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Academical Instant Messaging System Deploying Instant Messaging


									                                          Academic Instant Messaging System
                                                    Deploying Instant Messaging Over an Existing Session Initiation Protocol and
                                                      LDAP Service Infrastructure Using the Message Session Relay Protocol
                                                                                   João Antunes, Instituto Superior Técnico
                                                                           Fernando Silva, Instituto Superior Técnico/INESC -ID
                                                                                   Technical University of Lisbon, Portugal
                              Motivation:                                                           Features:                      4
    Instant Messaging (IM) systems represent a powerful, new, and efficient
                                                                                        Based on the IST's existing SIP
   form of communication through the Internet;
                                                                                       infrastructure - fully integrated with its
    Instant Messaging as a powerful multimedia collaboration mechanism;               current services and offering all of SIP's
    Public IM systems rely on personal dissemination of IM addresses                  potential;
     › Mandatory account creation of public IM system;                                  No explicit registration required - service
    Integration of IM systems with existing IdP and directory services provide        is automatically available to all the
   automatic IM access to all registered users;                                        academic community;
                                                                                        Provide an intuitive and client integrated
                                                                                       way to search and add users in IST's
                                                                                       community through an available directory
                                                                           2           service;
                          Implementation:                                               Designed to be a non disruptive and
           IM implementation based on existing SIP infrastructure;                    unifying IM system;
           Based on SIP Instant Messaging and Presence Leveraging                       › Possible integration with other IM
          Extensions (SIMPLE);                                                           systems, providing easy access to users
                                                                                         that already have accounts on other IM
           File transfer [1] based on Message Session Relay Protocol
          (MSRP) protocol;
                                                                                        100% Open Source system;
           Development of a general purpose Message Session Relay
          Protocol (MSRP) Java client library;                                          Android compatible - chosen IM client
                                                                                       with an existing functional android
           Add Lightweight Directory Access Protocol (LDAP) query client
          [2] capabilities to Sip-Communicator;
           Integrate MSRP functionalities in Sip-Communicator;

                                                                    3                                                        5                                                            6
                  MSRP client library features:                                                   Discussion:                                             References:
                  General purpose library [3] - providing a useful tool                   Improvements;                                  [1] Anthony Schmitt, “SIP Communicator GSoC 08 - File
                 not only to IM systems;                                                   Full open source IM solution fully             transfer project “ -
                   › Unleashing all of the MSRP potential:                                integrated with existing directory               [2] Sebastian Mazy, “Support for LDAP” -
                     oFair usage;                                                         service;                               
                                                                                           Future work:                                   [3] João Antunes, “Java MSRP general purpose client
                     oRelay extensions compatible;
                                                                                            › Desktop sharing capabilities;                library”,
                     oTLS compatible;

                                                                                                                                                                      the support of:

                                                                     The Sip-Communicator community                                                                            

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