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 Introduction to PRINCE2®
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PRINCE2 is a project management methodology that provides a structure for the management,
control and organisation of a project. In this basic introduction we explain how PRINCE2 can be
applied to help managers ensure their projects are delivered on time, to budget and with an end
result that delivers benefits and meets the project's stakeholders' expectations.


PRINCE2 is a project management methodology owned and maintained by the UK Office of
Government Commerce (OGC). Although its roots are in government information technology it
summarises best practice from a wide variety of industries and backgrounds, and its successful
application to different types and scales of project has seen its popularity grow to become the de
facto standard for project management in the UK. PRINCE2's proven success in managing a diverse
range of projects has seen it spread organically across the globe where it has been readily adopted
by private and public organisations alike. As a result PRINCE2 is now used actively in over 50
countries worldwide.


Projects exist throughout organisations, ranging from small departmental activities such as
organising a team away day, to critical company wide activities such as the introduction of a new
computer system. Whatever the topic, PRINCE2 promotes that all projects should have a clear
beginning, middle and end, a clear organisational structure and defined objectives. The project
organisation structure makes it clear to everyone what the different project roles are, who is to carry
them out and where responsibilities lie. Most importantly everyone involved should understand
their role in achieving the project's objectives. Once these objectives have been met the project
ends providing an opportunity to assess what was done well and what could be improved. At an
appropriate time afterwards a post project review is conducted to measure the project's success at
meeting the defined, measurable business benefits.

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Using the PRINCE2 method the following key features can be built into your projects:

           Focus on outcomes
                      A clearly defined Business Case
                      Clearly identified objectives and roles.

                      Documentation of plans, procedures, project requirements and important
                      Defined project management parameters
                      Flexible decision points
                      Proper and clear start, middle and end of project.

                      Involvement of management and stakeholders at the right time and place
                       during the project
                      Automatic management control of any deviations from the project plan.

                      A controlled project environment with realistic estimations and defined
                      Timely identification and management of risks
                      Standardisation with your organisation, between your customers and with your

                      Good communication through shared vocabulary
                      Achievement of desired quality in produced work.

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Principles and processes

PRINCE2 is a process-based structure for the management of all types and size of project. The
methodology outlines eight processes, eight components and three techniques that can be used to
successfully execute a project.

The eight processes are:
                Starting up a Project
                Directing a Project
                Initiating a Project
                Controlling a Stage
                Managing Stage Boundaries
                Managing Product Delivery
                Planning
                Closing a Project.

Some key concepts that are fundamental to PRINCE2 are outlined below.
                Business Case
                Control
                Quality Management and Control
                Lesson Learned
                Risk Management.

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