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Title                Composer      er            Publisher           Pub Date   Pub ID

Musica Dei Donum                                   Boosey &
Optimi           Lassus, R.        Rao, D.         Hawkes                  1988 OCTB6449

Fifty nifty United
States               Charles, R.                   Shawnee Press           1957 E 0056

                                                   Heritage Music
Dona Nobis Pacem Lightfoot, M.                     Press                   1995 15/1175H

Cold and Fugue                                     John Rich Music
Season               Bach, J.S.    Foncannon, E.   Press                   1996 JR0015
Benedictus         Lewis, B.                  Publishing       2008      28768

Can You Kazoo?     Various      Gallina, J.   Hal Leonard      2004 P 9208

                    Stroope,                  Heritage Music
Inscription of Hope Z.R.                      Press            1993 15/1081

                                              Boosey &
Hine Ma Tov        Naplan, A.                 Hawkes           1995 OCTB6782

A Distant Shore    Donnelly, M. Strid, G.     Publishing       1995      11562
America, Of Thee I                          Alfred
Sing!              Donnelly, M. Strid, G.   Publishing    1998      5808

                                            Boosey &
Al Shlosha D'Varim Naplan, A.               Hawkes        1995 OCTB6783

                                            Boosey &
Dodi Li             Chen, N.     Rao, D.    Hawkes        1992 OCTB6679

Yo Le Canto Todo El                            Boosey &
Dia                 Brunner, D                  Hawkes    1997 OCTB6932
Mary Had a Little     Collins,      Boosey &
Blues                 Charles       Hawkes         1995 OCTB6758

Sing to the Lord a
New Song              Poorman, S.   Belwin Mills   1985 GCMR03501

                      Shafferman,   Alfred
A Peaceful Alleluia    J.           Publishing     1995     11448
The Turtle Dove      Traditional   Spevacek, L.   Publications, INC.   1986   43720070

Yankee Spectacular   Traditional   Spevacek, L.   Publications, INC.   1990   43725025
Flying Free   Besig, D.                    Shawnee Press, Inc.   1979    D-266

                                            Herritage Music
Shenandoah    Traditional     Printz, B.         Press           1993   15/1021

                                            Herritage Music

Gloria Deo    Lightfoot, M.                                      1995   15/1167H
                                                     Hal Leonard
                     Traditioal                       Publishing
My Lord              Spiritual     Eilers, J.        Coporation         1975      8545500

American Folk
Rhapsody             Traditional   Spevacek, L.     Heritage Music         1951   15/1212H

Hush! Somebody's
Callin' My Name      Traditional   Dennard, B.    Shawnee Press, Inc.      1991    D-436

The Developing
Shepherds, and
Kings")              Eilers, J                    Jenson Pub.              1991    40225076

The Developing
("Brighten my Soul
with Sunshine")      Eilers, J                    Jenson Pub.              1991    40225076

The Developing
("Dreamer")          Eilers, J                    Jenson Pub.              1991    40225076
The Developing
Part-Singer ("Follow
the Sun")            Eilers, J                   Jenson Pub.      1991   40225076

The Developing
Part-Singer ("You
Must Fly")            Eilers, J                  Jenson Pub.      1991   40225076

Aurora Borealis (A                               Heritage Music
Song of Alaska)       Bernon, A.                 Press            2007 15/2292H-3

Come in from the                                 Heritage Music
Firefly Darkness      Bernon, A.                 Press            2000 15/1515H-8

                                                 World Music
Yonder Come Day       Traditional   Tucker, J.   Press            1985         10
                                 Dwyer, R.;
Shake the Papaya   Calypso       Waller, J.;     Plymouth Music
Down               Song          Leck, H.        Company           1994 HL-222

                   American                      Boosey &
Old Joe Clark      Folk Song     Goetze, M.      Hawkes            1984 OCTB6125

Two Native         American      Sletto,B.; Leck, Plymouth Music
American Songs     Songs         H.               Company          1995 HLCC-200

                   Scott, L.;    Baker, B.;      Boosey &
Feel Good          Tyson, L.     Elliott, D.     Hawkes            1993 OCTB6711
Carol of the Bells   Wilhousky, P Wilhousky, P   Carl Fischer, Inc.          CM7989

Geographical Fugue Toch, E                       Mills Music, Inc     1950   60168
I'm Goin' Up a     Hawkins,                     Boosey &
Yonder             Walter        Sirvatka, M.   Hawkes     1976 OCTB6451

                   Brazillian                   Boosey &
A Zing-A Za        Folk Song     Goetze, M.     Hawkes     1986 OCTB6276

                   Kesselman,                   Boosey &
Mbiri Kuna Mwari   L.R.                         Hawkes     1995 OCTB6792

                   Praetorius,                  Boosey &
Jubilate Deo       M.            Rao, D.        Hawkes     1987
Every Time I Feel                                                      FC1432/FC1
De Spirit                        Burleigh, H.   Belwin Mills      1969 433

Sometimes I Feel
Like A Motherless                                                      FC1432/FC1
Child                            Burlegih, H.   Belwin Mills      1969 433

Li'l 'Liza Jane     Folk Song    Swenson, H      Cambiata Press   1979   U979134

Musica Dei Donum    Rolande De
Optimi              Lassus       Rao, Doreen    Boosey & Hawkes   1988 OCTB6449
The Sweetest                                    R.D. Row Music
Flower That Blows   Hawley, C.B.                Company          1965 R 8601

                                                R.D. Row Music
Love Has Eyes       Bishop, H.     Row, R.      Company          1965 R 8601

Salangadou          Folksong       Schram, R.   BriLee Music     2004 BLB003
The British
Grenadiers      Traditional   Patterson, M.   BriLee Music   2003 BLB001

Amazing Grace                 Althouse, J.    Alfred         1993          4952

Liza Jane                     Althouse, J.    Alfred         1993          4952
                                              R.D. Row Music
Ein Schwan                       Grieg, E.    Company           1965 RB82

                                              R.D. Row Music
Morgen            Strauss, R.                 Company           1965 RB82

                                              Harold Flammer,
Praise the Lord   Handel, G.F.   Hopson, H.         Inc.        1974   D-5225
All Ye Who Music   Donato, B &
Love               Oliphant, T   Greyson, N      Bourne Co.    1980   368105

Tangueando         Escalada, O                     Music       1994   52729

Good King Kong                                   Theodore
Looked Out         Bach, P.D.Q   Schickele, P    Presser Co.   1977 312-41182
Dithyramb       Paranjoti, V   De Quadros, A   Earthsongs    1993   1997949

                Brunner, D &                    Boosey &
O Music         Gibran, K    Brunner, D          Hawkes      1995 OCTB6800

Star Spangled   American
Banner          Anthem         Shaw, K         Hal Leonard   1985 441-19134
All Ye Who Music    Donato, B &                 Neil A. Kjos
Love                Oliphant, T   Meredith, V    Music Co.     1992   8745

Mass in G: Agnus    Parker, A &
Dei                 Shaw, R       Schubert, F   Hal Leonard    1954 HL50324620

                    Parker, A &
Mass in G: Gloria   Shaw, R       Schubert, F   Hal Leonard    1954 HL50324620

                    Parker, A &
Mass in G: Kyrie    Shaw, R       Schubert, F   Hal Leonard    1954 HL50324620
                     Parker, A &
Mass in G: Credo     Shaw, R       Schubert, F        Hal Leonard      1954 HL50324620

Mass in G:           Parker, A &
Benedictus           Shaw, R       Schubert, F        Hal Leonard      1954 HL50324620

                     Parker, A &
Mass in G: Sanctus   Shaw, R       Schubert, F        Hal Leonard      1954 HL50324620

                     Anderson, L
Sleigh Ride          & Parish, M   Shaw, K            Emi Mill Inc     1948 CHM04040

A Cappella Carols
for Sidewalk         Holiday
Carolers             Traditionals Batastini, R.J.   GIA Publications   2000   G-5349
                    Bobrowitz, D                Walton Music
The Creation        & Porter, S.                    Corp           1995   WM 114

                                               Shawnee Press,
Come To the Music   Martin, J.M.                    Inc.           1987   A 2138

Sing We Now of
Chirstmas           French Carol Althouse, J   Alfred Publishing   1995    5827

Blue Skies          Berlin, I      Zegree, S     Hal Leonard       1962   8200204
Mass in F             Schubert, F                     G. Schirmer Inc.    1962 ED. 2435

Cantante Domino (O
Sing Ye To The Lord) Pitoni, G       Greyson, N       Bourne Co.          1954       18716

Et In Terra Pax       Gilpin, G      Gilpin, G        Alfred Publishing   2004       22982

Sing Alleluia, Clap
Your Hands            Albrecht, S.K. Albrecht, S.K.   Alfred Publishing   1998       17763
                      Feldman, J &                   Shawnee Press,
River in Judea        Marcus, L    Leavitt, J        Inc.              1989 A-1911

                                                     Shawnee Press,
Let Freedom Ring!     Harris, L                      Inc.              1998 A01715

                                     Althouse, J &   Harold Flammer,
Joy To the World      Handel, G.F.   Watts, I        Inc.              1990 A-6574

Beau Soir (Beautiful
Evening              Debussy, C      Spevacek, L       Hal Leonard     1992   8756903

Overture to "The                   Cable, H &        Hinshaw Music
Marriage of Figaro"   Mozart, W.A. Bartle, J.A.           Inc.         1980 HMC-1328
                    Atteberry, R
                    & Whitman,                    Heritage Music
When Lilacs Bloom'd W                             Press              1995 15/1192H

