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					New York Fun Freebies for the Family

New York City, other than being the city that never sleeps is also an excellent vacation destination. If you're
considering a New York Vacation but worried about the selection or availability of great family activities in
which to participate, let me put your mind to rest. There are many family activities in New York City that
will appeal to all ages from toddlers to teens. Some of these great activities are surprisingly easy on the
pocketbook despite New York City's reputation for being an expensive place to live and/or visit.

There are many ways the careful planner can enjoy many of this great cities attractions for little or no cost.
Most museums offer free admission one night or day each week. Check around and plan your trip to that
particular museum on the free days and evenings. Additionally, several of the museums offer a 'pay what
you wish' policy, which allows you to offer a donation for entrance rather than having a set price that would
exclude many from visiting. Visiting museums are a great way for everyone in your family to gain some
cultural insight from their New York City visit while the free nights make this experience rather easy on the

In addition to these museums you can also experience the technology of tomorrow at the Sony Wonder
Technology Lab at no cost or take a stroll down the boardwalk of Coney Island. In the winter, try ice-skating
in Rockefeller Center. If you have the time and inclination Queens County Farm Museum offers free
admission (with the exception of special events so be sure to check) and provides the family with a step back
in time.

To really take a bite out of the Big Apple try the market at Union Square Green Market. In addition to fresh
fruits and vegetables you will find all kinds of yummy goodies to eat and drink. There are also many
walking tours some guided (these tend to cost money) and many self guided tours you can take through the
neighborhoods of New York as well as some historic walking tours.

For a truly historical experience visit Federal Hall National Memorial. Admission is free and you will be
able to view American History at its core. This is the place where George Washington took the oath of
office and our form of democracy was born. For any American history buff or school aged child this is one
of the must see freebies available in New York City. Other national parks in New York City that are of
interest historically include Ellis Isle, the Statue of Liberty, Grant's Tomb, and Fort Wadsworth. Each of
these parks offer free admission to the general public and make a great place for the entire family to not only
visit and enjoy but also to learn about our history.

Wave Hill is another great place to visit. This tour is free during the week otherwise is it $4 for adults and $2
for children. Regardless of whether you go during the week or on the weekend it is still an excellent value
for the price of your visit.

Of course this is only a small sample of the many free and low priced things to do in this great city. You will
definitely want to wear comfortable walking shoes for the many miles your feet will take you in this
fascinating city. In addition to the many family activities mentioned above, New York City is home to some
of the world's finest parks, which also offer free recreational and cultural experiences to their visitors.
I highly recommend that you pay careful attention to try and plan activities that are free and activities that
cost little money with those other can't miss activities in similar areas. This will save time (a very big
commodity when traveling around New York City) and the money you would pay in transportation fees.
Planning your trip ahead of time is one of the most economical decisions you can make. This doesn't mean
that you can't be flexible if you see something when you get there, just that you have a pretty good idea of
the things you really want to do balanced with the reality of the budget with which you have to do them all.
The most important thing to do is have fun!



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