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              President’s Report                                Sparrows Song
               Moving Forward                      What an incredible result! The music
As I reflect back over the years of Sparrows      evening was a complete success. When all
Christian      Housings    existence,     and     the pies were eaten and the last performer
especially the last two years, I see that God     done, God provided over $7500! This puts
has given us so much to be thankful for.          us much closer to our goal. Many heartfelt
When I first became involved in this              thank-yous are due. Jenny Hartman for
project, it seemed to me that we were trying      organizing the musical talent, Klaas Kort
to build this incredibly huge ship, and to do     for being Master of Ceremonies, All those
it with out an instruction manual! Yet, the       who contributed in so many ways with
reality is that we were really just tools in      bringing pies, setting up, preparing props
God’s hand, steering this ship in the right       and pictures, cleaning up, running the
direction and guiding it safely into harbour.     kitchen, Ed Verhelst for doing sound, and
The need, concept, and dream of this type         all those who performed, to the joy of those
of housing has been very real in our              listening. What a blessing to be surrounded
community for a long time. As the pieces          by so many who freely give their time.
came together for the project, so many
people have come forward from many
walks of life, to lend a hand. To be part of
the Board for Sparrows, you become aware
of so many times when God has provided
above and beyond what was needed or even
imagined. THANK YOU LORD!
  This has again become evident as we
proceed to the construction phase of the
project. We have sent out Tenders for the
building and they have come in at a very
favourable cost. Many thanks to the work
done on the Tenders by the Contractors!
With the Tender amounts in, the finishing
touches are being put on the Business Plan,
which will then be presented to both                          The Hanger Band
Sparrows and Bethesda Boards for
approval. At that point a contract will be
signed with one of the bidders. This should
all happen sometime, the Lord willing in
the middle of May. Construction could
begin any time after that! Thanks again on
behalf of everyone on the Board for all the
help and encouragement you have given us
over the past years. Warren Vandenberg


For further information please contact one of the following, W. Vandenberg, C. Hofsink, A.
VanveldHuizen, T. Stad, A. Vandenberg.