                                                  Songs of
                    Jabara, P &                   Manhattan
It's Raining Men    Shaffer, P     Shaw, K        Island Music Co.   1982

Sometimes I Feel
Like a Motherless   Traditional                   Mark Foster
Child               Spiritual      Gilbert, N     Music Co.          1997 MF 927

Can't Fight This                                  Publishing
Feeling             Cronin, K.     Gilpin, G.     (Fate Music)       2009      33165

                    Buble, M.;
                    Chang, A.;
                    Foster-                       Alfred
Home                Gillies, A.    Althouse, J.   Publishing         2008      31036
                   Maddux, D.;
                   McCall,                      Meadow-green
                   M.;Mwenebul                     Company
                   ongo,M.                       (ASCAP) and
O Sifuni Mungu     &Mukalay,A. Emerson,R.         Word Music   1987   40326303

                   Gershwin,                    Alfred
Embraceable You    G. & I.       Althouse, J.   Publishing     2009       28702

Festival Sanctus   Leavitt, J.                  Publishing     2008       28657
                 Paich, D.;
Africa           Porcaro, J.   Emerson, R.       Hal Leonard    1982;2009    2501460

Six Folk Songs   Brahms, J.    Zipper, Herbert   Hal Leonard          1948      7913

Prayer of the                                    Warner Bros.
Children         Bestor, K.    Klouse, A.        Publications         1995 CH96165
                   Soundheim,                   Alfred
Send in the Clowns S.         Martin, M.        Publishing       1999 CHM00093

                  Korean Folk                   Alfred
Ahrirang          Song        DeCormier, R.     Publishing       1997 LG51540

Adoramus Te       Palestrina,
Christe           G.            Wilkousky, P.   Carl Fischer     1950 CM6578

The Best of Rooms R.                            ECS Publishing   1963 No. 2672
Verborgenheit       Wolf, H.     Washburn, J.   Walton Music          2008 HL08501662

How Lovely Is
They Dwelling-
Place (Also in                                  G. Schirmer,
German)             Brahms, J.                  Inc.            N/A         50295550

To Everything
There is a Season   Harris, E.                  Hinshaw Music         1985 HMC-778
                                                 EMI Songs
Bashana Haba'ah      Hirsch,N.   Leavitt, J.   (ISRAEL) LTD     1970   8602183

Gloria in excelsis   Vivaldi     Martens, M.    Walton Music    1961   W2043

America the                                    Shawnee Press,
Beautiful            Ward, S.    Berry. C.          Inc.        1997   A 2058
To the Mothers in
Brazil: Salve
Regina              Jansson, L.   Eriksson, G.   Walton Music    1998 HL08501635

My Soul's Been
Anchored in the     Traditional
Lord                Spiritual     Hogan, M.      Hal Leonard     1999   8703235

O Crux              Nystedt, K.                  Hinshaw Music   1978 HMC-286
              Irish Fold
Danny Boy     Song         Spevacek, L.   Hal Leonard    1991   8756897

Ubi Caritas   Gjeilo, O.                  Walton Music   2008 HL08501677

Mary Speaks   D.                          Belwin Mills   1989 GCMR03570
Bound For Jubilee   Eilers, J                        Studio 224      1979   SV7904

Sophomoric          Dvorak, R &                   Remick Music
Philosophy          Anonymous     Dvorak, R          Corp.           1994   9-G1108

Climbin' Up The     Negro                        Neil A. Kjos, Jr.
Mountain            Spiritual     Smith, H       Music Co.           1937 1101-5

                    Negro                        Neil A. Kjos
Ride the Chariot    Spiritual     Smith, H       Music Co.           1939 1102-7

American Folk       American                     Heritage Music
Rhapsody            Folk Song     Spevacek, L.   Press               1995 15/1212H
Daemon Irrepit
Callidus         Orban, G.                    Hinshaw Music    2001 HMC-1829

The Awakening    Martin, J.                   Shawnee Press    1995 C0286

                                              Alliance Music
Mainacht         Brahms, J.   Stroope, Z.R.   Publications     2005 AMP 0612
Down in the Valley Folk Tune        Mead, George   ECS Publishing   1948 No. 1.1716

Who Will Be a        Traditional                   Alfred
Witness?             Spiritual      Moore, D.      Publishing       2007         27099

It Takes a Village                                 Heritage Music
to Raise a Child     Bray, J.G.                    Press            1997 15/1283H-3

                                                   BriLee Music
Child of Tomorrow    Patterson, M                  Publishing Co.   2004 BL453
                                               Plymouth Music
Haida              Traditional    Leck, H.     Company          1994 HL-516

                   Israeli Folk                Boosey &
Hashivenu          Song           Rao, D.      Hawkes           1987 OCTB6430

                                               Boosey &
Marienwürmchen     Brahms, J.     Goetze, M.   Hawkes           1989 OCTB6521

                   Ebel-Sabo,                  Boosey &
Wind in the Hill   V.                          Hawkes           1989 OCTB6519

                   Perry, D. &
Each One Special   J.                          BriLee Music     2001 BL317
Little David, Play      American
on Your Harp            Spiritual   Bailey, L.   Choristers Guild   2009 CGA1182

                                                 R.D. Row Music
The Trumpeter                       Dix, J.      Company            1965 RB84

                                                 R.D. Row Music
The Little Irish Girl               Löhr, H.     Company            1965 RB84

Where'er You Walk Handel, G.        Row, R.      Row Music          1965 RB83
Ich Liebe Dich      Grieg, E.   Row, R.      Row Music   1999 RB83

Who'll Buy My
Lavender?                       German, E.   R. D. Row   1965 RB81

When Love is Kind   A.L.        Row, R.      R. D. Row   1965 RB81
                        Accompanimen                                  Voice
Voicing    Price        t            Solos    Language   Occasion     Range

2-4 Part
Canon                   A Cappella    None    Latin      General      A3-E5

                         Piano                                        I:C4-E5
2-part             $1.50 Accompaniment None   English    General      II:C4-D5

                         Piano                           General,     I:D4-E5
2-part             $1.20 Accompaniment None   Latin      Holiday      II:C4-E5

                         Piano/Keyboard                  General,
2-Part             $2.10 Accompaniment None   English    Historical   B3-E5
                     Piano                                      I:C#4-E5
2-Part         $1.75 Accompaniment None   Latin     General     II:B3-C#5

2-Part              Kazoo
(Kazoo &            Accompaniment/                  General/Edu I:C4-E5
Voice)              A Capella      None   English   cational    II:A3-D5

2-part equal   $1.40 Accompaniment None   English   General     Bb3-Eb5

2-part              Piano                                       I:D4-C5
Treble              Accompaniment None    Hebrew    General     II:C4-Bb4

2-part               w/optoinal C
Treble         $1.25 Instrument    None   English   General     D4-F#5
                      Accompaniment                                  C4-D5
2-part                w/optoinal                         General,    (optional
Treble          $1.50 Cassette      None       English   Patriotic   F5)

2-part               Piano
Treble               Accompaniment Optional    Hebrew    General     E4-E5

2-part                Piano                              General,    I:D4-E5
Treble          $1.60 Accompaniment Optional   Hebrew    Cultural    II:D4-A4

                        piano acc.

                                                                     Treble I:
                                                                     F#4 - E5
                                                                        Treble II:
2-Part Treble                        N/A       Spanish   General     B3 - C5
2-Part              Piano                          General,   I:Eb4-F5
Treble        $1.95 Accompaniment None   English   Holiday    II:D3-F5

2-Part                                                        C4-
Treble/Mixe         Piano                                     D5(Descant
d             $1.10 Accompaniment None   English   General    F5)

                    Piano                                     II:Eb4-D5
3-part Any    $1.25 Accompaniment None   English   General    III:D4-Bb4
                with optional
                  flute solo

                                                             Part I: B-
3-part mixed                    N/A   English   General      F3-D4

                 piano acc.

                                                             Part I:C4-F5
                                                                PartII: E-
                                                Patriotic/        Part III:
3-part mixed                    N/A   English   general      E-flat3-C4
               piano acc. With flute solo

                                                                Part I: C4-E5
3-part mixed                          N/A   English   General   PartIII:E3-E4

                      piano acc.

                                                                Part I&II: B-
3-part mixed                          N/A   English   General   III: F3-E4

                      piano acc.

