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					                     Mohit Kapoor

Success Storie       Onshore Project Lead (USA)

                     Mohit joined ebusinessware in 2004 as a Senior Software Engineer, graduating from his fresh
                     programming career launch at another Delhi-based organization. At ebusinessware, Mohit's
                     rise was steady and within a short span of time he became the technical consultant of the
                     company with the exposure ebusinessware provided in data warehousing technology and

                     Within a short time of his joining ebusinessware, Mohit had proved his mettle. His
                     outstanding grasp over technologies and his sharp sense of trying to reach out for something
                     better proved his qualities as a go-getter in the company. The ebusinessware management
                     was quick to recognize Mohit's enthusiasm and proactive approach towards project
                     responsibilities and provided him with the right opportunities for to excel further. His
     Location        relocation to the headquarters was a step in this direction.
                     Coupled with his focused deliveries, Mohit's dedication and eye for detail saw him through
   Specialization    to the lead position. Currently the Project Lead for a Fortune 500 client in the US, Mohit
 J2EE Technologies   interacts directly with the client and is at the helm of affairs for requirements analysis,
                     change management and knowledge transfer to the offshore team. Not the one to sit back
                     on his laurels, he has utilized his technical knowledge to the best of his company's
     Hobbies         advantage and his quest to learn more has pushed him to hone his technical skills and adapt
   To Be Added       to newer technologies with great ease.

 Characteristics     His hands-on knowledge in EJB, Servlets, Java Scripts, Sun Java, XML and other related
   To Be Added       areas is laudable.

                     Having always believed in teamwork, Mohit and has very successfully delivered outstanding
                     results to ebusinessware clients by deploying a harmonious blend of varied working
                     patterns of his teammates. It was this sense of achievement, which has made him a perfect
                     leader for a comprehensive team of developers. His team members in the offshore
                     development center vouch that Mohit's helpful attitude, deep understanding of data
                     warehousing technology, compensation and cash flow reporting system of the client and
                     effective knowledge transfer practices are the biggest assets in their team effort.

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