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									Upcoming New Cars In India in 2012
2011 witnessed launches of various hatchbacks in the Indian car market by both domestic and
international automobile companies. It seems that the car manufacturers still not satisfied and
announced the launching of more hatchbacks by 2012 and new car wallpapers have been already
released. In other words, the year 2012 is going to be the biggest year of Indian car market and of
course for car buyers. Here's a quick list of all models that are lined up for the 2012 and recognized as
the much awaited vehicles.

Audi A4 2012, it is a huge popular variant, restyling of the bumper and various other features like LED
treatment, cute head lamps, MMI system and many more. It is the most sough option of new cars
India and powered by 3 liter V6 engine instead of 3.2 liter FSI.

Audi Q3 2012, It is another car from the luxurious automobile company, slated to be launched by the
coming year. The luxurious sedan will be available at the expected price of Rs 25 Lac. It is blessed with
fantastic exterior with lots of robust features. The Audi Q3 includes highly comfortable interior that is
designed with excellent measurement and decorated with various features.

BMW 3 Series 2012, it will be only wasting of time to describe the exterior beauty of the BMW cars as
the German auto major is known for offering luxurious vehicles with innovative design and wide array
of advanced features. The new variant is expected to come with highly advanced engine with more
efficient and high power. As far as price is concerned, it is yet to be disclosed or might be disclosed at
the launching ceremony.

New Chevrolet Captiva car 2012, the highly popular auto brand Chevrolet is all set to launch the new
variant of Chevrolet Captiva in completely different look. The front part is a beautified with double
barrel shaped head lamps. The price of the new variant is expected to be up by 1 Lac. Powered by 2.2 l
engine, the car is aimed to grab the attention of millions.

Chevrolet Sail, American auto mobile company General Motor has decided to include Sail brand with
Chevrolet. The auto major is ready to unveil the Chevrolet Sail, designed in China, in the auto market.
The interior part includes much space and designed with wonderful dimension. It would certainly
create a great impression on buyers.

Fiat Punto EVO, The Punto that is introduce by the Italian auto major, became huge popular in the
Indian auto market. The automobile company has decided to entice the car lovers by introducing the
new variant Fiat Punto EVO in the India. The classy exterior of the car is described as a major
advantage. Besides, the auto giant also introduced advanced engine to captivate more buyers.

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