                                                                Part I: D4-G5
                                                                  PartII: C4-
                                                                D5 Part III:
3-part mixed                          N/A   Latin     General   F3-D4
               piano acc. With optional guitar                                Part I: G3-B-
                                                                              Part II: G3-B-
                                                                              flat 4
                                                                              PartIII: F3-B-
3-part mixed                            N/A          English    General       flat 3

                                                                American      I: C4-F5 II:
                                        solo or small           Folk Song/    C4-D5 III:F3-
3-Part Mixed         piano acc.         group         English   General       D4

                                                                Traditional   I: E4-D5
                                        solo or small           Spiritual/    II:Bb3-D4
3-Part Mixed         a capella          group         English   General        III: F3-Db4

                                                                              I: F#4 - D5,
                                                                                 II: D4 -B4,
                                                                                   III: G3 -
3-Part Mixed         piano acc.         N/A          English    General       D4

                                                                              I: C4 - Eb5,
                                                                                 II: Bb3 -
                                                                              Eb4, III:
                                                                              (Eb3) G3 -
3-Part Mixed         piano acc.         N/A          English    General       Eb4
                                                                              I: B3 - D5,
                                                                                 II: B3 -
                                                                              F#4, III:
3-Part Mixed         piano acc.         N/A          English    General       A3 - D4
                                                                   I: C4 - D5,
                                                                      II: B3 -A4,
                                                                        III: F3 -
3-Part Mixed         piano acc.    N/A        English   General    D4
                                                                   I: Bb3 - Bb4
                                                                      II: A3 -G4,
                                                                        III: F#3 -
3-Part Mixed         piano acc.    N/A        English   General    D4

                     Accompaniment/                                 I:C#4-E5
                     CD                                 General/Geo II:A3-A4
3-Part Mixed   $1.95 accompaniment Optional   English   graphical   III:F#3-D#4

                     Piano                                         II:B3-F5
3-Part Mixed   $1.85 Accompaniment Treble     English   General    III:F#3-D4

3-part                                                             II:G3-E4
Treble         $1.00 A Cappella    None       English   General    III:G3-E4
3-part        Piano
Treble        Accompaniment None         English    General    C4-C5

3-part                                                         II:F4-C5
Treble        A Cappella      None       Latin      General    III:C4-A4

                                         w/some                I:F4-D5
3-part         Recorder and              Native     General,   II:Bb4-D5
Treble   $1.15 Percussion     Optional   American   Cultural   III:Bb4-D5

              Piano                                            C4-D5 (Part
3-part        Accompaniment/                                   I goes to
Treble        Jazz Ensemble  None        English    General    E5)
                                                           S: G4 - G5,
                                               Winter      A: C4 - Bb4,
                                               Holiday/    T: G3 - G4,
4-Part Mixed   Unaccompanied   N/A   English   Christmas   B: C3 - C4

                                                           The ranges
                                                           are subject
                                                           to the voice
                                                           part (each
                                                           part should
4-part                                                     speak in
Speaking                                                   their typical
Chorus         Unaccompanied   N/A   English   General     part range)
4-Part         Piano                                            I:D4-F5
Treble         Accompaniment Optional   English     General     II:D4-Eb5

                                        English/Braz            II:C4-E5
4-Part         Piano &                  ilian        General,   (covers
Treble   $1.75 Percussion     None      Jibberish    Cultural   extremes)

4-Part                                              General,    III:C#4-D5
Treble         Percussion     None      Shona       Cultural    IV:D4-B4

Canon          A Cappella     None      Latin       General     C4-E5
Boy's                                       Contest
Unchanged                                   Solo: Group
Voice       piano                 English   I           D3-F4

Boy's                                       Contest
Unchanged                                   Solo: Group
Voice       piano                 English   I           E4-E5

                                                       C1: C4 - Bb4,
                                                       C2: A3 -
                                                       F#4, B: C3 -
C.B.B.      Piano           N/A   English   General    D4

Canon       Unaccompanied   N/A   Latin     general    V:A3-E5
High School   Piano
Girl          Accompaniment   English   Contest Solo C4-G5

High School   Piano
Girl          Accompaniment   English   Contest Solo F4-G5

School        Piano
Cambiata      Accompaniment   French    Contest Solo G3-E4
School        Piano
Cambiata      Accompaniment   English   Contest Solo F#3-E4

School Girl   piano           English   Contest Solo D4-D5

School Girl   piano           English   Contest Solo D4-F#5
Unchanged   Piano
Boy         Accompaniment         German    Contest Solo C4-Eb5

Unchanged   Piano
Boy         Accompaniment         German    Contest Solo D4-Eb5

               piano acc.

                                                        S: C4-G5
                                            General/       A: C4-C5
S.A. B.                     N/A   English   religious         B: C3-C4
                                                      S: E4 - D5,
                                                       A: A3 - G4,
S.A.B.     Unaccompanied   N/A   English    General      B: B2 - D4

                                                      S: F4 - A5,
                                                         A: C4 - D5,
                                                          T: E3 -
                                                      F#4, B: G2
S.A.T.B.   Unaccompanied   N/A   Phonemes   General   - A3

                                                      S: D4-G5
                                                       A: Bb3-C5
                                                        T: D3-D4
S.A.T.B.   Unaccompanied   N/A   English    General     B: G2-C4
                                                                 S: E4 - G#5,
                                                                  A: D4 - C5,
                                                                   T: E3 - E4,
                                                                   B: D3 - B3
S.A.T.B.   Unaccompanied     N/A          Indian    General      (E4)

                                                                 S: A3 - F#5,
                                                                   A: A3 - E5,
                                                                     T: A2 -
                                                                 F#4,     B:
S.A.T.B.   Cello and Piano   N/A          English   General      A2 - E4

                                                                 S1: Bb3 -
                                                                 Bb5, A: Bb3 -
                                                                 Bb4, T:
                                                                 Bb2 - G4,
                                                    Patriotic/    B: Bb2 -
S.A.T.B.   a capella         Descant solo English   general      Bb3
                                                             S: E4 - D5,
                                                             A: B3 - A4,
           optional                                            T: G3 - E4,
S.A.T.B.   accompaniment     N/A         English   General      B: G2 - B3

                                                             S: D4 - A5,
                                                                A: A3 -
                                                             B4,     T:
           Organ acc. With   Soprano &                       D#3 - G4,
S.A.T.B.   strings           Bass        Latin     General   B: G2 - B4

                                                             S: D4 - A5,
                                                                A: C#4 -
                                                             D5, T: D3 -
           Organ acc. With   Soprano &                       G4,      B:
S.A.T.B.   strings           Bass        Latin     General   G2 - B3

                                                             S: F4 - G5,
                                                              A: C4 - C5,
                                                               T: E3 - G4,
           Organ acc. With                                       B: G2 -
S.A.T.B.   strings           Soprano     Latin     General   D4
                                                                  S: B3 - G5,
                                                                    A: A3 -
                                                                  C#5, T: B2 -
           Organ acc. With                                         G4,    B: G2
S.A.T.B.   strings             N/A          Latin     General     - D4

                                                                  S: A4 - A5,
                                                                    A: D4 - E5,
                                                                     T: E3 -
           Organ acc. With     Soprano,                           G4, B: A2 -
S.A.T.B.   strings             Tenor & Bass Latin     General     D4

                                                                  S: B4 - A5,
                                                                    A: D4 - E5,
                                                                      T: D3 -
           Organ acc. With                                        G4,     B:
S.A.T.B.   strings             N/A          Latin     General     A2 - D4

                                                                  S: G3 - F5,
                                                                    A: G3 - D5,
           Piano & Opt.                               Winter          T: C3 -
           Bass, Guitar, and                          Holiday/    F4,      B:
S.A.T.B.   Drums               N/A          English   Christmas   C3 - Eb4
                                                                  S: C4 - D5,
                                                                    A: A3 -
                                                                  Bb4,        T:
                                                                  D3 - D4,
S.A.T.B.   Unaccompanied       N/A          English   Holiday     B: F2 - C4
                                                                  S: C4-G5
                                                                    A: Bb3-G5
                                                                      T: C3-
                              Soprano                             G4       B:
S.A.T.B.   Rock Ensemble      and/or Tenor English   General      A2-E4

                                                                  S: B3 - F5,
                                                                     A: B3 -
           piano acc. With                                        D5,      T:
           opt. piccolo and                                       B2 - F4,
S.A.T.B.   percussion         N/A          English   General      B: B2 - C#4

                                                                  S: C4 - F5,
                                                                    A: C4 - D5,
           piano acc. With                           Winter           T: F3 -
           opt. instrumental                         Holiday/     D4,      B:
S.A.T.B.   packet and CD     N/A           English   Christmas    F2 - D4

                                                                  S: A3 - F5,
                                                                    A: A3 - D5,
           piano acc. With   Opt.                                     T: B2 -
           opt. instrumental Inprovised                           F4,      B:
S.A.T.B.   acc.              solo          English   Jazz/General B2 - D4
                                                                 S: B3 - G5, A:
                                                                 Bb3 - F5, T:
                                                                 E3 - G4, B:
S.A.T.B.   Organ and piano   N/A          German     Classical   F2 - E4

                                                                 S: F#4 - D5,
                                                                 A: C4 - G4,
                                          Latin or               T: A3 - F4, B:
S.A.T.B.   a capella         N/A          English    Classical   Bb2 - Bb3

                                                                 S1: E4 - C5,
                                                                  S2: C4 - C5,
                                                                    A: C4 - B4,
                                                                      T: C3 -
                                                     Holiday /   D4,      B: C3
S.A.T.B.   piano acc.        N/A          Latin      General     - C4

                                                                 S: D4 - F#5,
                                                                   A: A3 - D5,
                                                                    T: D3 -
                                                     General /   E4,     B: A2
S.A.T.B.   a capella         Descant solo English    Holiday     - B3
                                                               S: D4-G5
                                                                  A: B3-B4
                                                                    T: D3-
                                                               F4        B:
S.A.T.B.   piano acc.      solo         English    General     G2-G3

                                                               S: C4-F5
                                                                  A: C4-C5
           Piano & Opt.                                              T: C3-
           Brass                                               F4         B:
S.A.T.B.   Accompaniment   Descant solo English    Patriotic   A2-A3

                                                               S: C4 - G5,
                                                                 A: B3 -
           Piano & Opt.                            Winter      Eb5, T: C3
           Brass                                   Holiday/    - Eb4, B:
S.A.T.B.   Accompaniment   N/A          English    Christmas   G2 - E4

                                                               S1: C4 - F5,
                                                                S2: Cb4 -
                                                               Db5, A: Bb3
S.S.A      Piano           N/A          French     General     - Bb4

