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                         Bristol/IP Driver
                         KEPServerEX – Communications Platform
                     KEPServerEX and the Bristol/IP communication driver are a flexible and scalable
                     solution for connecting, managing, monitoring, and controlling Bristol
Babcock Network 3000 and ControlWave family of controllers, RTU’s and Flow Computers. Client
communications are managed through a robust platform that supports an array of open standards,
proprietary communication protocols, APIs, and automation system interfaces. KEPServerEX improves
operations and decision-making throughout all levels of an organization.

Driver Features
• Supports Bristol Babcock BSAP over IP
	 	 • Native communications, does not require local openBSI

• Address and Symbolic Read and Write Support

• Automatic Tag Generation through .SIG File import

• Auto-Demotion

• Bristol/IP Error Messaging

• Custom byte size request

• Media Level Redundancy

• Multi-Level Network Support

• Multiple Tag Generation

• Performance Optimization through multiple
   communication channels

• Scan Rate Throttle (Scan Floor Rate)


      Kepware Technologies | 400 Congress St. 4th Floor | Portland, Maine 04101
The KEPServerEX Communications Platform                                  Requirements
provides enterprise applications with real                               Supported Operating Systems
time direct access to machine and device                                 	 Windows 7
level data.                                                              	 Windows Server 2008
                                                                         	 Windows Vista Business/Ultimate
                                                                           Windows Server 2003 SP2
Centralized Communications                                                 Windows XP SP2
•   Single Server Platform for All Communications.                       	 Windows 2000 SP4
•   Consistent, User-Friendly Interface.
•   Automatic Tag Generation.                                            Minimum PC Hardware Requirements
•   CSV Import/Export.                                                   	 2.0 GHz Processor.
•   Advanced Tags for Linking and Computations.                            1 GB installed RAM.
•   Write Optimization and Error Recovery.                                 180 MB available disk space.
•   Advanced User Management.                                              Ethernet Card.
                                                                           Super VGA (800x600) or Higher Resolution
Proven Interoperability                                                     Video.
                                                                           CD-ROM or DVD drive.
• 150+ Communication Drivers with More than 250 Unique
• Supports Open Standard Interfaces:                                     About Kepware
      • DDE Formats: CF_Text, XL_Table, Advanced DDE, and                Kepware Technologies, established in 1995,
                        Network DDE.                                     develops a wide range of communication and
      • OPC Alarms and Events (OPC AE): 1.0 and 1.10.
                                                                         interoperability software solutions for the
      • OPC Data Access (OPC DA): 1.0a, 2.0, 2.05a, and 3.0.
                                                                         Automation industry. Our reliable, user-friendly,
	 	 • OPC .NET: 1.20.2.
	 	 • OPC Unified Architecture (OPC UA): 1.01.                           high-performing applications connect disparate
	 	 • Thin-Client Terminal Server: Windows Remote Desktop.               software and hardware systems. Communications
• Supports Native Vendor Interfaces:                                     are managed through robust software platforms
	 	 	 • Wonderware FastDDE & SuiteLink.                                  that support an array of open standards, propriety
                                                                         communication protocols, APIs, and automation
	 	 	 • GE NIO for iFIX.
                                                                         systems’ interfaces. We strive to deliver ideal-fit
	 	 	 • Oracle.
                                                                         solutions that are designed and tested to meet the
• Advanced OPC and Channel Diagnostics.                                  demands of industrial automation applications. Our
On-Demand Scalability                                                    quality software applications improve operations
                                                                         and decision-making throughout all levels of an
• Plug and Play Device Drivers and Communication Options.                organization. Kepware Technologies’ mission is to
• Parallel Configuration and Live Operation via Separate                 become “Your Standard for Connectivity.”
  Configuration and Runtime.
• Multi-Threaded Channel Architecture.
                                                                         Contact Information
Industrial Strength                                                      1 (207) 775-1660 extension 211
•   OPC Certified Compliance.
•   Strict Internal Quality and Control Standards.                       Sales
•   Endorsed by 15 Top OEMs.                                             1 (207) 775-1660 extension 208
•   Secure by Default.                                         

       Kepware Technologies | 400 Congress St. 4th Floor | Portland, Maine 04101 

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