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                                                                               Active RFID/RTLS Solutions

                                     Infant Protection Bracelet

The Elpas Infant Protection Bracelet is an Active Radio Frequency
Identification (RFID) and Infrared transmitting device that provides
abduction and mother-baby mismatch deterrence for infants in
maternity and neonatal departments.
The bracelet is comprised of an Elpas Active RFID Reusable Tag
and a disposable baby friendly anklet band made of skin-safe non-
latex materials that is attached to the infant at birth and may be
retightened if subsequent weight loss occurs. The tag's onboard
RF/IR dual technology transmitter emits low power, UHF (433MHz)
radio frequency (RF) messages plus supplemental infra-red
(800nm) messages. This data enables the real-time visibility of the
infant to bed-level precision without EMI interference to medical
equipment, which then can be used by Elpas BabyMatch Infant                   Elpas Infant Protection Bracelet
Protection Solutions or other healthcare management systems.
The bracelet’s Active RFID Tag also features a magnetic low
frequency LF receiver (125KHz) that enables real-time near exit
baby detection plus full device supervision that protects against the
unauthorized removal of the bracelet from the infant.

The Elpas Infant Protection Bracelet is IP-67 water rated and may
be cleaned with medical grade, Isopropyl alcohol disinfectants.
Powered by a single internal lithium battery, the tag’s new low
power design ensures more then three years of maintenance-free
patient deployments.

  Product Features                                                      Applications & Uses
  Triple-RF/IR/LF signaling technologies                                Verifiable newborn identification

  Tough, field-proven healthcare design                                 Baby/Infant abduction deterrence
                                                                        24/7 infant supervision & tracking
  No EMI interference with medical equipment
                                                                        Mother/Baby matching
  Continuous device monitoring
                                                                        Baby handling and auditing
  Visual tamper/removal/low battery indication
                                                                        Exit/Entrance supervision
  Baby friendly adjustable disposable anklet bands
  Bath/Shower proof (IP-67 water rated)
  Simple to use, easy to clean & disinfect
  Three years average battery life
  CE, FCC, IC compliant

                                                                                     Infant Protection Bracelet - Data Sheet 32 – April 11

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