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					                                                      Hixon Parish Council
                                                   Minutes of Parish Council Meeting Tuesday October 18th 2011
     In attendance for all or part of the meeting:
     Cllr B McKeown (Chair), Cllr R Tonge, Cllr Mrs S McKeown, Cllr Mrs C Hassall, Cllr G Tummey, Cllr P Hopcroft, Cllr D Sephton.

    Members of the public: See list of people signing as In Attendance.

     Ref         Item                                                                                                                                          Action
     001/11      Apologies received from: Cllr J Carmichael and members of the Public: Cllr J Tabernor, Cllr L Bloomer.                                          -

     002/11      Cllr R Tonge declared an interest in a planning application not on the agenda (due to late arrival): 11/16220/FUL Rear extension to Unit         -
                 16A at Hixon Airfield Estate .
     005/11      Minutes of meeting of September 20th 2011 were accepted as accurate.                                                                             -
     026/10      Survey on Rural Exception Housing from Housing Plus and Stafford & Rural Homes: Representatives of S&RH/Housing Plus to                       Cllrs.
                 speak: Charlie Riley and John Lancaster attended. The survey has indicated a need for 7 houses. The next step is for the Parish
                 Council to decide whether or not it wants to proceed with providing these rural exception homes. If yes, a site needs to be identified -
                 The PC can put forward sites for consideration or John will look around the village, find suitable sites himself and put these forward to
                 the PC. The PC, land owner and planning department all have to agree the site. For 7 houses it would be more cost effective to have
                 them all on one site. Funding for the build would be organised by Housing Plus/S&RH. Timeframe of 3-31/2 years from first
                 discussions to homes being ready for occupation is normal. Action: PC to decide whether or not to proceed with building the houses.

     067/09      Speed and Highway Safety in Hixon. Includes Lea Heath (081/09). It was decided to go ahead with setting up Speedwatch and it was                All
                 agreed to purchase the equipment with a budget of ca. £1100. Chris Mitchell will supply maps and details of "off-the-shelf" schemes if
                 he can find any suitable. It was agreed to try and get agreement to increase precept to cover cost of traffic calming schemes - prepare
                 and distribute leaflets to give the proposals and encourage attendance at next meeting - November 15th, 7pm start.

     037/11      Stafford Borough LDF - Consultation. Chair to prepare response based on response to original LDF proposals, deadline October 21st             Chair
                 at 12 noon.
     051/10      JBM - use of outside storage area, pylons, lighting - planning application. Objection has been sent in - we will be informed when           Chair/Clerk
                 committee meeting is, to allow representation.
     064/10      Bus service changes -Awaiting response from Charles Soutar. Let Colwich PC know his response when it arrives.                                 Clerk

     021/09 & Playing fields: Awaiting money back from the insurance company.                                                                                  Clerk
     097/07      Allotments: Allotment society have requested that the sponsor signboard is put on the vehicle gate, facing outwards. Could it be put on       Chair
                 posts a side of gate, so it can be seen from outside when gate is open? Logo has now been provided (choice of four). Signboard to be

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     063/08 & Walk leaflets: Leaflets have been updated with details provided - Cllr Carmichael to provide changes for Hixon Doorstep Walk to Clerk.                   Cllr Carmichael
     201/06      Disputed Land at Hammonds Croft: Awaiting confirmation from householders that Transfer Form is available.                                                    -
     046/09      Publicity for Compass magazine - Chair to provide monthly articles by 2nd Monday in the month. Chair to write article re Sycamore                          Chair
                 Drive Play Area for Compass.
     074/09      Revamp of playing field play areas: Sponsor signboard to be prepared.                                                                                      Chair

