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					Thinking Wordpress (Gallery) was build on top of existing open source software called Wordpress. Wordpress was
originally created for blogging environment focusing on contents but through its development until
today, Wordpress can be any purpose. But there are few restriction for example in order some things to
work, we need to think how Wordpress work. We doing things the ‘Wordpress way’ otherwise we
ended up rewriting everything and it’s a waste of time (reinventing the wheel).

Understanding a Post
The most important in Wordpress is to understand a Post. We can access this functionality in the
administration area under Post menu on the left side. Click ‘Add New’ the text editor will be shown.

In Wordpress, a post can be anything. It can be just a normal content with text and images; it can be a
gallery or even a calendar or a poll. The only thing we need to take note is that when we want to post
something, what is it about and how do we present our content? Through the help of the text editor we
can craft our presentation.

In order to make things easier, we often visualize our post something like this:
We introduce an image at the top followed by text and we repeat until we satisfied. This is one of the
ways we can present our content. User usually read the content from top-down, left-right direction. We
might have posted a usual entry but it is also correct to interpret the above post as a gallery. We treat
the text as the tile or caption of the images. Beside, a Gallery is a collection of photos anyway. And this is
the beauty of Wordpress.

A Post belong to a Category
So if we proceed with the above layout, which we interpreted a post as a gallery, the next thing to do is,
we need to put the post under a category. This is important to manage our posts later. This is also a
feature that we can extend to filter out between normal blog post against a gallery or a calendar or a
poll etc.

A gallery based post must be under the category ‘Photo’
Our post is a gallery. We put it under the ‘Photo’ category.
The backend system will automatically read and treat all post under this category is a gallery kind of
post. The post can be listed at the Scrapbook page.
The video gallery.mp4 will show this clearly.

    1. Prepare the images you want to upload. Wordpress will auto resize during upload. You can
       select multiple file at once and Wordpress will put them in queue.
    2. After all images has been uploaded, click ‘Save All Changes’ and Wordpress will redirect you into
       new editing screen where more functions you can play around.
    3. In the editing screen, click ‘Show’ or ‘Hide’ to see options for each image. In the video, I make
       sure I check the ‘Medium’ size (550px) checkbox as the best size to present my images.
    4. Tick each checkbox and click ‘Insert Selected Images’
    5. Wordpress will insert the HTML representation of the images into your Post. How handy.
    6. Edit accordingly using all tools available like preview, thumbnail, etc

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