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NGO in Consultative (Special) Status with the Economic and Social Council of the
United Nations; in Consultative Status with the Council of Europe and the Organisation
of American States; International NGO maintaining operational relations within

            IAC                                                                                      International

         International Secretary General
         International Administration Centre
         Arthur Troop House
         1 Fox Road, West Bridgford,                         Distribution:
         Nottingham, NG2 6AJ ENGLAND                       * PEB
                   tel: 44 115 945 5985                    * Secretary Generals
                   fax: 44 115 982 2578                    * National Presidents
                   E-mail: isg@ipa-iac.org                 * Editors
                   and:      geokatsar@yahoo.gr            * Commission Members
                   Internet: http://www.ipa-iac.org        * IBZ Gimborn

                                                   2011-05 (May)


OBITUARY ................................................................................................................. 2
37TH IEC CONFERENCE, ROMANIA ....................................................................... 2
36th IEC 2010 - PARIS .............................................................................................. 2
NEW BOOK BY IPA IRELAND MEMBER .................................................................. 3
INTERNATIONAL DIARY DATES .............................................................................. 3
IPA CALENDAR OF EVENTS: Netherlands; Poland x 2; Italy..................................4
INFORMATION GUIDE AMENDMENTS Lithuania; New Zealand; Switzerland;
       UK; USA Region in Trinidad and Tobago;
       IPA Houses - South Africa; UK ........................................................................7

                Would Secretary Generals please photocopy or email this document
                                    for your Office Holders.

CAUTION: Please would all Webmasters edit this newsletter carefully before putting any
information on Websites. Personal addresses and telephone numbers should not be
reproduced without the knowledge or consent of the person concerned.

           All Sections are reminded of the IAC Website at <www.ipa-iac.org> and the
            IPA House site, which can be accessed direct at < www.ipa-houses.info >
We were sorry to hear of the death of the first President of IPA Hungary,
Zoltán Szőke. PEB members echo the sentiments expressed by the President of
IPA Hungary in the message below. Michael Odysseos has sent condolences on
behalf of the IPA family.

“The whole IPA family met with a great loss. On 4th May 2011 passed away after a
short and heavy illness at the age of 55, Mr. Zoltán Szőke the first President of the
IPA Section Hungary.

We all want to express our sympathy to the family in their great bereavement.

Lajos Németh
President of the IPA Section Hungary”

      Please bear in mind the deadline dates for submission of Motions to the
       above conference:

        Motions for revision of the International Rules, Directives and Procedural
         documents – 20th May.

        All other Motions and Discussion Items – 22nd June.

   (Motions to amend the International Statutes may only be submitted to an IPA
   World Congress).

      Form A, indicating your Delegate and Observer(s) must be with the
       IAC before 22nd June. Otherwise, accommodation and travel for your
       Delegate will not be paid for by the International Treasury, and voting rights
       will be suspended for the conference (See Art 10 International Rules).
       The IAC acknowledges receipt of all Form A‟s so if you have not received an
       acknowledgment, please send the form again.

       Registration with the Conference Organisers is the personal responsibility of
       all participants attending the IEC or Friendship Week. Copies of these forms
       are not required by the IAC.

36th IEC 2010 - PARIS
The Minutes of this meeting have been sent out to all Sections on email. Bound
hard copies will be sent as soon as possible.

News 2011-05                                                                     Page 2
The retired Editor of Section Ireland, Brendon Colvert, has written a book, which will
be available from late June. On My Honour is the historical account of a grave
injustice inflicted on an Irish policeman, his courage and persistence to have his
good name restored over a period of 70 years and his final triumph; William Geary
lived for 105 years, was the last man standing of the founder members of the Garda
Síochána and was awarded a Knighthood of the Holy Sepulchre.

The book has received accolades from distinguished authors and commentators; it
will appeal to police, historians and advocates of justice. See Appendix ‘A’.

THE NETHERLANDS 29th World Police Indoor Soccer Tournament in
           Eibergen/Groenlo and Zieuwent – 10/14 October 2011.
           This is not an IPA event but the Netherlands Section always gives its
           support to this tournament. This event was previously advertised in
           the February Newsletter but we have since been informed that a
           discount will be offered to IPA participating teams. Please see

POLAND          5th International Ice Hockey Tournament
                IPA PRYMAT CUP 2011 will be held in Jastrzębie – Zdrój from 10-
                13th November 2011. See Appendix ‘B’. To apply or to request
                more information contact Robert Sierszulski by e-mail -
                robi_ipa@wp.pl or look on the website – www.ipa.sjz.pl.

Sent direct in April or early May

ITALY         Celebrations of the 150th Anniversary of Italian Unity - arranged by
              Region 1 Piemonte to be held in Turin from September 28th to October
              09th, 2011. Details of the Friendship Week including the very rich and
              interesting social programme (in English and in French) together with
              the booking forms were sent on 21-4-11.

POLAND        Information regarding the Polish National Police Headquarters
              programme "Prevention and You" was sent on 3-5-11.

