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Christmas Tree Lane


									                                      Christmas Tree Lane
                                 Gourmet Foods Workshops 2010

Sept. 26, 2010 Sunday                     9 AM to 2 PM             Canning
Mango-Ginger Chutney                              Big Red Salsa                 Chipotle Salsa
Apple/Jalapeno/Cranberry Chutney                  Tomatillo Salsa               Mango Salsa
Cranberry Apricot Ginger Chutney                  Spicy Peach Chutney
Honey Habanero BBQ Sauce

Oct. 2, 2010 Saturday                     11 AM to 4 PM Non-Canning
Candied Grapefruit               Friendship Mug Cake                            Almond Pancake Mix
Lemon Dill Rice Mix              Beer Batter Bread Mix                          Marauder Cookies in a Jar
Mexican Cocoa                    Peanut Butter Doggie Treats
Peanut Butter Cinnamon Doggie Swirl Pops

Oct. 3, 2010 Sunday                       9 AM to 2 PM             Non-Canning
Mojo Bean Soup Mix                        Marauder Dipping Sauce      Rosemary Salt
Maple Glazed Walnuts                      Chipotle Chili Rub          Chinese Chicken Salad Dressing
Sage and Onion Stuffing Mix               Ginger Garlic Teriyaki Sauce

Oct. 24, 2010 Sunday                      9 AM to 2 PM             Canning
Apple Bourbon Syrup                Blackberry Syrup                     Brandied Butterscotch Sauce
Fig with Lavender Jelly            Hazelnut Mocha Sauce                 Jalapeno Pepper Jelly
Holiday Cranberry Vinegar          Roasted Pepper Jelly
Principal Latko’s Family Meat Marinade

Nov. 7, 2010 Sunday                       1 PM to 5 PM*            Decorations/Catch-up
( Please note time change from 11 AM to 4 PM due to a room conflict)

Nov. 13, 2010 Saturday                    11 AM to 4 PM Chocolates

Snowflake Ornaments                       Snowflakes on a Stick         Peppermint Sticks
Pecan Clusters

Nov. 14, 2009 Sunday                      9 AM to 2 PM             Chocolates

Truffles – Orange and Raspberry                   Rocky Road       Mint Marauder Medallions
White Chocolate Fruit and Nut Bark                Marauder Poppycock

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