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Operating Agreement


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									Direct Path Inc.

Operating agreement


Mission Statement: Direct Path’s mission is to develop a correct and efficient manner in the use of
social networking. Through the exploration of three main networking sites (Craig’s list, and
Facebook), our company will seek solutions to the problems associated with all networking sites. Once
we develop procedures to efficiently establish, use, and share networking then we will work on
spreading the word on the proper tactics for everyone. Direct Path is committed to finding the best way
to use social networking to help everyone.

             Purpose: To better understand the effects of Social networking on the business

             Team meaning: Direct path recognizes the influence of social networking and strives to
              learn how to utilize it to the best of our ability

             Instructions: Analysis of use, audience, problems and potential solutions for social
              networking and presentation through video, research paper, binder production, and
              webpage creation.

             Research:,, and

             Presentation: Website publication, binder production, paper development, and video

             Equipment: I movie for video editing, Word Front Page to publish websites, and various
              search engines for research paper

Decision Making: Each coordinator is responsible for making all of the decisions in their respectable field
congruent with the main goal of the team. Before the end of each separate project the team will come
together to approve the project then it will be handed in. If there is a problem with a project the team
will arrange another meeting after the issues have been resolved.

Attendance Policy/Meeting Schedule: Each member is expected to attend all meetings. If a member has
an unexpected emergency then they will contact the Project manager before or at the time of our
meeting. Meeting schedule consists of the group meeting twice a week on Mondays at 10am and
Wednesdays at 5pm. The meeting dates will range from July 2, 2008 until July 23, 2008.

Quality: Everyone is making a commitment to the group. In making that commitment we have also
made a promise to a high quality of work. Quality is an “essential characteristic of a high grade”. A
submission of quality is a project that looks like a lot of time and effort has been spent on it. To ensure
quality of each project, the group will look at the submission that is completely done as a whole. Each
project must be looked at four days in advance to allow time for corrections to be made then another

Peer Review: should a team member perform to a substandard on their listed duties three times, that
member will receive a strike against them and it will be noted on peer review. The group is working on a
one strike policy. The entire group will be called together by the member who recognizes three
consecutive substandard events to decide whether or not a member is in need of a strike. If a strike is
given the next time the member does not comply with their duties then they will receive a five point
deduction to their grade. Should the actions continue, then another five points will be deducted upon
another group decision. At the last Monday meeting the group will come together to evaluate the
efforts of all team members to pass out bonus points to members who deserve them upon a team

Project Outline:

            1. Operating Agreement: Meet Monday June 30, 2008 to establish roles (group). Meet
               Wednesday to review agreement for group permission and agree to schedule (group).
               Wednesday 9th turn in operating agreement (Randyll)

            2. Website: Meet Monday June 30th (during class) to give individual website addresses
               (Brandt). Meet Wednesday July 2, 2008 10a to discuss top three resources (group).
               Make decision for top resources (group). Meet Wednesday July 9, 2008 at 10a to publish
               websites and review for group permission (Brandt/group).

            3. Term Paper: turn in four (one for each website and one extra) resources through e-mail
               to research coordinator by 11:59 June 30th (Ashley). Meet July 2, 2008 to go over all
               resources, decide top three, and designate members to write five sections of
               paper(Randyll/Group). Turn in paper to report coordinator by July 9, 2008(Chelsea).
               Report coordinator and Project manager meet to complete paper July 12 at
               3p(Chelsea/Randyll). Switch papers with team 1 through e-mail July 13th
               (Randyll/Chelsea/Ashley and Group 1). Turn in corrections to group by July 14 at 10a
               (Chelsea). Meet July 14th at 10a to go over corrections (Group). Send out complete
               paper through e-mail for group permission to submit by 5p July 14th(Chelsea). Turn in
               paper July 16th (Randyll Beard).

            4. Video Presentation: Meet Monday July 14th at 5p to write speeches (Group). Meet
               Wednesday July 16th at 5p to go over speeches create video (Group). Edit video at
               library, create presentation binder, and draw up response letter (John) July 17-20. View
               video, binder and response letter for group permission July 21, 2008 at 10a(Group). turn
               in Video and presentation binder on July 23, 2008 at 11a (John).

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