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Is the screen pre-login No_ post login What do you show pre-login


									Is the screen pre-login?
       No, post login
What do you show pre-login?
Are star ratings from students?
       No, it’s how good a fit the course will be for you. This is an objective measure on how it fits with
       your degree.
Anything that explains why the course is a fit for the student?
How quickly does it update?
       Didn't hear answer

Centrality is relative to their major?
     Most common to most peoples majors
How have faculty members reacted?
     We don't actually tell students to not take a course…
Do you do a back check to see how accurate it is?
     Yes, I'll get back to it
             90% of time we predict a c or better they get a c or better..

Do students not choose classes that are recommended?
       We don't give students the grade we think they will get.
       These are the courses that should be on the students mind.
What did you use for your initial data set? All data points about student grades?
       Objective: the grades they've gotten in courses they've already gotten, combined with all legacy
       grades out there. The students can take advantage of students that have already taken the
       courses. Their experiences afterwards will give better information.
What factors go into predicting grades? Do you factor in instructors/time of day?
       We do not factor in instructor or time of day. If you had to predict my grade in a course
       everything I've taken previously would be a good guide. Need to combine information to come up
       with grade. Grades are better in courses they were recommended to take then ones they pick
Can this predict courses they will not do well in?
       Yes, there is a faculty portal when they give advice to a student.
I believe we have to do this in our company, need your recommendation, how to implement this type of
thinking in our organization? Take a class on how to write an algorithm.
       We can speak after; there isn't a class for this. We will be starting a Master’s Degree in predictive
       analytics. First you need to know you have the data to analyze. It’s just a large SQL database.

Are using straight sql?
      Straight up sql.

Our difference with Amazon, we know end requirements.

Has there been any thought for a recruitment tool? Such as a transfer student can submit a transcript.
      Yes we've thought of it.
Do you provide an advisor view?
     Yes, that is exactly what we do, we limit the view to students.
How many FTE's do you have involved?
     Prediction model is completely automated. After each semester the system is recalibrated.

Have you thought about more than grade history?
     We have thought about some other data. Personal preference should come into play. We are
     looking to see if we should go into high school data.

       Yes, one in higher education journal.
On your screen shot there was a place for a search field?

        Could ask a question such as what type of science class should I take, it will then bring that back.

We are exploring right now predicting different types of classes, such as online.

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