     094/09      Land Registry: Checking which bits of land are registered as owned by Hixon Parish Council. Clerk and Chair may need to visit                        Clerk/Cllr Sephton
                 William Salt library to find reference to playing field as it is unregistered. Hammonds Croft and Sycamore Drive land title registers
                 purchased - OK.. Ridgeway OS is registered, Lauder Grove is unregistered, Church Road is unregistered, Meadowglade is
                 unregistered. Car Park is registered, Greenfields and Featherbed Lane are unregistered. Need to change some title registers from
                 Stowe PC to Hixon PC. Clerk and Cllr Sephton to look through old files stored at back of Memorial Hall.
     101/09      Car Park light: Agreed to pursue low level (bollard type) light. Will need to tap off Memorial Hall electricity supply via meter. Clerk to            Cllr. Carmichael
                 obtain further quotes for all the work (try for 3 quotes). Try to get sorted before evenings are dark. Waiting for final specifiction from
                 Cllr. Carmichael.
     108/09      Village Competion etc.: Presentation evening held 17th October.                                                                                              -
     039/10      Blocked "footpath" on Hixon Airfield Estate and Section 53 application: Section that is blocked is unofficial path. Chair will be liaison                  Chair.
                 person with John Lameris and Stowe by C PC for section 53 matters. John is trying to get statements from walkers/users of the
                 airfield footpaths for the past 20 years. Once application submitted, if it is granted (say in several years time), then land would have to
                 be put back to how it was at the time application submitted. Chair to contact Roly about using Paul Spivey to assist with application and
                 to put him in contact with John Lameris and Tom Lyons. Chair to lisiase with Cllr Tonge re completing a form stating usage of airfield
                 for walking.
     061/10      HR Working Group: Dealt with In Camera, Clerk not present.                                                                                    Cllrs.Tummey, Sephton, Hopcroft.
     030/11       Air & Ground Planning Application call-in. This has not been included on the agenda for the Planning Committee meeting so far.                       Clerk to monitor.

     036/11      Problem with land on bend on Egg Lane: Ask if there is anything landowner can do to make it more attractive (grass, low growing                              -
                 plants). The landowner had replied to the letter from the PC and was present for Public Participation, see below.
     038/11      Planter maintenance - it was proposed the the concrete planters are all moved to the front of the Memorial Hall (will have to get their                    Clerk
                 agreement) for them to plant and water. Clerk to get quote for removals. The trough at Egg Lane island and the large planter on Church
                 Lane to remain. The Egg Lane trough is being maintained by a resident. Clerk to get quote for Church Lane planter to be sorted out.

     040/11      Boundary Commission: Proposals have been made to associate Hixon (and The Haywoods) with Lichfield rather than Stafford for                                  -
                 general elections. Proposed that residents be asked which town they preferred to be linked with by a show of hands at next PC
     041/11      Parking on The Croft: There have been problems with a driveway being blocked by a car and the owner refusing to move it. Parking is                        Clerk
                 big problem as there are insufficient spaces and road becomes difficult to navigate. Extra parking areas on the road (by narrowing the
                 footpath) were meant to be provided when S&RH took over the homes but this did not happen. Contact CC, SBC and S&RH to try and
                 arrange a meeting to discuss this. Try and get support from Ambulance service, stressing need to be able to get emergency vehicles
                 up the road. Invite local police as well.

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     042/11      Increase in charge for Memorial Hall to £16 per session: This was felt to be a large increase, especially as the PC only uses the back              Clerk
                 room, not the Main Hall. Ask for a lower rate for only using the back room.

     043/11      Consider quote for cutting back playing field hedge : Quote accepted.                                                                               Clerk

     044/11      Consider quotes for Minor Highways work: Two quotes received, the lower one was accepted.                                                           Clerk

     045/11      Findings from Asset Inspection: Findings to be typed up and circulated, not many problems found.                                                    Clerk

     046/11      Encampment at side of canal in Pasturefields: Canal boats set up a camp on the canal at Pasturefields. SBC Planning are looking in                     -
                 to this and also static caravans parked at the side of the canal. SBC have asked for help from residents to record movements etc. at
                 the encampments over a 28 day period. Two possible volunteers to do this.

     047/11      Sycamore Drive: Hedge and dead trees: Two dead trees on the PC land at the start of Sycamore Drive have been reported - one has                     Clerk
                 been rmoved, Clerk to get quote to remove the other. A resident has said that the hedge on the corner of Sycamore Drive and Martins
                 Way is too big and obstructs his vision when crossing the road (from a wheelchair). Clerk and Chair have looked at the hedge and do
                 not think it is unduly high or wide.

     012/11      Chairman's announcements:

                 The Village Community Competition presentation evening went very well - not as many people there this year, send out more invitations
                 next year.
                 Cllr Mrs S McKeown and Cllr Carmichael are attending the Green Awards on Thursday 20th, for which Hixon PC has been nominated.

