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                                     Chapter 27: Prokaryotes

  1. Identify the two prokaryotic domains

  2. Label the shapes of the bacteria shown below

  3. Discuss the purpose and composition of the prokaryotic cell wall.

  4. What is the difference between a Gram + and a Gram – bacterium? How does this influence their
     response to antibiotics?

  5. Identify the function of the:
        a. Capsule

         b. Fimbriae

         c. Pili
6. Label the diagram of the generalized bacterium shown below

7. Identify the main method of reproduction amongst prokaryotic cells.

8. Discuss the function of endospores.

9. Differentiate between the following:
       a. Photoautotrophs

       b. Chemoautotrophs

       c. Photoheterotrophs

       d. Chemoheterotrophs

10. Explain the oxygen requirement of each of the following:
       a. Obligate Aerobes

       b. Facultative anaerobes

       c. Obligate Anaerobes
11. Briefly discuss the role of bacteria in nitrogen fixation

12. How does colonialism provide an advantage for the cooperating cells?

13. What did Carl Woese use to change the classification of bacteria into the two domains?

14. Discus the meaning of each of the following and give an example of each:
       a. Extreme thermophiles

       b. Halophiles

       c. Methanogens

15. Discuss the role that prokaryotes play in the biosphere:
       a. Decomposers

       b. Symbionts

       c. Pathogens

       d. Biotechnology

       e. Bioremediation

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