5222 ext 263
Business     card $10
1/4 page     $30
($20 for 3   or more issues)
1/2 page     $40
($30 for 3   or more issues)
Full page    $80
($60 for 3   or more issues)


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