                                                               S1: C4 - F5,
                                                                S2: Bb3 -
                                                               F5, A: G3 -
S.S.A      a capella       N/A          Syllabic   General     D5
                                                                    S1: Bb3 - E5,
                                                                    S2: Bb3 -
                                                                    C5, A: G3 -
S.S.A          piano acc.        Alto (Opt.)   English   General    C4

                                                                    S1: A3 - A5,
               Piano & Opt. Inst. Opt. Sop &                        S2: A3 - D5,
S.S.A          Accompaniment Alto Solos        English   General      A: A3 - A4

                                                                    S1: D4 - A5,
                                                                      S2: D4 - D5,
                                                                       A1: A3 -
                                                                    C5, A2: G3
S.S.A.A        a capella         N/A           English   General    - A4

                Piano                                    General,   S:B3-E5
                Accompaniment/                           Contempora A:A3-C5
SAB       $1.85 Audio CD       Male Solo       English   ry         B:B2-E4

                                                         General,   S:B3-E5
                Piano         Male &                     Contempora A:B3-D4
SAB       $1.85 Accompaniment Female Solo English        ry         B:D3-E4
            a capella with
           (shaker, claves,
           Congas or Toms)

                                                                  Solo: C4-D5
                                                                    S: F4-F5
                              two or three African &                     B:C3-
SAB                           vocal solos  English     General    E4

            Piano                                      General/Con A:B3-G4
SAB   $1.85 Accompaniment None             English     temporary   B:D3-C4

            Piano                                      General/Sac A:G#3-E5
SAB   $1.75 Accompaniment None             Latin       red         B:D3-D4
                                                      Cultural,  S:C4-F5
SAB (very            Piano &             English/Skat Contempora A:A3-D5
high B-part)   $1.95 Percussion   None    Singing     ry         B:C3-G4

SATB           $1.10 A Cappella   None   English     General     B:F2-E4

                                         English/Croa General,   B1:C3-D4
SATB           $1.40 A Cappella   None   tian         Cultural   B2:G2-D4
             Piano                              General,     (optional
SATB   $2.25 Accompaniment None       English   Show Tune    B1)

                           Female                            A:G3-D5
             Piano         Optional   Korean,   General,     T:D3-D4
SATB   $1.65 Accompaniment Solo       English   Cultural     B:G2-D4

                                                General,     T:G3-A4
SATB   $1.50 A Cappella    None       Latin     Historical   B:A2-A3

SATB         A Cappella    None       English   General      B:Gb2-C4
             Piano                                        A:C4-Eb5
SATB   $1.90 Accompaniment None       German    General   T:D3-Gb4

             Piano                                        T:Db3-Ab4
SATB   $1.25 Accompaniment None       English   General   B:Gb2-Eb4

             Piano                                        T:Bb2-F4
SATB   $1.25 Accompaniment Optional   English   General   B:Ab2-C4
        piano acc. With
       instrumental acc.

                                                           A: G3-B-
                                                        flat 4 T:E3-
                                                        F4        B:
SATB                       N/A   Hebrew    General      A2-D4

                                                        S: G4-E5
                                                          A: D4-G#4
                                                            T: F#3-
       piano acc. with                     General/     F#4 B: A2-
SATB   strings             N/A   Latin     sacred       B3

                                                        S: C4-A5;
                                                          A: B3-E5
                                                            T: C3-E4
                                           Patriotic/         B: Bb2-
SATB   piano acc.          N/A   English   general      E4
                    Optional Piano                        General,   T:F#3-E4
SATB divisi   $1.90 Accompaniment Solo Ad Lib   Latin     Cultural   B:F#2-C#4

                                                          General,   T2:E3-F4
SATB divisi   $1.70 A Cappella     None         English   Cultural   B:E2-C4

                                                                     F#5 A1:B3-
                                                                     D4 A2:B3-
                                                                     B4 T1:B2-
                                                                     F#4 T2:B2-
                                                                     E4 B1:F#2-
                                                                     D4 B2:D2-
SATB divisi   $1.50 A Cappella     None         Latin     General    D4
SATB, 3-                                                         II:A3-C5
Part Mixed,         Piano                                        III:F3-D4
SSA           $1.10 Accompaniment Optional   English   General   (opt. Eb)

SSAA          $2.05 A Cappella    None       Latin     General   A2:G3-B4

SSAA          $1.75 A Cappella    None       English   General   A2:G3-D5
                                                                     T1: E3 - G4,
                                                                      T2: E3 - D4,
                                                                       B1: D3 -
                                                                     B3, B2:
T.T.B.B.          Unaccompanied   N/A          English   General     (G2) C3 - B3

                                                                     T1: Ab3 -
                                                                     Ab4, T2: D3 -
                                                                      Eb4, B1: C3 -
                                                                      C4, B2: Ab2
T.T.B.B.          Unaccompanied   N/A          English   Comedic     - Ab3

                                                                     T1: C4 - F4
                                                                       T2: G3 -
                                                                     D4 (Eb4),
                                                                          B1: Eb3
                                                                     - A3 (C4),
T.T.B.B.          a capella       N/A          English   General     Eb2 - Ab3

                                                                     T1: G3 - F4,
                                                                      T2: D3 -
                                                                     D4, B1: D3
                                                                     - B3, B2:
T.T.B.B.          a capella       Tenor solo   English   General     G2 - A3

Three-part         Piano                                 General,    II:C4-D5
Mixed        $1.50 Accompaniment None          English   Patriotic   III:F3-D4
TTBB   $1.80 A Cappella   None    Latin       General     B2: Eb2-D4

                                                          G#4 T2:E3-
                                                          E4 B1:C2-
             Piano                English/Lati General,   C3 B2:E2-
TTBB   $1.90 Accompaniment None   n            Advocacy   C3

             Piano                                        B1&2:B2-
TTBB   $1.70 Accompaniment None   German      General     Cx4
                    Piano                           General,   BI:Ab2-Db4
TTBB                Accompaniment None    English   Cultural   BII:Gb2-Bb3

Two-Part             Piano                          General,   I:F4-C5
Treble         $1.75 Accompaniment None   English   Cultural   II: C4-C5

Two-Part             Piano                          General,   I:C4-F5
w/Descant      $1.75 Accompaniment None   English   Cultural   II:C4-D5

Unison (Opt.
Descant)            piano acc.    N/A     English   General    C4-D5
Unison        Piano
Canon         Accompaniment None    Hebrew    General    D4-D5

Unison        Accompaniment
Canon         or A Cappella None    Hebrew    General    C4-Eb5

Unison         Piano
Treble   $1.10 Accompaniment None   German    General    D4-D5

Unison         Recorder &
Treble   $1.10 Piano        None    English   General    D#4-D5

Unison         Piano                          General,
Treble   $1.50 Accompaniment None   English   Holiday    C4-D5
Unison/Two-         Piano
Part          $1.95 Accompaniment None   English   General     C4-F5

Young              Piano
Baritone           Accompaniment         English   Contest Solo B2-D4

Young              Piano
Baritone           Accompaniment         English   Contest Solo B2-D4

Young                                              Contest
Man's Voice                                        Solo: Group
(tenor)            piano                 English   I           F3-G4
Young                           Contest
Man's Voice                     Solo: Group
(tenor)       piano   German    I           F#3-G#4

Woman's                         Contest
Voice                           Solo: Group
(Soprano)     piano   English   I           D4-F#5

Woman's                         Contest
Voice                           Solo: Group
(Soprano)     piano   English   I           Eb3-Ab5
Concepts        Skills          Problems                 Source

             Part-              The accentuation
Latin        Independen         of off-beats makes
Diction, Cut ce, Metric         the Canon sound
Time,        Navigation,        odd at points, may
Syncopation Intonation,         be confusing to
, Canon      Pure Vowels        students           Crouch

syncopation,    Improvisatio    Speed in the
 Coda,          n, Part-        middle may be too
Speak-sing,     singing,        fast at first,
Dal Segno,      Precise         tendency to over
Crescendo       Diction         sing (Shout em)          Crouch

                                Latin Diction may
             Latin              be difficult at first,
             Diction,           many repeated
Poco ritard, Pure               words w/different
Crescendo/D Vowels,             notes, Ending=
ecrescendo, Breath              Cues very
Suspension support              important                Crouch

Fugue/Fugu      independenc
e form,         e(separate
exposition,     melodies as
middle          the fugue
entries,        goes on),
recapitulatio   Expressive
n, trill,       performance
Modulation,      (including     Parts may become
imitation,      dynamics        covered as piece
Changing        and mood        becomes more
Meter,          of the          complex, timing
Sattirical      piece),         the final "A-CHOO"
Composition     Clear Diction   may be difficult   Crouch
             (in regards      Last note is a test
Compound to written           in breath support,
Meter,      markings in       could be alleviated
Phrasing,   the piece),       by stagger
Decrescendo Breath            breathing, Since
, Ritard,   Support on        there are aspects
meno        phrase            of imitation, it may
mosso,      endings,          be difficult to sing
fermta,     Staggered         part rather than
Chromticism breathing         melody               Crouch

                              Some of the leaps
                              (ex. M. 17 of piece
Chromaticis    Part-          1) are both a bit
m,             Independen     low and disjunct
crescendo,     ce,            which may be
Partner        Performance    difficult for
song,           on            learners,
Dotted         instruments,   Performance with
rhythms,        Singing       Kazoo will take
Verse-         along with     some time to get
Refrain form   instruments    used to.              Crouch