     013/11      Councillor Questions:
                 Cllr. Mrs S McKeown commented that at least 2 cars are using the PC car park for overnight parking and a caravan "camps" there                      Clerk
                 from time to time. Get a quote for sign saying no overnight parking and no caravans.
                 Can we find out about how to set up Homezone areas?                                                                                      Clerk to make some enquiries.
                 Can we have a look at buying a printer/copier/scanner that is cheaper on ink than the current Epson being used?                          Clerk to make some enquiries.
     014/11      Date of next meeting: November 15th 2011.                                                                                                 Clerk to book Memorial Hall
     003/11      Public Participation
                 A resident from Pasturefields asked for some more assistance in getting things done to improve Pasturefields: the gullies have not                  Clerk
                 been cleared (parked cars may have interfered with this), the footpaths are overgrown, hedges are not being cut back leading to
                 problems with vision from cars, the speed limit should be reduced to 40mph, problems with encampments on canal (see earlier). It
                 was agreed that the gully clearing and overgrown footpaths would be chased up with Highways. Pasturefields will be included as one
                 of the schemes under Road Safety and the PC will push for a 40mph speed limit through Pasturefields (comparison with Sandon).

                 Land on bend of Egg Lane: The landowner was present at Public Participation - he will keep the land on the bend tidy, cut the grass                    -
                 etc. He commented on SBC planning department's inconsistencies with regards the development of land on Egg Lane as in the
                 seventies, Planning Permission was refused for land including the bend on Egg Lane and yet in the nineties permission was given for
                 Grange Court to be built. The refusal from the planners cited reasons that should have ruled out Grange Court as well.

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     015/11      Planning Applications: (not on agenda as applications received after printing of agenda).
                 11/16174/FUL Extension on the Green Man, Lea Road, Hixon                                                                                No objection
                 11/16220/FUL Rear extension to Unit 16A at Hixon Airfield Estate .                                                                      No objection
                 11/16164/FUL Revised application to 10/13077/FUL - conversion of old War 2 bomb stores to a dwelling, Spring Farm, Amerton Lane,        No objection
     016/11      Planning Reports
                 11/15685/OHL Existing overhead LV electricity line, change to multi-service. The Hayes, London Road, Shirleywich                           Permit
                 11/15853/FUL Retrospective application for three feed silos for pork production, Hixon Airfield Estate, New Road, Hixon. (Objection        Permit
                 due to visual impact).
                 11/15557/FUL Relocation of existing diesel tank from semi-porous ground to hard standing at Abnormal Load Engineering, Hixon               Permit
                 Airfield Estate, Hixon
     017/11      Bank Reconciliation. (Half year financial statements circulated to councillors after the meeting).                                       Performed
     018/11      Schedule of agreed payments                                                                                                           Paid as per below:
                 C Gill salary - October (gross). Local Gov act 1972 s111                                                                                  £583.20
                 C Gill expenses - October. Local Gov act 1972 s111                                                                                         £48.50
                 Reimbursement C Gill stamps (24 x 2nd = £8.64 . Total £8.64 ) Local Gov act 1972 s111                                                       £8.64
                 Reimbursement C Gill mileage (26 miles @ £0.45p/mile). Local Gov act 1972 s111                                                             £11.70
                 Reimbursement C Gill Land RegistryTitle Registers and plans                                                                                £16.00
                 Reimbursement C Gill Garden vouchers - garden competition                                                                                  £50.00
                 Reimbursement C Gill 2 plaques and 1 trophy - garden competition                                                                           £77.00
                 Memorial Hall: 2 meetings - July and September.                                                                                            £24.00
                 Fenns Stationery - ink, pens                                                                                                               £84.63
                  EON (3 lamposts energy plus maintenance, April 2011 to April 2012).                                                                       153.43
                 Severn Trent Water - car park drainage April to October 2011
                 Acer - grass cutting for September
                 SBC - civic amenity visit on 2nd July 2011
     019/11      Correspondence Received: Minutes of Parish Forum held on September 29th 2011, The Queen's Diamond Jubilee Beacons - the
                 guide to taking part, planning parish forum - invitation for 17th October, 2013 Review of Parliamentary Constituencies in England -
                 consultation information, SCC and Stoke on Trent Council Joint Waste Core Strategy 2010-2026 Submission Dreaft - details of where
                 to find it, consultation ends 4th November, invitation from Mayor/Mayoress to Gala Performance of Dick Whittington on Monday 12th
                 December, replies by November 25th.

                 Meeting finished at 9.50 pm.

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