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                                           South Dakota Framework for Teaching
                                                         (SD FfT)

   SDCL 13-42-33 and SDCL 13-42 34.
   July, 2011, the Board of Education voted to adopt the Charlotte Danielson Framework for Teaching
      as the state’s standards for teaching.
   Gain a basic understanding of the 4 Domains that describe teaching practice.
   Think about getting started with the FfT.
   Learn what the DOE is doing to aide districts in gaining knowledge and implementing the FfT.
   FfT books and the DOE website.

4 Domains, 22 Components and 75 Elements                  Getting Started
 Charlotte Danielson says, “Teaching is so                Books
   complex, it’s hardly ever done perfect. Every           BLTs, PLCs and CWGs have conversations about
   lesson can be improved.”                                   the rubrics
 Domains 1 and 4 are critical and done behind the         Other uses for the FfT
   scenes.                                                 3 Tracks of Evaluation
 Domains 2 and 3 are observable.                          Recognizing, collecting and calibrating evidence
 Evaluators will find evidence of Domains 1 and 4         Systems Change – Oct. 19-21 Spearfish
   when observing Domains 2 and 3.                        Cody Claver from the Danielson Group will facilitate
 Component 3c, Engaging Students in Learning, is         the in-depth preconference session on Oct. 19. This
   the centerpiece of the FfT; it is our purpose; it is   is an opportunity to hear from one of the Danielson
   what we do.                                            Group members. (

DOE Roll-Out of SD FfT                                    Frequently Asked Questions          See Handout, DOE Website or contact MaryLou or
ds.asp                                                    Melissa.
OR choose Index, Teacher
 Pilot Applications due September 30, 2011
 Book studies registration ends Oct. 3, 2011
 Contact information:
       o MaryLou McGirr, TIE, 484-4050,

       o Melissa Goodwin, EDEC, 367-7680,

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