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									WEB SITES

           Of Gods and Men: The A to Z of Mythology and Legend - A terrific little
            dictionary of mythological figures. Near the bottom of the page you will find
            an A-Z index.
           Godchecker: Your Guide to the Gods - "Mythology with a twist."
           The Encyclopedia of Greek Mythology - From MythWeb where you can
            also read stories of the gods and heroes.
           Greek Mythology Link - From Carlos Parada, author of the Genealogical
            Guide to Greek Mythology. Fairly comprehensive, with divine, mortal, and
            semi-divine characters, genealogy, maps, a bibliography and great list of
           Windows to the Universe - Classical Mythology - This astronomy site
            includes mythology because of the many cultures that associate objects in
            the sky with their gods and goddesses. Good information.
           Classical Myth: the ancient sources - Find images and ancient texts at this
           Mythology Web: Folklore, myths and legends.
           Greek Mythology - Fairly comprehensive, with the players, the places and
            their stories.
           Greek Mythology - A who's who, stories, and a map of the area. A student
           Greek Mythology Link - Based on the book Genealogical Guide to Greek
            Mythology. A comprehensive guide to the myths of Greece, their
            genealogy and ancient and modern sources. Not terribly user-friendly.
           Bulfinch's Mythology: the age of fable or stories of gods and heroes -
            Online version of the classic text.
           Mythology Project - In conjunction with a college level class on classical
            mythology. Some incomplete entries.
           From Myth to Eternity - Too many frames and stuff moving all around --
            but when you finally get to the content,
            it's pretty good.
           The Pantheon - Overview of Greek mythology: the gods, titans, ages of
            man, and creation.
           The Mythology of the Constellations
           The Ancient Gods - Brief entries on the major players.
           Look for more using Argos, a search engine that searches ancient- and
            medieval-related sites.
           Perseus Project - A scholarly, digital library of sources for studying the
            ancient world.
           Theoi Project - "A guide to the Ancient Greek Pantheon of Gods (Theoi),
            Spirits (Daimones) and Monsters (Theres)." Includes source references
            and many illustrations.
           Encyclopedia of the Celts - Includes legends and mythology.
           Folklore and Mythology Electronic Texts - Collected from a number of
   Germanic Myths, Legends and Sagas - A companion site to the one
   Germanic Myths - College student project.
   Greek vs. Norse Mythology - A comparison.
   Norse Mythology - "Basic information" and links to more.
   Enter the Mist: Comparative Mythology - Norse, Celtic, Roman, Greek,
    Baltic, Slavic, Persian, Hittite, Hindu.
   Myths and Legends - Links to Web sources for world mythologies.
   Brewer’s Dictionary of Phrase and Fable - Online version of an older
    edition of a standard reference work.
   Genesis Project - Creation myths.
   Ancient World Web: Mythology and Religion - Broad listing of Web sites.
   Egyptian Gods Description - Brief entries.
   Brief Biographies of Egyptian Gods
   Myths and Legends of Ancient Korea

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