News 2011-05                                                                    Page 3
IPA CALENDAR OF EVENTS:                  (for May newsletter)
(as advertised previously):


SPAIN           An 8-day IPA Cruise, beginning on 29th May 2011.
                                                           (Newsletter 2011-01)

ROMANIA         6th Football Tournament – hosted by IPA Region 3 Oradea - 18/22
                May.                                      (Newsletter 2011-01)

ITALY           12th Adriatic Trophy – 5-a-side football competition – 18/22 May
                2011.                                         (Newsletter 2010-12)

LUXEMBOURG You are invited to a 50th Anniversary Celebration being held on
          19/22 May 2011.                             (Newsletter 2010-11)

POLAND          The XIIIth International Football Tournament Poznan 2011 is planned
                for 19th to 22nd May.                        (Newsletter 2011-02)

ITALY           35th Anniversary Tuscany and Umbria Tour – 23/29 May 2011.
                                                          (Newsletter 2010-11)

ITALY           10th Trophy "Riviera del Conero” Teams are invited to this Five-a-
                side Football competition in Ancona, to be held 26-29 May.
                                                            (Newsletter 2010-11)

FRANCE          Round Trip/Rhône-Alpes Tour, organized by IPA-Branch Rhône,
                May 30th - June 5th 2011.                 (Newsletter 2010-11)

BRAZIL          CANCELLED Eco Friendship Week to be held from 30th May to
                11th June. Visit the website: www.ipaeco.com or e-mail:
                contact@ipaeco.com                         (Newsletter 2011-02)

AUSTRIA         The 17th National Delegates Congress (NDC) will take place in St.
                Poelten / Lower Austria, from 2nd to 5th June 2011. At the same
                time the IPA Region Lower Austria will celebrate its 50th
                anniversary. You will find information and the registration form on
                http://termine.ipa.at (German & English).     (Newsletter 2010-11)

UK              IPA Cornwall Branch invites you to „Friendship on the Beach Week‟,
                June 4th – 11th 2011.                        (Newsletter 2010-11)

CANADA          Section Canada will host a Friendship Week to celebrate its 50th
                anniversary, from 4th to 13th June 2011.   (Newsletter 2010-04)

SPAIN           As part of the 50th anniversary celebrations of Section Spain, the IX
                Seven a side Police Football Championship tournament to be held in
                Tarragona from 9 to June 11, 2011.            (Newsletter 2010-12)

News 2011-05                                                                   Page 4
SAN MARINO      The 1st Motorbiking and Freedom event will be held from 9th to 12th
               June 2011.                                  (Newsletter 2010-11)

BULGARIA       All Sections are invited to attend the XII meeting of Central and
               Eastern European Sections from 15th to the 19th of June 2011.
               Information can be obtained from the President, Zinaida Gantcheva,
               at ipa_bg@club-35.com                          (Newsletter 2011-02)

HUNGARY        The Region of Győr-Moson-Sopron will hold 20th anniversary
               celebrations from 16th - 18th June.       (Newsletter 2011-03)

ITALY          50° Anniversary Celebration of IPA Region 4 Alto Adige - Sudtirol,
               which will be held in Merano (Bolzano) from 16th to 19th June 2011.
                                                            (Newsletter 2010-11)

ITALY          The 1st IPA Motorcycle Rally arranged by the Local Branch
               members of FIEMME e FASSA, Region 22 Trentino – 16/19th June.
               Those wishing to join this interesting international event will be
               sightseeing in the Dolomites, one of the most beautiful parts of the
               Italian Alps.                                   (Newsletter 2011-01)

SERBIA         The 4th Vidovdan Cup 5-a-side football tournament is being
               organised by Region Braničevo, from 23rd to 26th June.
                                                            (Newsletter 2011-04)

ITALY          The 1st “5-a-side aboard” football tournament will be held on the
               Navigator of the Seas cruise ship, departing from Civitavecchia
               Harbour on 26th June and returning on 3rd July 2011.
                                                               (Newsletter 2011-01)

UK             To celebrate its 25th anniversary, the Ayrshire Branch (Scotland) will
               host a Friendship Week from 6th to 13th August 2011.
                                                                (Newsletter 2010-04)

AUSTRIA        The 50th anniversary celebrations of IPA Vienna will take place from
               21st to 26th August.                         (Newsletter 2011-02)

GERMANY        International meeting of IPA friends with camper vans in Karlsruhe,
               Germany, from 25th to 28th August. (Sent 9-3-11)

THE NETHERLANDS The 1st IPA World Seminar for Young Police Officers –
           28 August / 3 September 2011 will be held in Amsterdam. The
           participation fee for one police officer from each National Section to
           attend this seminar will be free of charge and will be covered by
           the International Treasury, as agreed by the delegates in Paris.
           Applications via National Sections need to be sent to treasurer@ipa-
           nederland.nl before 30 November 2010.            (Newsletter 2010-10)

THE NETHERLANDS Members are invited to join the Netherlands Section on the
           Airborne Walk on 3rd September.            (Newsletter 2011-02)

News 2011-05                                                                  Page 5
ITALY          An IPA Sports Gala will take place in Senigallia (Ancona), Italy, from
               1st – 5th September. (Sent 25-3-11)