Suspensions Part-
,           singing,
Syncopation Pure vowels       Melody seems
, Quodlibet,(ooo),            simple but
Metric      Dynamic           changes slightly,
Dissonance, responsiven       Locking on last
Rallentando ess               unison                Crouch
Syncopation singing,          Off-beat
, Natural   Hebrew            entrances, Hebrew
Minor,      Diction,          pronunciation,
Crescendo/D Rhythmic          Sustained note at
ecrescendo Dexterity          end                   Crouch
Partner     e,
Song,       Intonation,       Descant adds
Descant,    Breath            some dissonance,
Ritard,     Support,          Long notes may go
Canon       Part-singing      flat              Crouch
Triple/Duple     Rhythmic       Original melodies
, Partner        Accuracy,      of featured tunes
Song,            Tonal          are slightly
Chromaticis      Proficiency,   altered, slightly
m                Part-singing   difficult.            Crouch

(consequent Hebrew
,            Diction,           Fast Hebrew text
antecedent), Part-              may be difficult,
             singing,           open fifth
Modulation, Dynamic             harmonies
Molto Ritard contrast           challenging.          Crouch
Minor        Part-
Mode,        singing,           Text in verses may
Refrain,     Syncopation        be difficult, crsip
Verse,       , Soloistic        syncopation is
Sforzando    singing            crucial!            Crouch

(3/4 vs.
inflection       spanish
(te), ties vs.   diction,
slurs, &         singing
many             syncopated
complicated      rhythms,        syncopated
sixteenth/eig    staggered      rhythms, tied notes
ht patterns      breathing      and ties over the
such as; ta-     &body          barline, meter
di-mi-ka ta-     percussion     changes, and the      Noll and
di-mi)           playing,       spanish language      Clark
               Singing in
               unison and
               in parts,
Compound       unification
Meter,         on "Baa,"      Some unexpected
Crescendo,     Performance    rhythms occur
Subito,         of            throughout the
Glissando,     dynamics,      work (ex: m. 7 the
Speak          navigating     da of beat 3),
Singing,       from lower     Blues inflection
Swung          register up    throughout will
Feel, Blues    to head        take a bit to get
Scale/Traits   voice          used to.           Crouch
Meter,         Confidence,
Descant,       Beath
Syncopation    Support,       Metric shifting may
,              Part-          be difficult at first,
Arpeggiation   singing,       quick breaths may
, D.S. al      Score          be a struggle to
Coda           navigation     learn                  Crouch
               singing,       The quicker eigth
Ostinato,      Breath         notes may be
Walking        support,       unexpected
Bass,          Dynamic        against a slow
Developmen     Sensitivity,   (half note)
t, Texture     Intonation     harmonic texture     Crouch
minor, slurs
   and ties,
 long, legato  intonation
  phrasing,   throughout
                                 entrances on beat 4;
ritardando,a long phrases
                                 crescendoing on the
    tempo,      and long
                                 last 4 beats of an 8-
    tenuto,    notes, pure
                                 beat syllable;
     molto       vowels,
                                 singing the piano to
 ritardando,      breath
                                 pianissimo, keeping
part singing,    support
                                 a balance switching
     slight   throughout
                                 from unison to part
immitation,        long
                                 singing & keeping
    breath       phrases,
                                 accurate intonation
   support,   singing with
                                 throughout long
 chromaticis legato lines
                                 notes and phrases
m on page 6, & staggered
      and       breathing,

part singing,      staggered
    breath         breathing,
                                 singing accurate
 support for         legato
                                 rhythms that tie
 long notes,      singing and
                                 over the barline,
  staggered          proper
                                 singing the
  breathing,         breath
 key change,      support on
                                 sections, intonation
syncopation,     long phrases
                                 on long notes,
   random          and notes,
                                 singing the
 chromaticis     clear diction
                                 borrowed meter
 m on pages       because of
                                 patterns, & singing
   8-13, &         large text
                                 what is written vs.
    metric       groupings, &
                                 the melody that they
 borrowing          singing
                                 have known forever
(ta-a di & ta-    syncopated
      mi)           patterns
     legato      breathing,     intonation on long
   phrasing,     connecting     legato phrases, si
  slur vs. tie,     breath      and te chromatic
 part singing, support to       intervals, long/very
  chromatic          long       gradual crescendos
inflection, (si phrases, &      and decrescendos, &
    and te),    singing long    singing with
  crescendo     crescendos      connected phrases
      and          and long     (use breath and
decrescendo, decrescendos       breath support)
                       ,                               Clark

   ties and
slurs, breath
   support,     Pure vowels,
  staggered     intonation/b
  breathing,        reath       sequences of
part singing,    support on     immitation
 contrasting      long notes    (entrances occur on
 dynamics,      and phrases,    off beats), keeping
     slight          clear      accurate intonation
immitation,      consonants     on long notes and
 a tempo vs.    at the end of   long phrases, & pure
 ritardando        phrases,     vowels (unified as a
  and molto      &singing in    choir)
 ritardando,    sequences of
& chromatic      immitation
  notes me
     and le
 immitation,                    Latin diction may be
part singing,      Latin        challenging,
     ties,       language,      immitation may also
syncopation, pure latin         be challenging,
  chromatic      vowels, &      syncopated patterns
inflection (te connected        and keeping
    and le),   phrases with     effective breath
  accents, &    breath and      support and vowel
 contrasting       vowel,       placement
   dynamics                     throughout           Clark
                 pure [o]
  (ri & me),               Chromatic
part singing,              inflections, uniform
descending                 [o] vowel, and
  glissando,               intonation om
 ties, subito              legato/longer
                 on long
   piano &                 phrases
                 notes, &
                mapping,                           Clark

harmonic     diction,
rhythm, 8va, expression,
glissando,   dynamics        none apparent         Willard
              singing a
voiced and    capella,
unvoiced      singing
consonants, syncopated       tritone,
chromatic     rhythms &      sixteenth/eighth
inflection    accurately/u   patterns (ta-ka-di-
(me), tenuto, niformly       mi -ka-di),
dynamics,     performing     chromatic
accent,       voiced and     inflections (me), &
tenuto &      unvoiced       singing with good
syncopation consonants       intonation            Willard

              Pure vowels,
Partner       breath
songs,        support, part Entrances and
polyphony,    independenc rhythmic intergrity
ritardando,   e             on mm. 42              Noll

Part singing,
homophony,                   Chromaticism,
glissando,    Part           entrances,
subito,       independenc    syncopation
syncopation e                "Sunshine"            Noll
Part-singing, independenc
homophony, e, breath         Sustaining the long
dynamics      support        notes                 Noll
Part-singing,    Part
Triplets,        independenc
glissando,       e, rhythmic
staccato,        accuracy    Triplet rhythms         Noll

Part-singing, independenc
fermata,      e, rhythmic Entrances, rhythmic
imitation     accuracy    accuracy            Noll
              ce, Breath
Crescendo, support on           m. 95 transition
Tempo         neumatic          from cut time to
modulation, passages,           4/4 may take a bit
Cut Time,     transitioning     of rehearsal, good
molto          from             opportunity for
ritard, dim., unison to         takadimi
fermata,      divisi            demonstrating
Slur vs. Tie singing            change of beat       Crouch

Slur vs. Tie,
Super            Performing     The M9 chord at
Triplet, pick-   with correct   the end may be
up               phrasing,      difficult for the
homophonic       Part-          ensemble to tune
 vs.             independenc    at first, caesurra in
polyphonic       e, Dynamic     m. 48 will require
texture          performance    rehearsal             Crouch
Speaking         Part-          Combination of
vs. Singing      singing,       body percussion
Voice, D.S.      Body           and singing,
al Fine,         Percussion,    Detatching from
Ritard           Arranging      melody               Crouch
Arpeggiation   Part-         Awkward text
, Counter      singing,      accentuation,
Melody,        Intonation,   Syncopation may
Molto          Vowel         be difficult across
Ritardando     Unification   words                 Crouch
m, Dotted
rhythm,        Part-
Folk           singing,      The chromaticism
structure,     Instrument    in the chorus may
Refrain        mimicing,     pose a problem, as
style,         Precise       well as the
Mixolydian     Diction       instrument section Crouch
Italian                      The odd metrical
musical                      feel in the second
markings,      Breath        piece may pose
Native         Support,      some problems,
American       Uniform       the open fifths
cultural       Vowels,       might be hard to
music          Intonation    tune.                 Crouch
Rhythm,        Body
Super          Percussion,
Triplets,      Performing
Simple vs.     w/a small
Compound       ensemble,
meter,         Unison &
sforzando,     Part
syncpation,    singing,      Groups of
multiple       Rhythmic      syncopated
types of       Accuracy      measures may be
accent, key    (simple v.    difficult: ex.
change         compound)     Mm.27-28,             Crouch
              singing a
stacatto,     singing with
accents, part pleasant
singing, ,    intonation,
chromatic     breath
inflection,   support and
gradual       placement       musical mapping,
dynamics,     on long         ensemble balance,
musical       notes and       strong dynamic
mapping       soft passages   choices, ppp        Clark

