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Gallery Guide


									Guide to Adding a Gallery
Some screens may seem a bit confusing at first. As a matter of fact, some are. But don't let that fool
you, the steps you'll be taking to create your gallery aren't that difficult. Try not to get confused by
things you don't need anyway. These instructions tell you everything you need to know and attempts
to tell you everything you can safely ignore as well.
   1. Go to “Gallery”. Note that you will be using the same pages as the ones which are being
      used to view a gallery. You'll see the list of currently existing galleries.
   2. In a green bar, there is a “drop down menu” saying “Album actions”, open that and then
      choose “Add album”
   3. Fill in the fields Name, Title and Description. Feel free to use the Summary field to write a
      very short tagline to your gallery which will appear on the gallery overview page. If you
      can't come up with something that makes sense, then don't write anything. After having done
      so, click the “Create” button
   4. Then you come to a screen, where you should ignore most of the options. Note that you can
      use the “General” tab to change the information you have just entered, and should ignore the
      others. From here you'll be adding photos to your gallery. To do this, click “Add items”.
   5. You will see two sets of fields, so you can add two pictures from here. Browse to pick a
      picture from your computer (maximum 2mb per picture). To make it easy for yourself, it's
      best to give the photos you'll be uploading proper names. Enter a short description about the
      photo in the “Caption” field. If you have filled in all four fields and want to add more
      photos, you can do so by clicking the “More upload boxes” link. Only upload a maximum of
      4 images each time.
   6. You can leave all other options on the page as they are. When you become more familiar
      with the system you can see if changing anything will make things easier for you. But make
      sure to always leave the checkbox saying “create thumbnails” alone, it should remain
      checked as it is.
   7. Click “Add Items”, and do this only once. Uploading your photos will take some time and in
      the meantime it might appear as if nothing is going on.
   8. The next screen will tell you how many files you have added successfully, or display any
      errors if something went wrong. You can now click “Add more files” to upload additional
   9. If needed, you can use Reorder and/or Rearrange items to put your photos in the right order.
   10. When you are done adding and sorting photos, click “Edit captions” to enter proper Titles
       and Photographer information to your photos. Here you can also review the description you
       wrote earlier in the Caption field. By default the system will have selected the filename of
       your image as title.
   11. When done updating the Photo information, click “Save and done”
   12. If you want to link from an article to a gallery you will have to find out about it's URL. This
       is not the URL displayed right after you saved your gallery, as this is much longer than
       needed. Instead
       1. Click on “Gallery” somewhere along the top right side of your screen
       2. In the screen that follows, click on your created gallery. The URL found in the address
          bar of your browser is the one you can use in your article.

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