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                            EXECUTIVE REPORT

Temenos Progress Report
Executive Member for Regeneration and Economic Development: David

Director of Regeneration: Kevin Parkes

Date: 30 March 2010


1.    The purpose of this report is to inform the Executive of the latest position with
      regard to the construction and launch programme for the implementation and
      launch of Temenos, which is being undertaken by Tees Valley Regeneration (to be
      Tees Valley Unlimited from 1st April 2010), as the lead body.

2.    That the Executive notes the development of Temenos and the proposals for its
      launch and endorses the programme to mark the completion of this major piece of
      public art.


 3.     It is over the financial threshold (£75,000)
        It has a significant impact on 2 or more wards
        Non Key                                           x


4.    For the purposes of the scrutiny call in procedure this report is

       Non-urgent                    x
       Urgent report

      If urgent please give full reasons

5.    Temenos is a public art installation of national and international importance being
      constructed on the north side of Middlehaven dock. It will measure 50 metres in
      height and 120 metres in length. The acclaimed sculptor Anish Kapoor and leading
      structural designer Cecil Balmond were commissioned by Tees Valley
      Regeneration (TVR) to bring the project to fruition. It is hoped that this is the first of
      a number of major pieces that Anish Kapoor will provide in the Tees Valley. The
      sculpture is now due for completion in May 2010. The work of Anish Kapoor has
      recently been the subject of an exhibition at the Royal Academy and in a BBC
      documentary featuring his life and work, this was described as “The Year of Anish
      Kapoor”. Temenos is now beginning to receive significant national interest, as
      highlighted in the Sunday Times on 31st January 2010.

6.    Middlesbrough Council has been working alongside partners, Tees Valley
      Regeneration, One North East, Homes and Communities Agency and The Arts
      Council to oversee the implementation and launch of Temenos. To sit alongside this
      strategic group, officers internally from Marketing, Culture, the Press Office, mima
      and Environment have been meeting to ensure the project is embedded within the
      community. Post 1st April 2010, Tees Valley Unlimited will lead on the Temenos

7.    The completion of the piece is an opportunity to showcase the ambition of the town
      and will contribute to the emerging momentum in the Middlehaven scheme. Clearly
      major pieces of public art can contribute to developing a sense of place and local
      identity. This is clearly demonstrated by the Angel of the North in Gateshead.
      Temenos will be set in a landscape that already incorporates the Transporter
      (Teesside‟s most iconic structure), the award winning architecture of Middlesbrough
      College, the Riverside Stadium and the Dock Clock Tower and will be another icon
      for Middlesbrough.

Current Activity

8.    Construction activity on site is progressing and the main structure is now visible.
      The completion date of the project has been put back to May 2010, due to the poor
      weather in December/January. The media launch will take place in June.

9.    TVR are co-ordinating the publicity and launch programme. A communications
      strategy has been put in place that seeks to ensure that the piece is showcased
      regionally and nationally. It also incorporates an ongoing programme of community
      engagement and the production of a commemorative book.

10.   The indicative revised programme is for a high profile media launch to take place on
      the 10th June 2010 for the arts press, national and regional journalists and major
      stakeholders (the date cannot be confirmed until the date of the General Election
      has been announced). It is envisaged that this will involve an event at the site
      involving national press.

11.   The launch programme will include a public lecture at mima for up to 150 people
      and a dinner for major stakeholders with Anish Kapoor and Cecil Balmond at the
      Riverside Stadium, the evening prior to the media launch. The media launch will
      include a site visit, media interviews with Anish Kapoor and Cecil Balmond and
      lunch. Leading public figures will be invited. Community engagement work is also
      a major important part of the launch programme and will include work via the
      University with up to 1,000 school children, photography and writing competitions
      and a trip to Anish‟s studio by local art students.

12.   In addition to this programme, mima will host a unique Anish Kapoor exhibition
      featuring four works of art from Kapoor‟s personal collection. This exhibition is to
      take place from March to September 2010 and will be part of the celebration of
      Temenos. This will allow residents and visitors to have a much greater opportunity
      to gain an insight into Kapoor‟s work.

13.   A high quality commemorative Temenos „art‟ book is also being co-produced with
      mima, the Arts Council and TVR. The „glossy‟ book will contain original artist
      sketches, engineering drawings and concepts, photographs documenting the
      construction of Temenos, as well as capturing some of the community and
      engagement projects.

14.   The Council‟s Culture and Tourism team will contribute to the programme by
      commissioning a community engagement programme that will lead to a publication.
      This will link to the Discover Middlesbrough Festival, which this year has the theme
      „Sacred Places‟. Temenos is Greek for „land cut off and assigned as sanctuary or
      holy area.‟ Local people, key stakeholder groups and creative writing groups will be
      asked to contribute to the publication stating what their „sacred place‟ in
      Middlesbrough is. The diverse catalogue that emerges may include the Riverside
      Stadium, Stewart Park or a place of worship. Local people will take ownership of
      the publication and it will help link them to Temenos and Kapoor‟s concept of a
      sacred place.

15.   Temenos is intended to be inclusive in its appeal to the wider community. The
      EIA is appended to this report.


16.   A risk assessment has been undertaken, there were no unexpected issues
      identified within this assessment.


17.   Financial Implications – Temenos will cost £2.7m, this is being funded by The
      Northern Way, One North East, Homes and Communities Agency, the Arts Council,
      the Northern Rock Foundation, Middlesbrough Football Club and BioRegional
      Quintain. The Council has not committed any budget to either the commission of
      the structure or the launch. However, it is actively supporting the Anish Kapoor
      exhibition and public lecture.

18.   One North East and the Homes and Communities Agency are funding the formal
      media launch.

19.   The Council is part funding the commemorative book from the Regeneration
      resources (£20,000) although there will be some revenue generated from its sale.
      The Sacred Places work and publication is being funded from the Councils Arts
      Development budgets.

20.   mima have made significant headway to secure the unique Anish Kapoor exhibition
      in March 2010. The Arts Council is set to cover the £35/£40K costs. WNF funding is
      being sought to add value to the community and education work around the
      exhibition from April 2010.

21.   Implications – Temenos is in the Middlehaven ward.

22.   Legal Implications – There are no foreseeable legal implications. TVR have
      confirmed that all liabilities in respect of Temenos rest with the Homes and
      Communities Agency.

23.   That the Executive notes the development of Temenos and its launch and endorses
      the programme to mark the completion of this major piece of public art.

24.   The Council is committed to ensuring that the general public accepts the Temenos
      Structure, the planned education programme and subsequent publication will
      greatly assist this. An Anish Kapoor exhibition at mima will educate the general
      public even further to help create pride and ownership of the installation and will put
      Middlesbrough on the cultural tourism map at home and abroad. Both of these
      activities will add significant value to the Temenos project.

25.   The following background papers were used in the preparation of this report:

      a)     The draft Temenos Communications Strategy paper produced by TVR was
             used in the preparation of this report.

AUTHOR:      Claire Wordsworth
             Tel: 729143
Website: http://www.middlesbrough.gov.uk


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