eographical     speaking
history,        with clear
keeping a       consonants,
steady pulse.   and unified
Clear           vowels,
articulation,   speaking
syncopation,    with
challenging     balanced
rhythms         volumes and
eighth          voices,       keeping a steady
note/sixteent   staggered     pulse, speaking
h note          breathing,    with clear
combos ( ta-    and           articulation, &
di-mi, di-mi    rhythmic      performing
ta-di, etc.)    integrity     syncopated rhythms Noll & Clark
, Grace
Duple vs.
Poco a      Unison/Part
Poco,       Singing,       Tendency to scoop
Modulation, Vowel          notes, Intonation,
Accidentals,Unification,   Chordal
Fermata,    Breath         Syncopation,
Imitation   Support        Rhythmic accuracy Crouch
            Singing,       The fast
            Part-          syncopation &
Syncopation Independen     rhythms could be
, Sequence, ce, Head       difficult at first,
Refrain,    Voice,         also the shee # of
Verse,      Rhythmic       voices near the
Ostinato    accuracy       end is a challenge    Crouch
            Singing A
Syncopation Rallentando,   Shona text is a bit
, Shona                    thick during the
Diction,    Dimunendo,     piece, lining up
Ostinato,    Singing       rubato tempo
Compound w/percussio       w/percussion could
Meter       n              be difficult        Crouch
            Pure           Once each part is
            Vowels,        in, metric feel
            Part-          starts to become
Canon, 2/2 independenc     skewed, Dissonant
vs. 4/4,    e, Part-       chords at times
Adagio      singing        due to polyphony.     Crouch
ties,           head voice,
Changing        register
Meter,          transitions,
duplet,         breath         entrances on weak
adagio          support,       beats, breathing     Willard

fermata, a      head voice,
tempo,          style,
minor           phrasing,
mode,           register
diminuendo      transitions    longer phrases       Willard

Cut time, key
folk music,
change (cut     Dynamics,
time and        tempo          Keeping the steady
4/4), &         changes, &     beat, moving
chromatic       singing        chromatic lines &
inflection      slight         against diatonic
(me, ri)        suspensions    harmonies            Noll & Clark

pure vowels,
fermata, tied   part-singing,
rhythms,        pure vowels,
ties, slurs,    breathing,
canon           legato        changed voice range Willard
m,          Singing
Andante,    with proper
Slur/Phrase phrasing        Getting the pianist
Marks,      (with           and the singer in
ritard,     regards to      sync with the
Intervalic  musical         multiple ritards
Relationshipmarkings),      throughout the
s, Verse-   performing      piece, the
Refrain     time            chromatic
Form,       changes         passages in mm.
Tempo       with            27-31 will need in
variations  accuracy        depth rehearsal.      Crouch
Alegretto   Tempo           The cadence at
moderato,   Navigation,     m.26 may be
dolce,      Transition      difficult in terms of
Verse-      from lower      timing
Refrain     register to     w/accompanist,
form,       head voice      Some leaps in the
embellishme via scalar      song seem
nt, subito, motion (m.      awkward at first
imitation   21)             (m.8)                 Crouch

              Legato        The held out notes
              Phrasing      (E) near the top of
              (over         the range may be
              slurred       difficult BUT can
              notes),       teach use of head
              Singing in    voice. Correctly
Poco rall.,   head voice,   performing the
ritard,verse- Breath        quick singular 16th
refrain form support        notes (ex. M.34)    Crouch
                Singing of
                note runs,
Staccato        Breath         Leaps of a seventh
notes,          support,       at various places
Intervalic      transition     in the piece (i.e.
Relations,      into head      m.34) can be
Text            voice from     challenging,
Painting,       lower          tripthong on "row"
Crescendo       register       must be addressed. Crouch
implied "R",
poco rit., a    phrasing,
tempo,          breath
rubato,         support,
slurs,          register       long phrasing,
ritardando,     transitions,   crescendo/decresce
fermato         expression     ndo on one note    Willard

ties,           performing
syncopation,    super
 Changing       triplets,
Meter,          phrasing,
fermata,        crescendo   super triplets are
super triplet   on one note abundant!             Willard
              tion of         Communication
Simple vs.    compound        w/accompanist on
Compount      meter in        fermatas may
Meter,        simple          need work, m. 18
Andante,      meter,          is heavy on the
Lento,        application     German diction
dolce poco    of              and will most
animato,      dynamic/ex      likely take a large
tranquillo,   pressive        amount of
colla voce    markings        rehearsal             Crouch

             Singing at a
Langsam,     dynamic
molto        with proper
tranquillo,  breath
arpeggiation support
, sempre     (starting at
piu          m. 14),          Repetition on the
tranquillo,  German           same note could
text         Diction,         become boring
painting     navigation       without dynamic
(mm. 34-     of               inflection(m.21),
38),         chromatic        finding Neopolitan
Neopolitan inflections        chord (m. 36) may
Chord.       (m.14)           be difficult at first. Crouch
    singing,                  melismas will be
  chromatic                   tough, connected
  inflections                 breath to each
 (fi), tenuto,                phrase, some
     slight                   immitative
 immitation,                  examples, and
syncopation,                  maybe the fi
   staggered                  chromaticism
breathing, &
                and singing
    Più largo
                 with clear
                    diction                         Clark
part singing,   a capella
imitation,      singing,
meter           intonation,
changes,        singing
terrace         terrace
dynamics,       dynamics,
ties over the   clear diction   a capella singing,
barline,        and pure        ties over the barline,
Allegro, &      vowels, &       unified vowels,&
homophonic      staggered       singing meter
rhythms         breathing       changes (4/4 to 3/4) Noll & Clark
duplets,        singing
musical         syncopated
mapping,        rhythms,
Key Change,     singing         syncopated
Accelerando,    duplets, a      rhythms, triplet and
 &              cappella        duplet groupings, &
syncopation     singing         musical mapping      Noll & Clark

Staccato,       Diction,
repeat sign,    leggiero
hocket,         style, a
triplet,        cappella,   Staying together,
glissando,      kazoo       keeping, large leaps
madrigal        performance in Soprano               Noll
8/8 Meter,
chromatic         singing
inflection (si   syncopated
and ri),         rhythms,
accents, part    singing a
singing,         capella,
accelerando,     intonationan
syncopated       d balanced       syncopated
rhythms,         voices,          rhythms, fast tempo,
large            performing       keeping a steady
contrasting      triple vs.       beat and singing
dynamics,        duple meter      syncopated rhythms
part singing,    & pure [a]       accurately, & quick
& Dal Segno      vowel            8ve leaps in tenor   Noll & Clark

Triplet &
Super            Changing
Triplet,         rhythms,
imitation,       triplets,
rubato,          breath
fermata, part    support on
singing,         longer
applying         phrases and
breath           notes,
support to       intonation,
long phrases     and unified
and long         vowels and       syncopated
notes, &         beginning        rhythms,
staggered        and ending       performing triplets,
breathing        consonants       leap from Ti to Mi     Noll & Clark
rhythms,          Intonation, a   Switching from
fermata,         cappella         swung to straight
tritone,         singing,         8th notes,
triplet          connected        intonation,
gracenotes,      phrasing and     sopranos may have
& part           staggered        difficulty with the
singing          breathing.       altered melody,        Noll & Clark
accenting,       Expressive
cut time,        singing,
stressed vs      accurate         a cappella singing,
unstressed       rhythms,         meter shift, hemiola,
syllables, &     intonation, a    unified vowels and
hemiola          cappella         consonants,           Noll & Clark

Latin Text,
Era, Mass
History,homo     Latin
phonic           Diction,
rhythm,          intonation,
suspensions,     pure vowels,     Chromaticism,
part singing,    blending,        balance, intonation,
chromatic        dynamics,        & dotted eighth
inflections(te   legato &         note/sixteenth
, me, si)        leggiero style   rhythms                Noll & Clark
Latin Text,
Era, Mass
nce              Latin
dynamics,        Diction,
homophonic       intonation,
rhythm, &        blending,
chromatic        dynamics,
inflections (    legato &       Leap in Tenor (mm.
me, fi, ri)      leggiero style 18), chromaticism        Noll

Latin Text, intonation,
Romantic    blending,
Era, Mass   dynamics,
History,    legato &     Quick rhythms,
Homophony leggiero style chromaticism                    Noll
Latin Text, Diction,
Romantic    intonation,      Chromaticism (mm.
Era, Mass   blending,        80-89), harmony to
History,    dynamics,        unison (mm. 124-
Homophony, legato &          126), entrance (mm.
Paired duet leggiero style   138)                Noll

Latin Text,    Diction,
Romantic       intonation,
Era, Mass      blending,
History,       dynamics,
Imitation,     legato &
Polyphony      leggiero style 16th & 32nd Notes    Noll
Latin Text,
Romantic       Latin
Era, Mass      Diction,
History,       intonation,
Polyphony      blending,
vs.            dynamics,      Chromaticism, 16th
Homophony,     legato &       notes, rhythmic
Imitation      leggiero style accuracy             Noll