POLAND         The International Motor Championships of Uniform Services
               “Uniform Motor Rally 2011” will take place in Toruń on the 17 th and
               18th September. Each National Section may enter one 2-man team.
               See Appendix ‘D’ for more information.         (Newsletter 2011-04)

SPAIN          As part of the 50th anniversary celebrations of Section Spain, IPA
               Tarragona is organising the 4th concentration of police motorcycles
               from 30th September to 2nd October.           (Newsletter 2011-03)

USA            CANCELLED USA Region 12 will be hosting a friendship cruise
               from 1st to 8th October 2011, on the Royal Caribbean Jewel of the
               Seas. The cruise will be sailing a round trip from Boston,
               Massachusetts, and will be travelling to Portland, ME, Bar Harbor,
               ME, Saint John, New Brunswick, Canada and Halifax, Nova Scotia,
               Canada. All IPA members and friends are welcome.
                                                              (Newsletter 2010-10)

THE NETHERLANDS 29th World Police Indoor Soccer Tournament in
           Eibergen/Groenlo and Zieuwent – 10/14 October 2011.
           This is not an IPA event but the Netherlands Sections always gives
           its support to this tournament. A discount will be offered to IPA
           participating teams. Please see www.wpist.nl
                                                          (Newsletter 2011-02)

USA            To run in conjunction with the NDC 2011, Region 25 is organising a
               “Western Experience”, to take place from 15th to 19th October 2011.
                                                        (Newsletter 2010-11)


CANADA         The Royal Canadian Mounted Police Veterans Association is hosting
               an Alaskan Cruise on 27 May 2012 to coincide with its national
               AGM. This is not an official IPA event but IPA members are invited
               to join the cruise.                          (Newsletter 2010-08)

CANADA         Advance notice is given of the next Rocky Mountain Tour, which is
               being planned for June 2012.                (Newsletter 2010-02)

News 2011-05                                                                   Page 6
LITHUANIA      Following elections, please note the following changes to
               the National Board:

               Additional new tel: 698 44609 (mob)

               1st Vice President/ICC Liaison Rep:
               Zita Gaizauskiene
               e-mail: ipa@inbox.lt

               2nd Vice President/IPC Liaison Rep:
               Ramūnas Matonis
               e-mail: ramunas.matonis@policija.lt

               3rd Vice President/ISC Liaison Rep:
               Vilma Ancikeviciene
               e-mail: vilma.ancikeviciene@policija.lt

               Secretary General:
               Gintaras Baguzis
               tel, fax and e-mail as official
               or: e-mail: gintaras.baguzis@policija.lt

NEW ZEALAND    Changes to the National Board were announced in the
               February Newsletter. We now have e-mail addresses for
               the new office holders.

               President Paul Visser - email: President@ipa.org.nz

               Treasurer Jillian (Jill) Craig
               email: Treasurer@ipa.org.nz

               Vice President Ross Pinkham
               email: Vice-President@ipa.org.nz

SWITZERLAND    Congratulations to the new President elected in April:

               National President: Ronald Wüthrich
               e-mail: ronald.wuethrich@ipa.ch

               Vice President (Italian): Andrea Wehrmüller
               e-mail: andrea.wehrmueller@ipa.ch

               Mario Bolgiani (former President) is a new Honorary

News 2011-05                                                       Page 7
UK                        Following elections, congratulations to the new President
                          and Secretary General:

                          President: Tom Crozier
                          Secretary General: Edwin Sutton
                          e-mail addresses as before.

                       A website address was given in the April Newsletter but
                       this has now been superseded with a new address:


SOUTH AFRICA              Ben Stevens Guesthouse (Code: ZABE):
                          Fritz Brand is no longer the House Manager. Enquiries
                          and Bookings can be made through the Secretary
                          General of Section South Africa, Tessa Deyzel:
                          e-mail: deyzeltessa@saps.org.za
                          or: depprovcommkznjula@saps.org.za
                          tel: +27 (0) 31 325 4834 / 5
                          fax: + 27 (0)31 325 4764

UK (SCOTLAND)             Congratulations to Section UK on its new IPA House near
                          St. Andrews:

Address: Balmonth Farm, Carnbee, Anstruther, Fife, KY10 2RU

House Managers:
Tom and Pauline Crozier
Filter House, Balmonth, Carnbee
by Anstruther, Fife, KY10 2RU, Scotland
Phone: +44 1333 310044
e-mail: pauline_crozier@hotmail.com
website: www.ipa-uk.org/IPA-Houses

News 2011-05                                                                 Page 8
Internet House Code: UKAN

The apartment has 2 bedrooms (1 en-suite), sleeps up to 5 persons. Lounge, dining
area, fully fitted kitchen and bathroom.

In a rural setting, 5 minutes from the beach. Sea fishing and water sports in
summer. 2 miles from Anstruther, 7 miles from St. Andrews, 21 miles from Dundee
and 40 miles from Edinburgh. St. Andrews is famous as the home of golf and there
are many golf courses nearby. 1½ hours from ski slopes in winter.

Parking for 2 cars. Linen provided. Garden with furniture and barbeque. No pets

News 2011-05                                                                Page 9

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