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									NARUTO™: Path of the Ninja™ 2

FACT SHEET for Nintendo DS™

TOMY Corporation and D3Publisher present NARUTO: Path of the Ninja 2, the latest in
the popular RPG videogame series this fall as Naruto and his friends take on a brand-
new mission. The completely original storyline will test the resolve of aspiring ninja
everywhere as they use the DS Touch Screen to explore the world, solve puzzles, and
unleash devastating jutsu attacks. The expanded roster features 30 playable characters
from VIZ Media’s hit television series NARUTO, currently running on Cartoon
Network. Improvements to the battle system will give players more options than ever
before as they make use of the newly-added Squad Leader and Ninja Tag systems. For
those who want to test their mettle against fellow ninja, NARUTO: Path of the Ninja 2
will also provide the opportunity to earn points and special ninja cards as players prove
their strength over Nintendo Wi-Fi by challenging players in all 50 states, Mexico, and

   All-new, original storyline – Players guide Naruto and his squad as they
     attempt to complete a brand-new mission and battle never-before-seen enemies.

      Extensive character roster – With thirty different characters to choose from and
       the new Squad Leader and Ninja Tag systems, players have more squad-building
       options than ever before.

      Take command with the DS Touch Screen and microphone – Players can use
       the Touch Screen and microphone to explore the world, navigate menus, solve
       puzzles, and unleash devastating melee and jutsu attacks in the heat of battle.

      Test your reflexes – Travel across a wide variety of maps and test your reflexes
       with side-scrolling adventure sequences that allow players to move quickly from
       one area to the next.
      Wi-Fi multiplayer action – Newly added Wi-Fi multiplayer gives aspiring ninja
       the chance to challenge friends across all 50 states, Canada, and Mexico as they
       earn points, special ninja cards, and bragging rights by unlocking region-specific
       cards. Gamers can also collect extra points by playing during “Bonus Hour” on
       Saturdays between 10 AM – 4 PM PST.

Publisher:                 TOMY Corporation

Distributed by:            D3Publisher

Developer:                 TOMY Corporation

Release Date:              October 2008

Platform:                  Nintendo DS™

ESRB Rating:               Rating Pending (expected E10+)

Contact:                   Rannie Yoo


                           (415) 955-8521


                           Paula Adams


                           (310) 231-8782


                           Michael Cerven
                           (310) 231-5848

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