               Part singing,
Cut time,      intonation,
chromaticis    diction,
m, staccato,   rhythmic      Cut time,
syncopation,   accuracy, cut chromaticism,
DS al Coda     time          syncopation,          Noll
Hymn-like      a cappella
harmonies,     singing,
Strophic       intonation,   part dependence,
form           diction       intonation,           Noll
Meter         (resonance),
changes,      metric
slow and fast changes ,
rock          chromatic
rhythms, key inflections           A Cappella, key
changes,      and singing          changes, different
dynamics,     sycopated            entrances, &
paired duet patterns               sustained harmonies Noll
Changing           and metric
Meter,             accuracy,
imitation,         proper          Compound and
staccato,          articulation,   Simple meter,
accentuation,      good            syncopation, Super
 dynamics          intonation      triplet              Noll

a cappella,
dynamics,          a cappella
imitation,         singing,
sixteenth          intonation,
note/eighthn       diction,
ote patterms       dynamics,
(ta-di-mi),        part singing,
chromatic          blending,     chromaticism,
inflections,       rhythmic      rhythmic accuracy,
suspensions        accuracy.     tempo changes          Noll & Clark
swinging 8th
accented           Improv (w/
notes, vocal       scat
slide, triplet ,   melody),        Improvisation,
blues              "swinging"      swing vs. straight
chromatic          the beat,       rhythm, &
inflections        triplets        chormaticism         Noll & Clark
Mass           diction,
History,       rhythmic
Schubert       difficulties,
History,       dynamic
accents,       changes,
syncopation, transitioning
 ties over the from
bar line,      different     key changes, meter
Romantic, & meters and changes, rhythmic
dynamics       keys          accuracy, dynamics       Noll & Clark
vs             Proper
polyphony,     breath
accents, a     support,          Switching from
tempo,         intonation,       syncopated rhythms
allargando,    long              to straight quarter
hemiola,       phrases,          notes, mm 3-5,
staccato, &    staggered         sustaining the note
fermata        breathing,        for it's full value Noll

                Latin diction,
part singing, pure latin
slurs vs. ties, vowels,          Chromaticism,
imitation,      singing          immitative
ritardando, contrasting          entrances, Latin
fermata,        dynamics,        diction              Noll & Clark
percussion,    Rhythmic
syncopation,   independenc
imitation,     e, playing
polyphony      body              Rhythmic accuracy,
vs.            percussion,       steady beat and
homophony,     part              ensemble balance,
descant,       independenc       entrances,
ostinato       e                 syncopation          Noll
syncopation,    breath
dynamics,       support,         staying together
crescendo,      head voice,      with
fermata,        phrasing,        entrances/consonan
modulation      expresion,       ts                 Willard

divisi,         dissonant
ritardando,     interval
syncopation,    harmonies,
dissonance,     staggered
modulation,     breathing,
descant,        head voice,      dissonant ending,
accents         intonation       intonation            Willard

Part singing,
Changing        Part singing,
Meter,          intonation,
accelerando,    diction,      Tempo changes,
Coda            tempo         melodic changes.         Noll

Debussy,        e, intonation,
romantic,       french
polyrhythmic pronunciatio
, double flats, n, leggiero
animato,        singing, &       rhythmic
chromatic       breath           independence from
inflections     support          piano, tempo
(ra, me and through long         changes,&
se)             phrases          chromatic inflections Noll & Clark

Mozart,                          Quick rhythms,
Opera,          intonation,      chromaticism,
dynamics,       melody           keeping rhythm at
fermata,        identification   the ending together
staccato,       , quick          on certain phrases (
immitation,     rhythmic         the first eighth note
poco a poco,    accuracy         of a measure e.g. 89) Noll
Ritardando,     Expressive
a tempo,        singing,
changed         accurate
meter, 5/4      rhythms,      5/4 meter,
meter, subito   intonation    connected phrasing, Noll
Part-singing, clapping on
repeat sign the beats         Clapping may rush    Noll

Spiritual,      Expressive
stringendo,     singing,
poco a poco,    intonation,
dynamics,       diction,      Stringendo, keeping
subito,         keeping       steady pulse, notes
fermata         tempo         carried over barlines Noll

Syncopation     rhythmic
,               singing,
Verse/Refrai    Singing       Basses keeping
n Form,         dissonances   light feeling on
Ballad,         in tune,      high E (m.20),
Relative        Singing       Navigation of 2/4
Minor, Slur,    chromatic     bar w/ syncopation
Suspension,     passages,     (m. 35), Unified
Resolution,     part-         vowels on
Terraced        independenc   diphthongs (night,
Dynamics        e & Singing   might)             Crouch

                              Students may
             Rhythmic         have tendency to
             Accuracy,        sing rhythms as
             Part-            sung in the
             independenc      popular recording,
Syncopation e, Effective      m.28 is
, Simple vs. background       exceptionally
Duple,       vocals,          difficult in terms of
Ballad,      expressive       rhythmic content,
Verse/Refrai performance      and should be
n form,       (dynamics,      looked over
ritard       tempo)           multiple times        Crouch
                   language,    The male range may
                     singing    be hard for
                 syncopated     baritones or
                   patterns,    cambiatas in the
                   singing a    choir; this song
syncopation,        capella,    should have certain
part singing,     connecting    male sections of the
ties, musical   the breath to   third part that
  mapping,      singing, esp.   should be
 key change,     long phrase    compromised where
8va, repeats,      singing &    some of the male
  &accents            clear     voices sing low and
                    dynamic     some of them sing
                    contrast    the higher notes;
                    between     syncopated ties over
                sections and    the bar, African
                    with the    language

cresc. Poco
a poco,
Triplet,        Part-           Keeping the
ritard, 1st     Independen      baritones in tune
inversion       ce,             on the last
chord/triad,    Performance     suspension may be
Jazz             of             difficult, m. 14 the
elements        chromatic       super triplet may
(back beat,     intervals,      have a tendency to
chromaticis     singing         drag the tempo of
m), rubato      with rubato     the piece            Crouch

Simple vs.      through         The switching
Compound,       different       between simple
Changing        meters AND      and compound
Meter,          rhythmic        meters as well as
Asymmetric      patterns,       from symmetrical
al Meter,       performance     to asymmetrical
Segno,           of             meters would be
Coda,           neumatic        the main challenge
Glissando       passages        for this piece.    Crouch
                sounds,       Syncopated
Syncopation     Part          rhythms
, Scat          independent   throughtout may
Singing,        s, Use of     be a bit difficult,
Chromaticis     head voice    High G in men's
m,              (in men's     part (mm. 60 &
Modulation,     part),        128), Difficult
Dal Segno,      Singing       "dah" part in
Coda,           background    Soprano (mm. 10-
Arpeggiation    vocal parts   12)                   Crouch
homphonic       Singing,
texture,        Singing
Chromaticis     unaccompan
m, Dotted       ied,          Some chromatic
Rhythms,        Chromatic     inflections are
Imitation,      ability,      unexpected, Quite
Terraced        Dynamic       a large range in
Entrances       Phrasing      most parts            Crouch

Syncopation     of
, pentatonic    dynamics,
scale, verse-   part-
refrain         independenc   Basses keeping
form,           e, tempo      pitch up (mm. 5-7
bridge,         navigation,   and similar
Changing        a cappella    measures) Cutoffs
Meter,          singing,      in asymmetrical
rubato,         fermata       meters (m.10),
subdivision,    confidence,   Syncopated
borrowed        tonal         patterns (mm. 14-
meter,ritard,   center,       18), Chromatic
 tenuto,        rhythmic      inflections (m. 11
morendo         fluency       bass)                 Crouch
              of rubato,     Overall use of
Compound Performance         rubato and staying
Meter,         of            together, Soprano
Rubato,       suspensions,   chromatic line m.
Tempo          Modulation    20, Both
Modulation, security,        modulations are a
rit. Al fine, Accurately     bit tricky (very
Tag,          performing     direct), Bass
Modulation text painting     jumps at m. 43     Crouch

             Singing in      m.68 in tenor part
             pentatonic      (m7 leap may be
Total        scale,          difficult at first),
Pentatonic   Unison          Altos and Basses
Scale,       Singing,        mm.80-83 keeping
Canon,       Understandi     intonation up on
poco rit.    ng canon        held out low note    Crouch
             Latin           The unification of
homphonic Diction,           vowels throughout
texture,     vowel           the piece may
Relative     unification,    cause intonation
Major/Minor, dynamic         problems. M.8:
 rall.,      performance     transition to
accent,      , part-         relative major may
Renaissance independenc      be out of tune at
 composition e               first              Crouch

Adagio        Breath
intimo e      Support,       The poco movendo
devoto,       Intonation,    portion of the song
Sequences,    Navigation     (mm.29-32)
dolcissimo,   of             comes as a bit of a
Chromaticis   Chromatic      surprise at first,
m, poco       Passages,      mm.20-25 are
movendo,      tempo          tonally ambiguous,
trattenuto,   navigation,    making them
Applied       attention to   difficult to
Dominants     dynamics       navigate.           Crouch
            , Part-
Chromaticis e,
m,          Navigation       m. 26 decrescendo
homphonic of                 from fortissimo to
texture,    Chromaticis      piano my be
Phrasing,   m, German        difficult, Overall
ritard,     Diction,         phrasing might be
Rounded     Vowel            a challenge for the
Binary Form unification      ensemble            Crouch

             section on      mm.134-147 will
Concept of unison            be challenging due
a Requiem, notes,            to the thick
Con moto     singing         texture, but can be
moderato,    nuematic        demonstrated part-
Imitation,   passages.       by-part, mm.121-
contrapuntal German          123 blend across
 texture,    diction in      the group may be
Chromaticis German           difficult on unison
m            version         notes               Crouch

Andantino,    Independen
Antecedent    ce,            Getting treble
&             Phrasing on    voices not to
Consequent    tied/longer    become too
phrase,       notes,         attached to the
morendo,      Unison         melody, switching
Rounded       Blend (final   up treble voices
Binary Form   note)          could help this     Crouch
  breathing,         hebrew
     legato       diction, pure
  phrasing,           vowel
                                  Hebrew language,
part singing.      placement,
 Chromatic            legato
 inflections      singing and
                                  intonation during
  (fi and si),    singing with
                                  long phrases (legato
slurs vs. ties,      breath
                                  oooh sections)
key change,         support,
      poco         &staggered
 ritardando,        breathing
   poco piu
   mosso, &
Tempo primo

figured bass,
chords,       Baroque             Very limited alto
baroque       style,              range.                 Willard

