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									Tips when Buying Sports Cars: Consider Safety Features

When buying a sports car, you should consider how safe it is to drive. There are two kinds of safety features
that you need to consider: functional safety and inactive safety.

Functional safety requires the features to prevent the automobiles from accidents. This includes efficient
brakes, responsive grips and reliable suspension. Below are some of these functional safety features. You
should be aware of each feature so that you know when you have spotted your ideal sports car.

ELECTRONIC STABILITY SYSTEMS. This feature has the ability to sense when a car is out of control
and intercedes the wheels by using discriminatory braking to specific wheels. It includes the traction
controls and anti-lock brake system. This feature is seen mostly on luxury sports cars as it is expensive.

ANTI-LOCK BRAKING SYSTEM or ABS lets automobiles to halt quickly and still continue to be easy to
maneuver. Anti-lock brake systems are activated by using intense pressure so you need to learn how to do
this. Do not just rely on moderate pressure to avoid sliding.

Effective TRACTION HANDLING helps cars maintain their grip even during acceleration. This feature is
mostly suggested for rear-wheels as it helps reduce clog and the use of power-assisted brakes to a rotating

On the other hand, inactive safety features are those that protect the driver and other passengers whenever
the functional safety features are unsuccessful. This includes the following:

Adjustable headrests are better called head restraints because this prevents the driver’s head from snapping
back and forth when there is a collision. It should be compatible with the occupants’ height to be more

Most vehicles have airbags for a safety feature. Cars that have airbags for all passengers and cover the front
and sides are ideal and important.

When you go for a test drive, remember to check the distance of the airbag from you - the most reliable gap
is 10 inches away from the airbag. In order to do so, move the seat back to a relaxed position and check to
make sure there is 10 inches between the airbag and yourself.

Seat belts are also an important feature in car safety. You should also check and make certain that there are
workable seat belts. Seat belts can help save you and your family in case of car accidents. Make sure that the
vehicle has adjustable shoulder belts so that the belt can be adjusted to correspond to the passenger’s height.

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