8vb, texture,
pickup beats,
m,                phrasing,
secondary         breathing,
dominants,        rubato, a       high range for bass
modulation        cappella        line,                  Willard
                          Improvisation may
                          feel awkward at
                          first in this piece,
                          cluster chord
             Improvisatio throughout the
Canon,       n, Part-     piece seems
Terraced     Independen difficult at first, m.
Dynamics,    ce,          17: canon is
Improvisatio Rhythmic     notated in an odd
n, Cluster   accuracy,    way (with words
Chord,       Singing w/ rather than
Aleatoric    percussion, notation) which
composition Latin Diction could be confusing Crouch

                        throughout the
             Part-      piece could prove
sforzando,   Independen to be difficult,
syncopation, ce,        Fermatas in m.8
 call &      Rhythmic   may be difficult to
response,    accuracy,  perform
marcato,     dynamic    accurately, timing
chromaticis performance on call & response
m, spritual , clear     section may be
composition diction     difficult to sync up   Crouch

            independenc    The entire piece
            e,             focuses on close
            Navigation     dissonances,
            of close       testing the
            dissonances,   ensemble's
Changing     Breath        intonation. From
Meter,      support for    m.24 to m. 25
Chromaticis longer         there is a large
m,          notes,         change in overall
Imitation,  Navigation     range (about an
Terraced    of Changing    octave shift) which
Entrances   Meter          could be difficult  Crouch
Phrasing    Unison/Part
(consequent Singing,
,           Vowel
antecedent),Unification,   The unexpected
            Breath         5/4 bar may be
Modulation, Support,       difficult, getting
Chromaticis Melodic        children to sing
m, Text     Sensitivity,   something other
Painting,   Metric         than melody may
Mixed-Meter fluency        prove frustrating.    Crouch

            Independen     The Changing
            ce,            Meter throughout
Imitation,  Navigation     the piece causes a
Changing    of Changing    feeling of
Meter, poco Meter,         uneasiness in the
piu mosso, expressive      first performance,
Chromaticis performance    especially the lone
m,           including     5/4 bar in the
Asymmetric "piu mosso"     penultimate
al Meter    sections       measure               Crouch

            m, Metric
            Confidence,    The 7/4 bar at
Changing    Attention to   m.18 seems to be
Meter,      dynamic/ex     random and may
Asymmetric pressive        surprise some
al Meter,   markings,      singers.
Chromaticis Part-          Modulation into m.
m,          independenc    40 may be difficult
piu/meno    e, Rhythmic    for first time w/o
mosso       accuracy       piano               Crouch
Cut time,    maintaining
syncopation, accurate
spiritual,   intonation, & Tempo, intonation
imitation,   a capella     on higher notes and
fermata      part singing moving harmonies Noll

Philosophers,   Intonation, a
 Arpeggios,     cappella        Dynamic & tempo
compound        singing,        changes, watch the
meter, poco     dynamic &       conductor, large
a poco,         tempo           leap at the end for
fermata         changes         Tenor I                Noll

                                High notes for
                Intonation,     tenors at end,
Spiritual, Da   accurate        chromaticism,
Capo al Fine,   rhythms, a      intonation with a
accents,        cappella        cappella,
dynamics,       singing,        transitioning to
syncopation,    musical         different meters and
part singing    mapping         keys                 Noll
               mapping,         accents and
Spiritual, Dal accents,         intonation on long
Segno,         breath           single notes, basses
syncopation, support on         loud and low,
ritardando     long phrases     ritardando             Noll
Imitation,      Part-
Medley,         Singing,
Glissando,      Body
Metric Shift    Percussion,
Chromaticis    Part-
m,             Independen
Syncopation    ce,            The entire piece is
, Cantabile,   Performance    a test in the
Sotto Voce,     of accents,   choir's ability to
Sempre         intonation     keep pitch in a
Quasi          with           song with shifting
Staccatto,     chromatic      tonal center.
Changing       music,         mm.40-41 present
Meter,         melody-        a unique rhythmic
Marcatissim    conscious      challenge for the
o              performance    ensemble.              Crouch
Andante,       unison
con rubato     singing,
e delicato,    expressive
stringendo,    performance    The quintuplet in
morendo,       ,              m. 24 may be
quintuplet,    performance    difficult to perform
sospirando,     of a          correctly, mm.60-
chromaticis    quintuplet,    63 contain large
m,             use of         amount of text,
allargando,    written        diction may be a
smorzando      dynamics       problem here.          Crouch

Mediant,                   Each modulation
Chromaticis    Intonation, (mm.15 & 27) is
m,             Chromatic   somewhat
Modulation,    Confidence, unconventional,
Suspension,    Expressive and may be
superimposi    Performance difficult. The
tion of        , Part-     pronunciation of
compound       Indepenede the German words
meter into     nce,        may also be a
simple         German      hinderance to the
meter          Diction     ensemble                  Crouch
              with proper
              to slurs),
              Blend on       Tenors my be
              unison         prone to push the
Imitation,    notes,         high "G"
Tag/Coda,     Resonant       throughout the
Tie vs. Slur, production     piece, must sing in
Legato        of "hm,"       light head voice,
Phrasing,     Breath         last note will take
Breath        Managemen      a good amount of
Support       t              breah support.      Crouch
              Singing in     m. 21 getting the
              two parts,     feel of the eigth
Minor         Dynamic        note pickup into
Mode, Call    performance    m.22 might take a
and           , Leaps of a   bit to engrain in
Response,     half step      the ensemble,
Leading       and minor      Breath support for
Tone,         third,         students singing
Refrain,      Rhythmic       part II may be an
crescendo     accuracy       issue               Crouch

             Singing in
             two parts,
             Rhythmic        Students may
             Accuracy,       have difficulty (m.
             Dynamic         32) going back
Figuration, performance      and forth between
Imitation,   ,               simple and
Speak        Performance     compound meters,
Singing,      on triplets    tuning octave at
crescendo,ri in simple       m.21 could be
tard         meter           difficult             Crouch

dynamics,      staggered
crescendo,     breathing,
decrescendo,   crescendo
modulation,    and          transition on pg. 7
syncopation    decrescendo, into new key           Willard
Accelerando,   Unison         Maintaining own
 Ritardando    Singing        part independence       Crouch
Notes,         Unison/Part
Canon,         Singing,
Ritard,        Hebrew         Ending on different
Crescendo,     Diction,       vowels, Language,
Dimminuend     Vowel          Potential rhythmic
o              unification    pitfalls            Crouch

Poco ritard,                  German
Pickup,        German         pronunciation may
Dotted         Diction,       be difficuilt, use of
rhythms,       Unison-        singular eigth
Rubato,        singing,       notes may be
Sequence       Intonation     confusing at first.     Crouch
               Singing,       Some periods of
Compound       Vowel          temporary
Meter,         Unification,   syncopation may
Harmonic       Dynamic        skew meter, D3
Minor, Poco    Sensitivity,   interval could be
Rit.           Phrasing       tricky                  Crouch

             Unison           The syncopation
             Singing,         may be difficult, at
Syncopation Vowel             first, for young
,            Unification,     singers, note leaps
Verse/Refrai Attention to     (like in m.82)
n Form,      Dynamics,        could be difficult
unison,      Rhythmic         with syncopation
Coda/Tag     Accuracy         added                Crouch
             Singing in
             in unison,        The glissando
             Diction on        (m.68) may be
             rhythmic          odd for the
             passages,         ensemble at first,
Arpeggiation transition        The off beat
, Verse-     from head         rhythms (ta-di-di)
Refrain      voice to          that reoccur may
Form,        lower             be difficult at first,
Glissando,   register          but can be
Crescendo, (especially         rehearsed with
Off-beat,    on                echoing/echo
Subdivision glissando)         translation              Crouch

Simple vs.
Compound                       Avoiding
Meter,                         performing dotted-
Molto          Metric          eighth-sixteenth
Maestoso,      Confidence,     patter as quarter-
Largamente,    performance     eigth triplet
 Risoluto,      of triplets,   pattern, Getting a
Tranguillo,    Expressive      true contrast
piu moto       performance     between 1st and
sempre          (including     2nd half of song
cresc.,        correct         will require a high
arpeggiation   accents)        degree of artistry. Crouch
                               Maintining breath
Dotted         dynamic         support
rhythm,        performance     throughout the
quasi           (correct       piece will be a
parlante,      use of          challenge, along
rall.,         fermatas),      with phrasing of
tenuto,        proper          the dotted
colla voce,    phrasing,       rhythms. The
cadenza,       trasition       cadenza contains
crescendo,     from head       an octave leap
antecedent/    voice into      that navigates
cconsequent    lower           through to the
 phrase        register        head voice          Crouch
on, ABA
form,          ornamentati
relative       on, breath
minor,         support,
modes,         head voice, larger leaps and
fermata        tall vowels intervals                    Willard
dynamics,      head voice,
seventh        phrasing,      entrances on weak
chords         andante,       beats, large leaps   Willard


expressivo,    head voice,
chromaticis    register
m, ties, piu   transitions,   minor seventh leap
vivo           intervals      in m. 18           Willard

, accents,
slurs,         phrasing,
staccato,      expression,    large leaps, upper
animandosi,    breath         range arppegiation
 risoluto,     support,       in the last five
dolce          head voice,    measures.          Willard

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